New Project Preview: Siri Square Charoenkrung

  • Sitth Chongprasobtam
  • 27 September 2016

Charoen Krung Road is one of the roads that has its traditional charisma remained intact. Numerous riverfront luxury condominiums made its presence in the past few years, but one of the unheard real estate type is the home office. Accordingly, Sansiri will be the home-office pioneer on this charismatic road, as they have launched Siri Square Charoenkrung, a 4-storey home-office nestled in Charoen Krung 80 Alley. The development is suitable for both home-buyers and entrepreneurs who aspire to run a business. Although a full project detail has not been revealed, some project’s information and the surroundings atmosphere of Charoen Krung Road can be discovered below.


siri square

(Reviewed: 12 September 2016)

Project Name: Siri Square Chareonkrung

Developer: Sansiri Public Company Limited (SIRI)

Address: Charoenkrung 80 Alley, Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem District, Bangkok

Project Area: 5 – 2 – 17.78 rai

Project Type: Home Office

Total Unit: 35 units

Unit Type: 4-storey townhome or home office, designed in New York Loft style, land sizes 27-54.8 Sq.w.

Maintenance Fees: 165 Baht/Sq.w.


Project Details


Charoen Krung in the old days was a strategic hub full of warehouses and Sansiri was inspired to portray a characteristic of those red-brick developments into Siri Square Charoenkrung. The project, therefore, is developed with a touch of Industrial Loft design, a style of residences in Manhattan, New York that dated back to the time during Great Depression amid WWII; when Americans turned their barns and warehouses into a temporary home. The uniqueness of this design is the exterior raw red bricks and extensive height that gives an airy ambiance in the building.



Project’s Master Plan

siri square

The landscape comprises several blocks of 4-6 units, located throughout the landscape in an organized way. The communal facilities is located near the project’s entrance

Unit Design

Sansiri reared each unit up with a blend of modernity and industrial-loft designs. Units are adjoined in a block of 4 buildings and each comes with 2-car parking. The first and second storeys are aimed for office-operations purpose, while the third and fourth storeys are planned for residential purpose. However, a home-buyer can utilise all storeys as living spaces.

siri square

2-car parking per unit and average ceiling height of 2.75 m. inside

siri square

The balcony is on the second floor and its 5-metre length is a large space for you to relax and walk around for new ideas


siri square

The first and second floors are designed for office operations. The third floor comprises a bedroom, living room and kitchen. The fourth floor comprises a bedroom and master bedroom


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Siri Square Charoenkrung is located in Charoen Krung 80 Alley, Charoen Krung Road which is a thoroughfare from Chinatown area to Rama III Road at the other end. However, the project’s position is closer to Rama III Road side and it is 500 metres away from Asiatique The Riverfront. With the surrounding number of roads, Siri Square Charoenkrung’s establishment is considered to be in the Grid Road System, where residents can reach Sathorn, Silom, Krungthep Bridge and Rama III Bridge with ease, in a proximity. In general, the characteristics of Charoen Krung Road can be divided into three prominences as follows:

1. Accessibility Factors

siri square

As mentioned that the project is located in a well-connected road network, there are many more destinations you can reach with the kickoff from Charoen Krung Road. First, there are two bearby bridges crossing Chao Phraya River to the suburban areas, Krungthep Bridge and Rama III Bridge. If you want to reach Charoennakorn Road, taking Krungthep Bridge is an easier option as you can turn right at the first junction after descended from the bridge. On the other hand, if you want to just go straight towards Ratchadaphisek Road, Rama III Bridge is the preferred route due to its elevation that helps you to avoid traffic congestion on the lower ground. Furthermore, the second junction, Mahaisawan Junction, can take you further to either Rama II Road by turning left, or King Taksin The Great Monument by turning right.

siri square

If you want to reach Silom Road, go straight upward all the way. Until you notice Robinson Department Store on the left, prepare to turn right into Silom Road which is about 250 metres ahead. On the other hand, if you want to reach Sathorn, take Chan Road and turn left into Charoen Rat Road, you will arrive on Sathorn Road near BTS Surasak; you can also turn left into Narathiwas Road which is the further junction, which will lead you to Sathorn-Narathiwas Intersection, the spot full of forefront office buildings. In addition, there is Sirat Expressway ingress on the left, as you turn left into Charoen Rat Road.

