Project Review: a space I.D. Asok-Ratchada

  • Sitth Chongprasobtam
  • 8 June 2016

2 A Space ID Asoke Ratchada02-004

Areeya Property PLC., a renowned developer with over 15-year expertise in real estate development, has launched a high-rise condominium in a strategic area on Din Daeng Road, just a 2-minute drive from Phra Ram 9 MRT Station. This potential location nurtures all significant investments and poised to be the new business hub of the nation. As a consequence, the demands for residence will inevitably exceed the supplies, especially condominium type. Likewise, “a space I.D. Asok-Ratchada,” a 30-storey condominium, is debuted as a response for the surging needs; coming with the distinctive points of blending the nature into urban-living habitation, along automated parking that can accommodate over 100 cars. It’s the new-generation condominium at the heart of business-hub area, commenced with the starting price at 3.69 MB, or 110,000 Baht/Sq.m.

(Reviewed: 1 June 2016)

Project Name: a space I.D. Asok–Ratchada

Developer: Areeya Property Public Company Limited (A)

Address:  Thanon Din Daeng, Din Daeng, Din Daeng, Bangkok


Call: 1797 press 11

4 A-Space-ID-Asoke-Ratchada15

Project Area: 2-1-83.70 Rai

Project Type: 30-storey condominium with 543 residential units and 4 commecial units

Target market: middle classes, executives

Construction Progress: Begins 2013

Expected Completion: 2016

Security System: Key Card Access

Elevator: 3 passenger elevators

Selling Rate: 60%

Sinking Fund: 450 Baht/ Sq.m.

Maintenance Fees: 45 Baht/ Sq.m.

Parking: Automated parking 106 cars, parking building 112 cars; equals to 40% of residential units

Starting Price: 3.69 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 110,000 Baht/ Sq.m.

Unit Type

Idealist Type A: 1-bedroom 32.84 Sq.m.  

5 A Space ID Asoke Ratchada1-Bedroom  A  32.84-001

Identity Type B: 1-bedroom 32.84 Sq.m.

6 A Space ID Asoke Ratchada1-Bedroom  B  32.84-002

Idyllic Type A: 2-bedroom 66.86 Sq.m.

7 A Space ID Asoke Ratchada2-Bedroom  A  66.86-003

Idea Type B: 2-bedroom 72.10 Sq.m.

8 A Space ID Asoke Ratchada2-Bedroom B 72.10-004

Project Details


1 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09040-114

The architecture has 30 storeys and the black part is the zone of automated parking

2 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09037-113

There will be a barrier gate with key card system, aside the security office shown in the picture

3 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08854-001

Salt-water swimming pool with the size 5×30 Sq.m. and the greenery area where you can practice a golf-putting. The project’s fence is 3 m. high, blocking the views of outsiders

A space I.D. Asok-Ratchada shows its distinctive points with over ten floors of automated parking and extensive-height lobby that makes this architecture seems like 40-storey skyscraper instead of a 30-storey one. The project has its identity in merging natures into urban-living habitation as much as possible. Likewise, the residential area is designed with greenery terraces that are about 4-storey high, the place where you can unwind and release all the troubles amidst natural breezes. Furthermore, the corridors are embraced with verdant plants on both sides to refresh your energy along the way to the unit.

The facilities are located both inside and outside the building. On the outside area, there are salt-water swimming pool and a greenery yard where you can practice golf-putting. Inside, there is a lobby on the first floor that comprises of lounge area and library. Moreover, there are fitness and meeting room on the M1 floor; sauna, steam rooms for each gender and laundry service on the M2 floor.

4 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08856-002

The lobby is designed in modern-elegance style with extensive ceiling height at six metres high

5 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08859-003

The lobby has a screen where you can monitor your car’s movement in the automated parking

6 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09012-102

Entrance to the lobby from automated parking area

7 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09032-109

Fitness on the M1 floor with the view of swimming pool and garden on the first floor

8 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09028-107

The meeting room

9 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09020-106

The lounge area in the lobby

10 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09018-104

Library room to read books in peaceful ambiance

11 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09009-100

Elevator hall that consists of 3 passenger elevators, need key card to access this zone

12 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09004-096

The greenery terrace in the residential area, that is about 4-storey high. The flooring will be laid with grass and more trees will be planted in this area

13 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09005-097

The space of greenery terrace

14 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08868-007

“Refreshing Corridor” is the concept for residents to walk to the room amidst verdant plants

15 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09008-099

70 metre distances from the previous phase

Master Plan

1 master

The project will be located in the front area next to Din Daeng Road. The areas behind are the previous phases of the developer

