Project Review: Casa City Kalapapruek – Sathorn

  • Sitth Chongprasobtam
  • 10 February 2017

Quality Houses Public Company Limited, a housing-expert company originated in 1983, is building a new townhome project in Soi Kamnan Man, a suburban passage in-between Kalapaphruek Road and Thoet Thai Road, which will be completed in March 2019. The neighborhood covers an areas over 29 rai which comprises a clubhouse, recreational park, and bike lane that trails along the main road in the village. One of the distinctions lies in the unit’s width at 5.7 metres, above the benchmark, that set the mood in the house to be much airy and expansive. With the starting price below THB 3 million, the project is quite ideal for a young-aged family who look for an attractive-price townhome.

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn2 20160601-171234916-Clubhouse-002

(Reviewed: 26 January 2017)

Project Name: Casa City Kalapapruek – Sathorn
Developer: Quality Houses Public Company Limited (QH)
Address: Soi Kamnan Maen, Kanlapaphruke Road, Phasi Charoen District
Call: 1388


Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn3 20160601-171230976-chpd3-003

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn4 20160601-171236447-CC-KS_park-004

Project Area: 29-0-90.9 rai
Project Type: 2-storey townhomes with 256 units
Target market: Families with minimum salary 25,000-30,000 baht 
Construction Progress: Started in March 2016, expected completion in March 2019
Facilities: Clubhouse with swimming pool, fitness, park, Key Card Access, CCTV
Selling Rate: 20%
Maintenance Fees: 43 baht/ Sq.w./Month (3-year advance payment collected on the transfer date)
Starting Price: 2.99 MB
Average Price/Sq.m.: 115,000 Baht/Sq.m.
House Type: Riva 3-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 2-Parking 5.7-metre width 107 Sq.m. Usable Area 17.88 Sq.w.


Simulated Picture of Riva Townhome

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn5 497157c7e4ffaa168_kitchen_newview-005

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn6 177257c7e4b152a25_Masterbed-006

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn7 47357c7e8caa0903_bedrm2-007

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn8 638157c7e4ffa92b7_Bedroom3-008

360-Degree Virtual Tour


Swimming Pool


Living Room 


Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom 

Third Bedroom

Project Details

Casa City Kalapapruek – Sathorn is a townhome project on the area over 29 rais or around 11 acres, equivalent to the size of 11 football pitches approximately. The landscape comprises the main entrance with Key Card Access, Clubhouse, Park, and 8 residential units in each sub-road. Each unit has a parking and a full-height side wall that extends half length to the unit’s gate, giving a sense of privacy. The facade exposes in modern design with master bedroom’s broad windows framed with white concrete shown on the second storey. What’s unique about this neighborhood is the bike lane that trails on the side along the main road, making it a paradise for cycling lovers to exercise in a secure tranquil environment. If you are a young family with limited budget, Casa City Kalapapruek – Sathorn might be an ideal neighborhood to start living.

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03408-001

The project’s entrance is occupied with security guards and has a Kay Card Access entry

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03433-003

The street in the neighborhood is 12-metre wide not including the blue bike lane on the right

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03436-004

The clubhouse is located a short drive from the project’s entrance, near the bridge

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03438-005

The clubhouse comprises fitness, swimming pool, and an open-air co-working space

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03444-006

The swimming pool is 1.2 metre deep and has a kids pool inside

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03448-007

The outdoor co-working space in the clubhouse

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03451-008

Each sub road is about 8 metres wide which is slightly above the average width

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03454-010

A few sub roads has only one side of residential units

Project’s surroundings 

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Direction1 DSC03427-001

Some old commercial buildings in front of the project

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Direction3 DSC03424-003

There’s a canal cutting through the project

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Direction2 Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn ProjectDSC03453-009-002

Bike Lane trails along the street in the neighborhood

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Direction5 DSC03432-005

The left side of the project are a row of 2-storey houses

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Direction4 DSC03450-004

Some private houses on the right side


Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Facilities2 20160601-171234916-Clubhouse-001

Clubhouse in the neighborhood with free Wi-Fi


Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Facilities3 20160601-171230976-chpd3-002

Swimming pool with sunbathing deck

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Facilities4 20160601-171236447-CC-KS_park-003

Greenery garden in the neighborhood

Show House Review


Flooring: 60×60 cm. Granito tiles on the first floor, 8 mm. laminate tiles on the second floor, 30×30 cm. ceramic tiles in the bathroom and on the porch, concrete in the parking and washing area

Wall: Whitewashed wall

Ceiling HeightApprox. 3 metres

Stair: Concerete supplemented with steels, steps made of 2.5 cm. ruberwoods and 8 mm. smart boards

Air-Conditioning: Size 13,000 BTU (varied on promotions)

Bathroom Sanitary: American Standard or same quality brands


Show House Riva: 3-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 2-Parking, 5.7 width, 107 Sq.m. Usable Area, 17.88 Sq.w. 