Besides the transportation on the road, there’s also Sathorn Pier at BTS Saphan Taksin, which is the closest station to Siri Square Charoenkrung. The shuttle boats can take you all the way to Siriraj Hospital or Sanam Luang.

2. Living Factors

The major factor that always has an influence on buyer’s decision is the convenience in terms of lifestyle place and public utilities. In this aspect, Siri Square Charoenkrung has every resident’s need in its list.

Shopping – Asiatique The Riverfront, Robinson Department Store (Charoen Krung Road); Sena Fest, upcoming ICONSIAM (Charoen Nakhon Road); The Mall Tha Phra (Ratchadaphisek Road).

Education –  Wat Suthiwararam School, Assumption College, Shrewsbury International School (Charoen Krung Road); Bangkok Christian College (Sathorn Road)

Health Care – Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital (Charoen Krung Road); Saint Louis Hospital (Sathorn Road)

siri square

3. Work Commuting

Siri Square Charoenkrung allows commuters to reach workplaces in Sathorn and Silom within short distance. Those who work in other areas such as Sukhumvit or Phahonyothin Road, can take the convenience of BTS Saphan Taksin which is the closest station to the project. At Saphan Taksin Station, you can also commute on shuttle boat, which can deliver you to numerous piers along Chao Phraya River

Real Estate Advancement on Charoen Krung Road

Charoen Krung has embraced multiple riverfront luxury condominiums in the past five years and Asiatique The Riverfront, the landmark of this enclave, attracts over a hundred thousand visitors in each week. More consumers are looking for great residence on Charoen Krung Road, especially high-end consumers, investors and Chinese. In consequence, some luxury developments have been debuted including Menam Residences, Chao Phraya Estate, and Notting Hill Charoenkrung which is a low-rise one.

siri square

Locations of Chao Phraya Estate, Menam Residences, and Notting Hill Charoenkrung


Atmosphere on Charoenkrung Road


siri square

You will notice several traditional houses that stay intact through time

siri square

A row of commercial buildings are on the side and the ground storey are occupied with retails and eateries

siri square

Numerous Islamic foods dwell on Charoen Krung Road as well

siri square

Charoen Krung 80 Alley, which is the entrance to the project

siri square

This Yong Tau Foo Noodle eatery is renowned for locals and situated nearby Charoen Krung 80 Alley

siri square

The mentioned noodle stall is open in the evening til late night, and the number of customers are usually high

Getting There

siri squareDSCF0986

Charoen Krung 80 Alley can also be accessed from the other side. Take Krungthep Bridge and stay on the leftmost lane. Once you have descended from the bridge, immediately turn left into Charoen Krung 80 Alley as shown in the picture. But if you come from the opposite side, you have to make a U-Turn under the bridge as shown in the picture.

siri squareDSCF0963

Charoen Krung 80 Alley’s entry from Charoen Krung Road

siri square

Street eatery on the opposite side of Charoen Krung 80


siri square

300 metres from Charoen Krung Road, the project will be on your left

siri square

The project’s logo exposes glowing name in orange and rustic tone, portraying the look of residential units which will be built in an Industrial Loft Design

siri square

One of the project’s entrances is located next to another residential project “August”

Charoen Krung 80 Alley

siri square

Some 4-storey commercial buildings on the side

siri square

A row of warehouse on the other side

siri square

You can notice Avani hotel of Minor Group along the way

siri square

If you enter Charoen Krung 80 from Krungthep Bridge side, you will notice a lot of large private houses

siri square

siri square

Lifestyle Amenities

Most restaurants are situated on Charoen Rat Road which is about 5-minute drive from the project. Butcher Beef & Beer will be a heaven for beef and beer lovers, serving raw premium beef and pork for customers to grill, along imported and local crafted beers. Shabu Nangnai is situated nearby, serving numerous ingredients for you to cook in hot-pot style, suitable to dine with your family or loved one. But if you love to dance, 3 Days 2 Nights is the right option for you to show some moves. For Thai-Northeast foods lovers, Tamnan Kon Eesarn is also located on Charoen Rat Road and their live music also play in oldies and country genre. Lastly, there’s a new community mall “Tree on Three,” located on Rama III Road, where you can find Starbucks and MaxValu 24-hour supermarket.


siri square

Restaurants’ position on Charoen Rat Road and Tree on Three community mall on Rama III Road


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