Project Review: Ideo Sathorn - Wongwian Yai

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  • 29 March 2018

As long as there’re developable land plots along mass transit lines, there will always be new condominium projects launched to sit on those empty spots, whether they’re near the extended or original route. Despite sparse developable land plots on Sukhumvit Road, there’s still another territory with some potential land plots left, where the mass transit line also links to the central areas like Sathorn and Silom CBD.

One Station which allows direct access to Sathorn and Silom CBD and has attributes suitable for office workers is BTS Wongwian Yai. Once again a foremost Thai developer Ananda Development Plc. never misses a chance to pin their product next to a mass transit line. Ideo Sathorn – Wongwian Yai is a new high-rise condominium, situated only 120 metres from BTS Wongwian Yai, which boasts its privacy with Single Corridor Unit (units are located only on one side of the corridor), with the starting price at 3.49 million baht.

Fast Facts About Ideo Sathorn – Wongwian Yai

Developer: Ananda Development Plc. (ANAN)
Address: Krung Thon Buri Road, Khlong Ton Sai Subdistrict, Khlong San District, Bangkok
Starting Price: 3.49 million baht


Project Details



One of the project’s highlights is the Single Corridor layout which helps maximise the sense of privacy. There will be no units on the opposite side when residents leave their rooms; this design not only caters higher privacy, but also reduces the noise level with half less units on each floor compared to Double Corridor projects.



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Ideo Sathorn – Wongwian Yai’s Location 


The project is located on Krung Thon Buri Road on the side heading towards Sathorn Road. The highlight about location is that only 120 metres away, residents can find BTS Wongwian Yai, a station where Chong Nonsi and Sala Daeng Stations are merely 2-3 stops to reach.

In terms of prosperity, let alone the absence of office buildings and department stores, the surroundings comprise ample supplies of foods, most of which are street foods due to the area’s old-community trappings; despite the massive arrivals of condominiums which have slightly changed the environment of this area, it’s still a large neighbourhood of all locals. Besides the skytrain, there’re also minibuses, motorcycle taxis, public buses, and taxis, running down the road all day. At night, some parts of the road may be quite hushed, but for Ideo Sathorn – Wongwian Yai where BTS Wongwian Yai Station is only 120 metres away, it’s fairly safe to comeback to the project after dusk.


Charoenrat Market
Charoensri Market
Platform Wongwianyai
Robinson Department Store
Silom Complex
The Mall Thapra
Asiatique The Riverfront
Future Mart
CentralPlaza Rama



Sinn Sathorn Tower


Wat Suthiwararam School
Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep
Chulalongkorn University


Taksin Hospital
Saint Louis Hospital
King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
Somdej Phrapinklao Hospital
Charoenkrung Pracharak Hospital
Bangpakok Hospital

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For Whom Ideo Sathorn – Wongwian Yai is Suitable For?

Despite a great number of developable lands in Wongwian Yai Zone, the area has already become costly to build a residential project; one of the reasons is that most potential land plots here are already built with developments, forcing developers to acquire parcels of lands from different owners to form a sizable land plot. This is why Ideo Sathorn – Wongwian Yai starts around 3 million baht, a considerably high figure regarding the location, yet conforms to the normal range of condominiums where a mass transit line sits close by. For this reason, the project is suitable for those with senior positions or employees with monthly income around 50,000 baht, who might prefer the convenience of BTS skytrain – which gives ones more time to sleep – instead of driving through congested traffic early morning to reach workplace in Sathorn or Silom CBD.

Buying a unit at Ideo Sathorn – Wongwian Yai, your job should be stable to some degree and look promising for your long-term stay, otherwise benefits of the BTS Skytrain and proximity to Sathorn and Silom CBD would be nullified if you happen to change your job and work somewhere else far away. However, even if that’s the case, there’s still high rental demand in Wongwian Yai Zone – though the amount of return might be less than some other locations – as long as you don’t set the price too high, because the number of competitors is high and demand from foreigners is still low in this area. It can be concluded, likewise, that purchasing a unit at Ideo Sathorn – Wongwian Yai for living is the most worthwhile choice, considering a shorter time to reach Sathorn and Silom CBD or other work hubs; if you’re contemplating about condos near BTS Surasak or BTS Chong Nonsi, we can guarantee that it’s very difficult to find one with this price range.

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