Unit Layout





Surroundings of the project

1 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09000-094

North: South tower which is the previous phase of the project, and a demolishing building at the back

2 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09041-115

South: Din Daeng Road where going going left will lead you to Rama IX Road, but if you make a U-Turn, you will be heading towards Democracy Monument area

3 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09045-118

East: Na Song Canal and array of 2-storey flats

4 A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC09042-116

West: Parking of the project A space Asoke, 2- to 4- storey buildings, and private residencesย



1 A-Space-ID-Asoke-Ratchada9

Salt-water swimming pool

2 A-Space-ID-Asoke-Ratchada8

Sky High Garden

3 A-Space-ID-Asoke-Ratchada7

Vertical Garden Corridor

4 A-Space-ID-Asoke-Ratchada5


5 id_gallery05_b

Automated Parking


Mail Room




Flooring: 12 mm. laminate flooring

Wall: Plain whitewashed wall

Ceiling Height: 2.6 m.

Furnishing(Fully Fitted): Digital Password Door Lock, Built-in kitchen cabinets, hob and hood, built-in closet, air-conditioning, down light, bathroom sanitary

Air-Conditioning: 2 air-conditionings from Panasonic

Bathroom Sanitary: American Standard

Kitchen: fitting from Lixil (top-brand in the group of American Standard)


Show Unit Review

Idealist Type A: 1-bedroom 32.84 Sq.m.

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08865-006

There is a foyer in front of the unit that comes with a fence, shoes cabinet and a seat. The door functions with key card and password

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08871-008

Mail Box in the foyer area with exclusive delivering service

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08873-010

High Gross countertop is convenient for cleaning

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08875-011

The living area can accommodate a 3- to 4-seat sofa and laid with 12 mm. laminate flooring. On the side is a sliding partition which separates this area with bedroom and bathroom

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08877-013

On the other side is the space for a refrigerator where the suitable size is 5Q. Aside is the TV shelf, you may set up the TV on the wall behind as well; in this way, you can have a larger size one at 60-70″

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08881-016

There’s a space for a front-load washer in the kitchen

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08883-018

Heading to the bedroom, the right side is the bathroom that can be entered from the other side as well. The left side is the closet that is provided from the project

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08884-019

The shower area has a foggy door for privacy, as well as for wet and dry area separation

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08885-020

The water heating system is mounted into the wall. On the ceiling is the air-ventilation

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08890-022

Built-in basin with space underneath for placing bathroom accessories

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08891-023

The toilet area gives a feel of privacy, but the rinsing spray might be slightly too adjacent

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08892-024

The entrance of bathroom to the other side (design of the show unit)(no lock on this side)

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08894-026

Bathroom flooring is 60×30 cm. tiles from Granito. The leveled up platform at the centre is black marble-pattern tile

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08896-027

The bedroom is decorated into lady tones, the room can accommodate a king-size bed and a dressing table as shown in the picture

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08897-028

The other side is a floor-to-ceiling door to the balcony

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08898-029

The dressing table shown in the picture is just the interior of the show unit, giving you some ideas about room’s appearance

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08899-030

The space between the bed and dressing table, sufficient for placing seats as shown in the picture

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08901-032

The bed in the show unit is a 5ft bed, which grants spare space around the bed as shown in the picture

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08902-033

The lock system of the door to the balcony

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08903-034

View from the balcony

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08904-035

air-con compressors on the side of the balcony with the flooring of plain cement; while the flooring on the balcony area is Granito tiles

Idealist Type A: 1-bedroom size 32.84 Sq.m. (without interiors)

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08974-077

You will meet the living area upon entering the room. At the back are bathroom with sliding door on the left, and the entrance of bedroom on the right

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08975-078

The kitchen is provided with sink, hood, hob, cabinets and windows with the view of opposite unit. You may set up a curtain here for privacy

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08976-079

The space for a front-load washer in the kitchen

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08978-081

The basin is provided as shown in the picture

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08979-082

Toilet from American Standard

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08982-083

Partition for wet and dry area separation

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08987-085

Heading to the bedroom, closet and bathroom on the right and left respectively

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08989-086

Closet with high-gross material

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08993-088

The space of the bedroom

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08997-091

Fixed window on the right side, you can replace it with a transparent window for Sexy Bath

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08998-092

The sliding door that you can lock the door on specific spots

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08999-093

You may set up a partition to block the view of air-con compressors. The barricade is white steel with 1.5 m height

Identity Type B: 1-bedroom size 32.84 Sq.m.

