New Project Review: THE LINE Asoke - Ratchada

  • Sitth Chongprasobtam
  • 24 June 2016

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Per2 -b3f13fc3-3027-43a6-89a5-f1cda9e33bd3-002

A sophisticated sapphire skyscraper where life will be balanced amid the flourishing area

“Location is Everything,” the motto that demonstrates the success of BTS and Sansiri who collaborates to launch sophisticated high-rise condominiums with the proximity of public transits to deliver great convenience for residents, in the series “THE LINE.” This year, they have launched “THE LINE Asoke-Ratchada,” the fourth one of the series which situated 300 metres away from MRT Phra Ram 9, coming with the starting price at 3.99 MB, or 168,000 baht/Sq.m. in average, for the unit size 27.5 Sq.m. It’s the retreat that will enable every part of your life to be smoothly interconnected, with the concept of “Balance is Everything.”

(Reviewed: 14 June 2016)

Project Name: THE LINE Asoke – Ratchada

DeveloperBTS Sansiri Holding Nine Limited

Address: Rama IX Junction, 300 m. from MRT Phra Ram 9


Call: 1685

Project Area: 2.5 Rai

Project Type: 38-storey condominium with 473 units, and 9-storey parking building with one basement floor

Target market: Median to high-end consumers

Construction Progress: Begins 1 November 2016

Expected Completion: Early 2018

Elevator: 3 passenger elevatorsm, 1 service elevator, and 2 elevators in parking building

Pre-Sales25-26 June 2016

SInking Fund: 600 Baht/Sq.m.

Maintenance Fees: 70 Baht/Sq.m.

Parking: 48% of units

Starting Price: 3.99 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 168,000 Baht/Sq.m.

 Unit Type

1-bedroom 1-bathroom size 27.50 – 28.00 Sq.m., 59 units

1-bedroom 1-bathroom size 34.00 – 36.00 Sq.m., 389 units

2-bedroom 1-bathroom size 46.25 – 50.25 Sq.m., 32 units


Project Details


The Line Asoke Ratchada - Project1 DSC09309-001

THE LINE Asoke-Ratchada is situated on Din Daeng Rd, 200 m. away from Rama IX Junction

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Project2.2 DSC09318-002

There’s U-TURN near project’s entrance which will head you to Rama IX Rd side

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Project3 DSC09317-003

The main road in the project is about 12 m. wide

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Project5 DSC09319-004

Sales Gallery

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Project6 DSC09322-005

Model of the project with the scale 1:125, comprising 38-storey residential building and 9-storey parking building which has one basement floor

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Project7 DSC09325-006

Most facilities are located on 23-26 FL. comprising swimming pool, fitness, steam rooms, laundry room, etc.

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Project8 DSC09329-007

The project is scheduled to being the construction in November 2016

THE LINE Asoke-Ratchada expresses the sense powerfulness and modernism through the blue tone of the architectural design, standing majestically in the new CBD of Bangkok. The facilities provided are certain to give you impressions, such as the double-volume lobby, chilling zone with outside views to cherish, salt-water swimming pool and fitness, rooftop garden with broad vista of Asoke, etc. Most unit types are in the sizes 34-36 Sq.m., aimed to accommodate median to high-end consumers.

 Master Plan

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-28-25-001

The left is the parking building which has a path connected to the lobby area of residential building. There are 2 elevators in the parking building, 3 passenger and 1 service elevators in residential building

Floor Plan

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-28-43-002

The second floor comprises mostly of 1-bedroom unit with the size of 34-36 Sq.m. The floor also has a Terrace Garden where you can enjoy a clear view on this side and spot the G Land Tower as well

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-28-57-003

3-22 FL. comprises of 17 units per floor and designed with Double Corridor

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-29-10-004

The 23rd floor has a Lower Terrace, a moderate-size relaxing area where residents will have the view in the north with a few high-rise buildings

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-29-26-005

The 24th floor comprises of residential units, swimming pool and greenery area

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-29-39-006

The 25th floor has residential units and fitness where residents can enjoy overlooking the swimming pool and the scenic city

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-29-53-007

The 26th floor has a large community garden where residents can unwind and play yoga among nature