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 1 DSC03457-001

Front view of the show houses with 5.7 width each

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 2 DSC03461-002

Porch area decorated with artificial grass and seating area to give you some design concepts

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 3 DSC03460-003

The porch area comprises electricity sockets, faucet, and a storage (white rectangle)

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 4 DSC03462-004

Anti-theft system at the front door

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 6 DSC03468-006

The first zone of the house is a spacious living room where you can have a set of dining table sharing the space

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 7 DSC03470-007

Standard townhome project comes with 4-5 metres building width. The project’s 5.7-metre width enlarge the space from wall to wall. The entrance at the centre in the inner zone leads to the kitchen area.

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 8 DSC03472-008

The stair will be on the left upon entering the house. There’s built-in window which would lighten the stairway. You could have a much larger TV in the living room compared to this one.

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 9 DSC03475-009

Wide view of the living room with ceiling height of 3 metres. The sloping ceiling above the TV is the stairway

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 10 DSC03473-010

The dim walkway on the left leads to the bathroom. The kitchen has a walk-through entrance and a lower ground.

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 11 DSC03479-011

Walkway to the bathroom with some decors

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 12 DSC03480-012

HDF Door of the bathroom with manual double lock and stainless handle

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 13 DSC03482-013

Bathroom sanitary with no separation of wet and dry area

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 14 DSC03486-014

American Standard-branded basin

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 15 DSC03483-015

The shower is sharing the space with toilet. You might need to cover the toilet paper when shower

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 16 DSC03490-016

The kitchen ground is dropped by 7-8 cm. There are two sides of the kitchen area as you walk in

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 17 DSC03493-017

The left side is designed for a dining area. With some wooden decors, the area looks pretty modern

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 19 DSC03494-019

On the other side is the cooking zone where the actual unit comes with bare furnishings. The door at the centre leads to an outdoor washing area

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 20 DSC03497-020

The stair leads in U-Shape and there’s a wooden rail (not real wood) along the way

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 23 DSC03504-023

Hallway on the second floor with bathroom at the centre of the master bedroom and two bedrooms

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 24 DSC03509-024

The bathroom has double accesses, one connects to the hallway and the other connects to the master bedroom

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 25 DSC03511-025

The bathroom has a separation of wet and dry areas but you might need to add a shower certain

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 25.1 DSC03526-026

Basin on the second floor comes with drawer as shown in the picture

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 25.2 DSC03527-027

The mirror above the basin also has storage inside

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 26 DSC03513-028

The shower is adjustable for types of water flow

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 26.1 DSC03528-029

Shower area has a rough-texture flooring which help prevent slipping

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 27 DSC03514-030

Part of the bathroom’s ceiling is deisgned for sunlight to illuminate in, making the room feel airy

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 28 DSC03519-031

The master bedroom faces toward the front of the house with broad windows which could be partly opened

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 29 DSC03520-032

The bed shown in the picture is a queen-sized (5ft) but a king-sized one would be practical too

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 30 DSC03521-033

The decors on the wall and some furnishings are interior designs of the show unit

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 31 DSC03524-034

You can have a TV at the end of bed in the master bedroom. The space on the right is the bathroom entrance with mini walk-in closet

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 32 DSC03525-035

The mini walk-in closet in front of the bathroom

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 33 DSC03515-036

The other two bedrooms are next to each other on the opposite side of the hallway

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 34 DSC03516-037

The two bedrooms come with a closet, working table, and a 3.5-ft bed

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn Room Riva 35 DSC03518-038

The wooden materials give a modern look to the room. There are electricity sockets on the working table as well


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Project’s location (Source: Google)

Casa City Kalapapruek – Sathorn is located in Soi Kamnan Maen, around 700 metres from Kalapapruek Road. In addition, Soi Kamnan Maen also connects to Thoet Thai Road on the other end, where it connects to Bang Khae Road and leads you to exit on Phetkasem Road. Nowadays, Kalapapruek Road is one of the main routes where suburban people take to reach the inner city. It connects to Ratchaphruek Road that leads you to either Satorn Road via King Taksin Bridge, or Rama III Road via Rama III Bridge. Along Ratchaphruek Road, you will pass several BTS Stations and the closest one to the project is BTS Wutthakat which is around 7 kilometres away. On Ratchaphruek Road along the way to King Taksin Bridge, you could also reach King Taksin The Great Monument, known as Wong Wien Yai among locals, or Charoen Nakhon Road, the road parallel to Chao Phraya River where riverside condos are situated, by driving on the frontage road.