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08908-036

You will find the kitchen zone on the left upon entering the room, bathroom on the right and the walkway at the centre leads to living area and bedroom

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08909-037

Kitchen fittings with sink, hob, hood and a space for front-load washer

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08915-040

Entering the bathroom

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08917-042

The show unit customised the shower area with a sliding partition

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08926-046

The living area seems a little wider than other show units

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08929-047

You can set up a 60-70″ TV on the wall in the living area (suitable size for eyesight considering the distances between)

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08930-048

The bedroom comes with wider space for walking in and out; however, it offset with the absence of bathroom in the bedroom

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08935-051

The side of bed is the sliding door to the balcony (the curtain is just an interior of the show unit)

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08938-052

Closet at the end of bed, along the sliding partition on the side to separate bedroom and living room (interior of show unit)

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08945-059

Air-con compressors and white-steel rail at the balcony

Identity Type B: 1-bedroom size 32.84 Sq.m.(without interiors)

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08956-065

This area will come with kitchen fitting. The flooring of kitchen and bathroom on the left are Granito Tiles; while bedroom and living room are laid with 12 mm. laminate flooring

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08958-066

Handle of the bathroom

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08961-067

Basin and toilet upon entering the bathroom

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08962-068

Sliding partition in the shower area is provided

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08964-069

Air-ventilation on the ceiling above the shower area

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08967-072

Water system at the kitchen area for sink and washing machine

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08968-073

The living area that connects to the bedroom through sliding door

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08969-074

The transparent sliding door is provided from the project

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08971-075

Bedroom’s space and the door to the balcony

A Space ID Asoke RatchadaDSC08972-076

The three-part sliding door is provided, similar to other show unit. The flooring of the balcony is 30×60 cm Granito tiles and the barricade is white steel with 1.5 m. height

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Upcoming mega projects in Asok-Ratchada 

Makkasan Complex

1 cat2

image via

Singha Complex

2 275785-546a0ad701fd8

image via

G Tower

3 Gland_tower

The Super Tower

4 whathot_img57p122

The development of MRT played a significant role in stepping up “Asok-Ratchada” to be a vital business-hub area. The arrival of the underground triggered the sign for condominium developments to serve the residential needs at that time. Afterwards, two major department stores, CentralPlaza Grand Rama IX and Esplanade Shopping Mall followed to progress the prosperity; as well as the establishments of AIA Capital Centre and The Stock Exchange of Thailand. Nowadays, this area has become a business hub where you can find high-rise office buildings, department stores, notable financial institutes and other lifestyle amenities. However, the interesting point is the fact that there are mega projects pending to boost this area to a skyscraping level. First, Singha Complex will be a mixed-use development that comprises of offices, convention hall and retails; where its surrounding area will compose of luxury condominiums. Next, The Super Tower, a 125-storey skyscraper that is poised to be the national landmark and ASEAN’s tallest building. This magnificent architecture will involve Thailand’s first 24-hour office facilities, six-star hotel, fine dining venues and enclosed observation deck. Singha Complex and Rama The Super Tower are expected to completed in 2017 and 2019 respectively; and the completions will have a tremendous effect on encouraging investments and real estate developments in this area.

MRT Orange Line (Taling Chan – Minburi)

5 orange

image via

Besides the fact that project’s location can access several routes such as Sukhumvit Rd., Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd., and Sirat Expressway, there is an upcoming MRT Orange Line to expand the scope of your connectivity. The Orange Line will be covering 23 stations from Taling Chan to Min Buri District; and will have an interchange to MRT Blue Line at Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station which is one stop away from Phra Ram 9 MRT Station. Together with being a significant business hub, the advancement in terms of connectivity will help complement this area the be the new CBD.

6 A Space ID Asoke Ratchadamap-011

Project’s location

Project’s location

“a space I.D. Asok-Ratchada” is situated on Din Daeng Rd..,500 and 400 metres away from Rama IX Junction and Phra Ram 9 MRT Station respectively; it would take a 6- to 8-minute walk to reach the MRT, in addition. Besides, there is nearby Sirat Expressway where you can take this route to reach Suvarnabhumi Airport with ease.

Sirat Expy and Makkasan Station

From the project, turn right at Rama IX Junction, go straight and turn left at Chaturathit Rd; then, go straight for about 470 metres, you will reach the ingress-egress of the expressway. But if you decide not to take your personal vehicle, there is Airport Link at Makkasan Station that is just 1.2 kilometres away from the project. To reach the station, turn right at Rama IX Junction, go straight for about 600 metres and turn right into Thanon Kamphaeng Phet 7; then, go straight for about 300 metres, you will find Makkasan Station on your right.