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-32-39-008

27-37 FL. comprises of residential units with inclusion of 2-bedroom rooms

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-35-01-009

The 38th floor comprises of 6 residential units and a lounge area

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Plan2016-06-15_13-35-19-010

The rooftop is designed to be a garden where residents can overlook the entire majestic city

Unit Layout

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-36-56-001

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-37-10-002

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-37-23-003

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-37-34-004

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-37-44-005

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-37-55-006

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-38-05-007

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-38-15-008

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-38-25-009

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-38-40-010

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-38-49-011

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-39-01-012

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-39-11-013

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-39-22-014

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Layout2016-06-15_13-39-39-015

There are 32 2-bedroom units which are located on the 27th and upper floors

Surroundings of the project 

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Direction1 DSC09332-001

North: some high-rise residences which situated far back from the project’s site

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Direction2   DSC09312-002

South: Entrance of the project with Din Daeng Rd

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Direction3 DSC09314-003

East: footpath and 4-storey commercial buildings

The Line Asoke Ratchada - DirectionDSC09331-004

West: this side has the clearest view where residents on the upper floors will have the view over Rama IX Junction


Double Volume Lobby

Gardens and recreational areas

Salt-water swimming pool, Jacuzzi and kids pool

Fully equipped fitness

Steam Rooms

Chilling zone

Laundry area

Rooftop garden

Wi-Fi at lobby, fitness and library

24-hour security guards





Flooring: 12 mm. laminate flooring in bedroom and living area, 60×60 cm. ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathroom, 30×30 cm. ceramic tiles in the balcony

Wall: Plastered wall painted in colours, mirrored wall in the kitchen area, ceramic wall in the bathroom

Ceiling Height: 2.7 m.

Air-Conditioning: Wall Type in living room and bedrooms

Bathroom Sanitary: Cotto

Kitchen Set: MEX


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Type 1E: 1-bedroom 1-bathroom 34.75 Sq.m.

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E1 DSC09326-001

The floor plan of this unit comprises of kitchen, dining area, living area, bathroom, and balcony next to the bedroom

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E2 16_06 The Line  Asok Ratchada_032-002

Key Card Access at the entrance

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E3 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_010-003

Kitchen is the first area you will meet which is adjacent to the living area

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E3.1 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_016-004

The countertops is in L-Shape and has hob and hood from Mex aside the sink. There are cabinets above to keep cooking materials, and spaces below to place a microwave and a front-load washer. The wall above the countertops is designed with mirror as shown in the picture

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E3.2 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_063-005

Between the kitchen and living area is the 2-seat dining table

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E4 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_011-006

There’s sliding doors on the side of the living area where you can slide open for natural winds, and there’s a safety rail built inside the room. The show unit has built a TV on the wall to save up the space; you can buy a TV size of 65″ and set up on the wall similar to the example

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E5 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_067-007

You can also buy in an L-Shape sofa with some proper arrangement of interiors to create more spaces

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E6 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_018-008

The door aside the TV shelf is the entrance to the balcony

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E6.1 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_060-009

The balcony is 1 m. wide and the length is equal to the size of bedroom. The rail is made with premium material of laminate glass, all framed with stainless steel

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E6.2 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_052-010

There’s a drain in the balcony area

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E7 8 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_013-011

There’s a shelf and shoes cabinet on the opposite side of kitchen. Nearby is the entrance to the bedroom where the actual unit comes with a door

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E8 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_012-012

The bedroom has a sliding door to the balcony and two awning windows on both sides above the headboard. The suitable bed is a king-size one, or if you opt to place two 3.5ft beds instead, that would be compatible too

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E9 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_050-013

The closet provided is exclusively designed by Sansiri, offers accessories hangers, shelf, storage and the clothing part which can be opened with sliding door, saving up more space instead of general closet doors.

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 1 E10 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_072-014

Bathroom is on the left of the closet. There’s cabinet with mirror on the surface. The faucet can function to mix cold and warm water. The plug on the side is provided but you might want to buy the cover for the safety. There’s a transparent partition for the shower area

Type 2B: 2-bedroom 1-bathroom 50.25 Sq.m.