Getting There

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03387-002

From Phra Pin Klao Bridge, take the elevated route

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03388-003

Follow Tling Chan sign which will lead you down to Barommaratchachonnani Road

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03389-004

Drive on the frontage road

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03391-005

Turn left into Ratchaphruek Road

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03394-006

Drive straight on the main road for around 10-15 minutes, then follow the sign Ratchadaphisek Road

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03395-007

Afterward, follow the sign Kanchana Phisek Road and Kanlapaphruek Road (keep right)

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03398-008

On Kanlapaphruek Road with dense traffic

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03400-009

Around 10-minute drive, you will find a sign Soi Kamnan Maen, keep left

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03402-010

At this junction, turn right to enter Soi Kamnanmaen

Casa city Kalapapruek Sathorn LocationDSC03403-011

Drive straight for 700 metres, you will find the project’s site on the right

*You could also reach the project from Kanjanaphisek Road and Phetkasem Road 


Lifestyle Amenities 

As a suburban region, you would hardly find high-end pubs or luxury rooftop restaurant with panoramic city view. However, there are some places that well serve this aspect as substitutions in terms of daily needs and hangout places. Not far away from Soi Kamnanmaen is a Big C supercenter, a hypermarket with complete groceries and fresh foods. If you drive toward Kanjanaphisek Road, you would find a big red-tone retail space, Sampeng 2, the second branch of Sampeng originated around China Town. The place offers all commodities ranging from a doll, clothes, utensils to household tools and electronic devices. What seems to draw massive customers here is the inexpensive prices you wouldn’t find anywhere else. For trendy hangout places, there are two new developments on Kalapraphruek Road. The first one is the Metro West Town, a community mall developed by We Retail, a subsidiary of Property Perfect, where there are restaurants, retails and tutoring institutions. Less than one kilometre away is another community mall City Connect, where you could shop and stroll with loved ones during weekends. For educational institutions, the prominent one on Kalapraphruek Road is British Columbia International School, situated only 10-minute walk from Casa City Kalapapruek – Sathorn.

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Townhouses and low-rise housing is a popular segment in real estate industry for the year 2017, according to Colliers International Thailand, a global real estate consultancy. The company also reveals that during this time of economic uncertainty, which prolonged from last year and caused many developers to delay project launches, the townhouse segment would be less impacted compared to condos. For investors, condos would still be a preferable choice to townhouses, whether by rent or speculation during the pre-sale price leap. However, for residential purpose, townhouse is a safer choice, especially when the two prices are not much different. To demonstrate, townhouse gives more usable areas, offers two storeys, low noise pollution, and a private parking. The only downside could be a further distance to a mass transit (Casa City Kalapapruek – Sathorn is approximately 8 kilometres from BTS Wutthakat); thus, owning a personal vehicle here is quite necessary.

According to the law, foreigners are prohibited to purchase a house in Thailand, but there are a few ways to do so. One way is to purchase the asset under the name of a Thai spouse, who would, still, hold the ownership of the house. The other way is to purchase the asset in the form of corporate which has foreign ownership equal or less than 49% of the company.

For more information about buying a home in Thailand, click here.



Baan Klang Muang Kalpap

1 บ้านกลางเมือง-กัลปพฤกษ์

Developer: AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Address: San Thon Buri Alley, Phasi Charoen district, Bangkok 10160

Project Area: 3-1- 82.40 rai

House Type:  3-storey townhomes with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 1-2 car parking (134 – 149 Sq.m., 16.5 – 28 Sq.w.)

Starting Price:  THB 3,990,000


Six Nature Kalapapruek

2 Sixnature 123425

Developer: Prinsiri PCL.

Address: Kalapaphruek Road, Bang Khae subdistrict, Phasi Charoen district, Bangkok

Project Area: 30-1-6.20 rai

House Type: 3-storey townhomes with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2-car parking (183 Sq.m., 19.4 Sq.w.)

Starting Price: 3.59MB


J Grand Sathorn – Kalapapruek

3 J-grand-สาทร

Developer: J.S.P. Property Public Company Limited

Address: Kalapaphruek Road, Bang Khae subdistrict, Bang Khae district, 10160

Project Area: 12-3-94.4 rai

House Type: 3-storey townhomes with 4-5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2-car parking (161 Sq.m. 18.5 Sq.w. for the starting size)

Starting Price: 3.89 MB


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Casa City Kalapapruek – Sathorn is a new-launched townhome project situated in Soi Kamnan Maen, around 700 metres from Kalapaphruek Road, scheduled to be fully completed in March 2019. The project differentiates itself from other townhome projects by having a bike lane that trails along the main street of the neighborhood, and anti-theft alarm that could link to residents’ smartphones. There’s also a clubhouse with swimming pool and fitness, near the key-card-access main entrace, to come rejuvenate in leisure. Another project’s distinction is the house width at 5.7 metres which is above the benchmark; the extra width broadens the living space inside despite the total usable area. Only one down side about the project is the availability of only 1 house type; thus, a large-family customer would not find the place ideal to purchase. For public transportation, the closest mass transit is BTS Wutthakat which is less than 10-minute drive away. All in all, the project suits more for residential purpose over investment purpose, especially those small-sized families who look to settle in serene-atmosphere suburban neighborhoods.

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