Department Stores

The renowned one is definitely the CentralPlaza Rama IX where Phra Ram 9 MRT Station is on the opposite side. From the project, turn left at Rama IX Junction and go straight for a short distance, you will find the department store on your right. Additionally, there’s upcoming The Shoppes Grand Rama9, a project that comprises of office facilities, retails and condominium. Furthermore, the proximity area also included Esplanade Shopping Mall, Ratchada Train Markets, Tesco Lotus and Big C.


Besides all admirable restaurants in the department stores, the surroundings of the project also comprise of street restaurants that have settled in this area since the old days. As well, the project includes four commercial units to bring a great convenience in this aspect.

School and Hospital

For family-residents, there are educational institutes in the proximity such as Maepra Fatima School, Saint Dominic School and NIST International School. Furthermore, there is Praram 9 Hospital situated 1.4 kilometres away from the project.

Getting There

Personal Vehicles

Sirat Expy 


From Yommarat Junction, take Sirat Expy, follow the sign “Rama IX.” and take the exit “Asok”

Normal Route


From Yommarat Junction, turn left into Rama VI Rd, go straight until you meet Sriayutthaya Junction, then turn right into Thanon Si Ayutthaya. Go straight along the road and follow the sign “Asok Din Daeng”



Take Exit 1 at Phra Ram 9 MRT Station

Renowned Places

High-rise buildings

AIA Capital Center

The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Cyber World Tower

True Tower

G Land Tower Rama IX

The Super Tower Rama IX

Government Offices

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

Department of Mental Health, Thailand

Lifestyle Amenities

Fortune Town

Central Plaza Grand Rama IX

Tesco Lotus Fortune Town

Big C Extra Ratchadaphisek

Esplanade Shopping Mall

Ratchada Train Markets

Thailand Cultural Centre


Praram 9 Hospital

Rutnin Eye Hospital

Educational Institutes

Maepra Fatima School

Saint Dominic School

NIST International School.

Wattana Wittaya Academy

Srinakharinwirot University

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In general, the average rent price of 3-4 MB projects, with the distances within 500 metres to Phra Ram 9 MRT Station, range at 12,000 Baht/ Month. However, a space I.D. Asok-Ratchada has a potential to fetch the rent price higher at 15,000-18,000 Baht/Sq.m due to automated parking feature and facility areas that are accounted for 40% of the project’s area. If you are planning to purchase a unit here as a habitation, you might want to have a look at some projects in Lat Phrao district, where the starting prices are in the same range but public transits are closer. Nevertheless, Phra Ram 9 district has a brighter future in the long run, due to many upcoming mega projects from forefront companies of the nation.


Belle Grand Rama 9


Developer: Bell Development Company Limited (affiliated company of Grand Canal Land PCL)

Project Area: Approx. 8-1-15 Rai

Project Type: 8 high-rise residences(27, 34, 36 and 43 storeys) with 1,992 units

Parking: 2,000 cars

Unit Type: 1- to 3-bedroom (fully furnished), Duplex size 28 – 110 Sq.m. (no interiors)

Elevator: 4 passenger elevators (2 in low zone and 2 in high zone), 1 service elevator

Starting Price: 3.2 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 80,000 – 120,000 Baht/Sq.m.

(Maestro 03 Ratchada – Rama 9)


Developer: Major Development Estate Company Limited

Address: Soi Ratchadaphisek 3 (next to the embassy of the People’s Republic of China), Din Daeng, Bangkok

Project Area: 3-0-18 Rai

Project Type: Three 8-storey condominiums with 320 units and 1 sale office, 2 basement floors for parking

Parking: 55% of residential units

Starting Price: 3.5 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 120,000 Baht/Sq.m.


Aspire Rama 9


Developer: AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Address: Huai Khwang

Project Type: Two high-rise condominiums with 663 units and 1 commercial unit (Building A has 23 storeys and Building B has 25 storeys) (17 units/ floor)

Parking:  311 cars, equals to 46% of residential units (49% if included double parking)

Project Area: 4-2-48.3 Rai

Unit Type: 1-Bedroom 32 – 49 Sq.m.., 2-Bedrooms 49.2 – 66.2 Sq.m.

Starting Price: 3.1 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 96,800 Baht/Sq.m.

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“a space I.D. Asok-Ratchada” has prominent points in the concept that brings great greenery as a part of urban-living habitation, and great facilities that are accounted up to 40% of project’s area. The location includes all aspect of life needs such as department stores, schools, hospitals, and public transit which situated 650 m. away from the project. Despite the level of privacy may be reduced by the great number of residential units, investing a unit here will be worthwhile as this area is poised to be the next CBD due to the coming of mega projects and MRT Orange Line that will expand the scope of connectivity. In consequence, the price of units will certainly surge higher, but it would, as well, balanced by more condominium supplies that come to serve the needs in this futuristic area.

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