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B1 DSC09327-001

This unit type has the balcony next to the living room and provided with walk-in closet

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B2 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_003-002

The kitchen and living area are separated clearly, and laid with 60×60 cm. ceramic tiles and 12 mm. laminate flooring respectively. The dining area comes with a 4-seat dining table. The sliding door aside the living area is tinted glass framed with aluminum

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B3 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_007-003

The countertops is made with natural stones on the surface and has a larger size compared to 1-bedroom untit. The wall above the cooking area is designed with mirror. Residents will get hob and hood from Mex and sink, but the appliances are not provided

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B4 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_038-004

The living area and kitchen are quite spacious with 1.5 m. width where two people can walk back and forth without blocking each other. There’s a wall-type air-conditioning provided in this area

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B5.1 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_019-006

The balcony is next to the living room. The stainless rail is deisgned in brown tone with floor-to-ceiling awning windows ahead. The flooring is laid with 30×30 cm. ceramic tiles

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B6 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_080-007

Heading to the small bedroom; the actual comes with a door at the entrance

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B7 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_004-008

The show unit has designed this room to be a working area. The side are fixed windows framed with aluminum in brown tone, and the flooring is laid with 12 mm. laminate flooring

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B7.2 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_014-009

The bathroom is at the opposite of the small bedroom. There’s storage underneath the basin to spare bathing accessories, and the faucet can mix cold and hot water. The shower provided is quite large, and the shower room comes with a partition and 2-3 cm. high platform to separate wet and dry area. The project has set up the place for residents to buy water heater in

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B8 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_037-010

Entering the master baedroom

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B9 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_006-011

The room can be placed with a king-size bed with sufficient space around to add dressing table and comfy seat in. The sides are built win floor-to-ceiling windows which can be opened up for natural winds

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Room 2 B10 16_06 The Line Asok Ratchada_005-012

On the other side is the built-in closet, you can design the area to be walk-in closet with extra interiors and some arrangement

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Rama IX (Asoke-Ratchada)

The area around Rama IX Junction can be compared as the yolk of the egg, poised to be the new CBD and awaits to nurture plenty of mega projects which will significantly change the picture of this district. As a result, only a few forefront developers are able to seize the land plot in this strategic spot; and one of them if Sansiri, who collaborates with BTS to deliver a sophisticated high-rise condominium under the series “THE LINE.”

As a matter of fact, MRT Phra Ram 9 also connects to the BTS Sukhumvit Line at Asok Station and to Airport Rail Link at Makkasan Station; the latter one is a convenient way to reach Suvarnabhumi Airport. Moreover, there will be MRT Orange Line linked to the MRT Blue Line at Thailand Cultural Center, which is only one stop away from MRT Phra Ram 9; this will extend the transportation route for residents to various parts of the city.

In terms of land price, it has climbed from less than 100,000 to 150,000-160,000 baht/Sq.w. at the moment. Since the establishment of Phra Ram 9 MRT, a lot of developments and advancement followed, both from locals and foreigners. Meantime, there are upcoming mega projects which will surge the land price in this area higher; those are the mixed-use project “Singha Complex,” and “The Super Tower” from Grand Canal Land PCL, which will be the tallest skyscraper of South East Asia.

Project’s location

THE LINE Asoke-Ratchada is situated on Din Daeng Road, approximately 200 metres away from Rama IX Junction and 300 metres away from MRT Phra Ram 9. Besides, there’s Sirat Expressway which allows you to access different citi areas at ease, and also linked to the Motor Way, leading you to Suvarnabhumi Airport by you own vehicles.

Getting There

Personal Vehicles

3 2016-06-16_11-12-34

From Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, go to Yommarat Junction via Nakhon Sawan and Phitsanulok roads respectively. At this point, you can proceed with Sirat Expressway or normal route. If you take the expressway, follow the Rama IX sign and take the exit to Asoke. Head towards M.C.O.T Junction and turn left; go straight for merely 300 m., the project will be on you left

4 2016-06-16_11-18-21

From Ratchadamnoen Klang, you can reach Din Daeng Rd by go to Si Ayutthaya Rd and turn left into Ratchaprarop Rd after you have passed Phayathai Junction. When you have arrived on Din Daeng Road, go straight for 700 m. to make a U-Turn at Rama IX Junction; then. go straight for about 200 m., the project will be on your left


5 2016-06-16_11-26-39

Take Exit 1 at Phra Ram 9 MRT Station, and walk across the street to the project’s side; then walk straight for about 300 m., the project will be on your left

Lifestyle Amenities

There are arrays of hangout places and shopping venues along Ratchadaphisek Rd. Aside from this road is the renowned street of nighttime entertainmetns, “RCA,” which is just 2 km. away from the project. Furthermore, there is a mixed-use project in the proximity “The Grand Rama 9,” comprising or shopping place, condominium and offices for new generation

Important Places

High-rise buildings

AIA Capital Center

SET headquarter

Cyber World Tower

True Tower

G Land Tower Rama IX

The Super Tower Rama IX (expected completion in 2020)

Official Places

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

Department of Mental Health

Ministry of Public Health

Lifestyle Amenities

Fortune Town

CentralPlaza Grand Rama IX

Tesco Lotus

Big C Extra Ratchadaphisek

Esplanade Shopping Mall

Ratchada Train Market

Thailand Cultural Center



Praram 9 Hospital

Piyavate Hospital


Educational Institutions

Maepra Fatima School

Saint Dominic School

NIST International School

Wattana Wittaya Academy

Srinakharinwirot University

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The project holds a significant advantage for the potential growth of rent price, due to the location that’s considered to be the yolk of Rama IX and the nearby MRT Phra Ram 9 that’s jsut 300 metres away. In general, the average rent price of a condominium unit size 27-28 Sq.m., in Rama IX area, ranges at 16,000-17,000 Baht/Month. However, with some upcoming mega projects and the ongoing progress of MRT Orange Line, owning units here will be worthwhile for eaither leasing them out, or long-run speculations, if you owned a spare money about 4 MB in the account.


A Space I.D. Asoke – Ratchada

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Analysis2-A-Space-ID-Asoke-Ratchada02-004-1024x799.original-001

Developer: Areeya Property Public Company Limited (A)

Address: Din Daeng Rd., Din Daeng, Din Daeng District, Bangkok

Project Area: 2-1-83.70 Sq.m.

Project Type: 30-storey condominium with 543 residential units and 4 commercial units

Starting Price: 3.69 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: Approx. 110,000 Baht/Sq.m.


Maestro 03 Ratchada – Rama 9

The Line Asoke Ratchada - Analysis2-Maestro-03-Unit-LayoutMaestro03_Swimming-pool-013-1024x461.original-002

Developer: Major Development Estate Company Limited

Address: Ratchadaphisek 3 Alley, Din Daeng, Bangkok (next to embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Din Daeng, Bangkok

Project Area: 3-0-18 Rai

Project Type: Three 8-storey condominiums with 320 units and 2 basement parking floors

Parking: 55% of units

Starting Price: 3.5 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 120,000 Baht/Sq.m.


Aspire Rama 9

The Line Asoke Ratchada - AnalysisJune_10_2013_1_20_1148768861-003

Developer: AP (Thailand) Public Company Limted

Address: Huai Khwang

Project Type: Two high-rise condominiums (23 and 25 storeys), with 663 units and 1 commercial unit (17 units/floor)

Parking:  311 (equals to 46%, or 49% if included double parking)

Project Area: 4-2-48.3 Rai

Project Type: 1 Bedroom 32 – 49 ตร.ม., 2 Bedrooms 49.2 – 66.2 ตร.ม.

Starting Price: 3.1 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 96,800 Baht/Sq.m.


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THE LINE Asoke-Ratchada holds the key strength in its strategic location near Rama IX Junction, the area that’s poised to be the new CBD of Bangkok. The features of the unit and elegant living experiences are undoubtedly guaranteed in the standard of Sansiri, where you will appreciate a broad range of admirable facilities and dependable security system. For investment, the unit price will surge up in time, related to the forthcoming mega projects that will be situated in the proximity; likewise, acquiring a unit early will be totally worthwhile. The project’s pre-sales will be held on 25-26 June 2016, and it is expected to have all units being reserved within the mentioned period.

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