Project Review: Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13

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  • 5 March 2018

After several project debuts on Charansanitwong Road, the passage where MRT Blue Line’s new section passes through, Property Perfect Plc. unveils an economical high-rise condominium named “Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13,” located merely 150 metres from MRT Charansanitwong 13. Surrounded by suburban trappings, this skyscraper will be built 40-storey high, overlooking Chao Phraya River. The unit type starts from Studio 22-25 square metres to 2-Bedroom 43-84 square metres, with a starting price at 2.29 million baht. Once the MRT Blue Line starts an official operation (expected to be within 2019), property value on Charansanitwong Road, including Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13, will inevitably soar.  

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Per4 PV-Metro-Sky-3-of-7

(Reviewed: 17/01/18)
Project Name: Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13
Developer: Property Perfect Plc.
Address: Charansanitwong 9/1, Tha Phra, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok  
Call: 1375

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Per5 CR13

Project Area: 3-1-61.0 rai
Project Type: High-rise condominium with 40 storeys and 672 residential units and 1 commercial unit
Facilities: Triple Volume Lobby Lounge, Main Garden, Step Garden (9-10th floor), Sparkling Star Pool, Stream, Sky View Fitness, Yoga Room, Play Room (Pool Table/Ball Room/Golf & Tennis Simulator Room), Theatre, On-Zen, Co-Working Space, Meeting Room, Sky Lounge, Sunset Deck, Sky Garden (Roof Top), Elevators Access Control, 24 hrs. Security Guards, CCTV
Elevator: 4 passenger elevators
Parking: 40% or 273 cars (excluded double parking)
Construction Progress: Expected completion in 2020 Q4

Terms of payment:
Studio and 1-Bedroom Plus – Booking 10,000 baht; Contract 30,000 baht
2-3 Bedroom – Booking 20,000 baht; Contract 40,000 baht for 2-Bedroom and 60,000 baht for 3-Bedroom
Sinking Fund: 500 baht/Sq.m. (pay on transfer date)
Maintenance Fees: 45 Baht/Sq.m./Month (1-year advance payment, pay on transfer date
Starting Price: 2.29 MB
Average Price/Sq.m.: 89,000 baht

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Unit Type:
Studio 22 Sq.m. – Starting Price 2.2 MB
1 Bedroom 28 Sq.m. – Starting Price 2.89 MB
1 Bedroom Plus 34 Sq.m. – Starting Price 3.61 MB
2 Bedrooms 46 Sq.m. – Starting Price 5.88 MB
3 Bedroom 70.8 Sq.m. – Starting Price 10 MB

360-Degree Virtual Tour
1-Bedroom 28 Sq.m. Starting Price 2.89 MB


1-Bedroom Plus 34 Sq.m. Starting Price 3.61 MB 

Project Details

Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13’s concept

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project1 1 IMG_2068

There are 3 main concepts the developer focuses on this project: facilities, design, and value. As specified in the introduction, Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13 is packed with facilities – some of which very unique; this is due to the project’s great population: spreading facilities to different areas would ease the flow of traffic inside the building. The second focus is the design which is part of the project’s name: Vogue. This doesn’t mean that units are extravagantly fashionable, but rather simple and functional, where you add a touch of your style later. The third focus is value which is quite promising at Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13, considering the coming of MRT Blue Line which is expected to be operated next year. The mass transit line has triggered a number of condominiums to spawn here, together with the fact that it’s much cheaper to launch projects here. The average price of condominiums on Charansanitwong Road is now within 3 million baht, and it will surely be a different figure in the next few years.

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project2 IMG_2070

Project’s model shows rooftop facilities and swimming pool

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project3 IMG_2099

Residential unit with maximised space

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project4 IMG_2073

The MRT Charansanitwong 13 will be 150 metres from the project

Project’s positioning 

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project5 IMG_2086

Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13 will be built on a rectangular land plot, with main entrance next to Charansanitwong Road. The front of the project will face the east, and back the west. This means most units are on the sides of the building and will face either north or south direction.

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project6 IMG_2078

Having most units faced north and south directions comes the advantage of low heat during afternoon – with north-facing units receiving this benefit the most. The project’s surroundings mostly comprise 4-storey commercial buildings which are no trouble in terms of view block. Most residents will enjoy a clear view of Bangkok and Chao Phraya River.


Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project7 PV-Metro-Sky-4-of-7

Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13’s got a lot to show off for the facilities. It’s believed that having a great number of facilities and residential units will help mitigate the risk when launching a project on new territory, which in this case is Charansanitwong Road. Approximately, every ten floors residents will find a number of facilities and the full list are as follows:
1st Fl: Triple Volume Lobby Lounge, Main Garden
9-10th Fl: Step Garden
18th Fl: Sparkling Star Pool,
19-20th Fl: Sky View Fitness, Play Room (Pool Table/Ball Room/Golf & Tennis Simulator Room)
29-30th Fl: Steam Room, Yoga Room, Theatre, On-Sen, Meeting Room
39th Fl: Co-Working Space
40th Fl: Double Volume Sky Lounge, Sunset Deck
Rooftop: Sky Garden

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project8 PV-Metro-Sky-5-of-7

Material Selection 

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project9 IMG_2076

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Project10 IMG_2195

The material selection at Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13 resonates with the price: laminate flooring, gypsum board ceiling, a standard Cotto series in the bath room, ceramic tiles on the balcony, etc. These material, despite being common in this condominium segment, are durable and long lasting with proper maintenance.

Show Unit Review
1 Bedroom 28 Sq.m. Starting Price 2.89 MB

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 281 IMG_2100

This one-bedroom starter offers 28 sqm space, suitable for a couple. The room is comprised of bedroom, closed kitchen, living room, bathroom, and balcony – with zoning between each area

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 282 IMG_2107

Half of the kitchen space can be sacrificed for a two-seater dining table. Hob, hood and sink are the features provided. The balcony may be modest but can comfortably accommodate two people at the same time

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 285 IMG_2103

The bathroom entrance is next to the living room’s TV shelf and also close to the bedroom

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 286 IMG_2139

COTTO sanitary wares in the bathroom

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 287 IMG_2142

The shower room entrance is made of glass panel and stainless handle. Inside the space is fitted with handheld and rain showers and a soap dish

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 288 IMG_2120

The bedroom is compatible with both queen and king sizes. Avoid adding heavy furniture for the room might feel cramped

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 289 IMG_2126

The top two pictures are bedroom windows which are partly openable. The bottom picture shows the space left in front of a wardrobe when a queen-sized bed is placed in the room


1 Bedroom Plus 34 Sq.m. Starting Price 3.61 MB 

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 341 IMG_2158

1 Bedroom Plus gives more space to the living room and bedroom, and comes with an open kitchen

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 342 IMG_2160

The open kitchen gives you space to walk around freely. A rectangular dining table can be added at the end of the counter as shown in the picture. The lighting and painting affect the area’s mood splendidly and can enhance your dining experience

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 343 IMG_2164

1 Bedroom Plus is designed in an open space, but you can add partitions between bedroom and living room as did in this show unit. The room receives full sunlight during the day (not directly); having curtains installed at windows is necessary

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 344 IMG_2167

Bathroom sanitary are mostly COTTO brand. A broad mirror is installed above the basin in this show unit

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 345 IMG_2172

The shower room’s square space is quite modest especially for a large person. Using a shower curtain instead would solve the issue – if practical

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 347 IMG_2178

The bathroom can be accessed from both the kitchen area and bedroom. A wardrobe is installed near the bathroom entrance of the bedroom

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 349 IMG_2181

The balcony is connected to the bedroom and has an ample space for a couple to chitchat outdoor

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 ROOM 3410 IMG_2196

The innermost area of the living room (designed as a working space) has a full-height window that’s partly openable. The bedroom’s balcony is also observable from this point

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Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13 is located on Charansanitwong 9/1, around 150 metres from MRT Charansanitwong 13. The project is also less than 1-minute drive from Charansanitwong 13, a long road that passes through Ratchapreuk, Puttamontol Sai 1, Puttamontol Sai 2, and Puttamontol Sai 3 Roads. Generally speaking, Charansanitwong Road is lined up mostly with 4-storey rustic commercial buildings on both sides, with several high-rise condos dotted along the way – there’s hardly new lifestyle venue on this road yet; the closest department store seems to be Central Pinklao, which is 10-minute drive away, assumed the best traffic condition. Travelling by personal vehicle at the moment, you might find the traffic on Charansanitwong Road quite annoying – the street has been narrower since the arrival of MRT Blue Line’s construction site. When the mass transit line operates officially and the construction site is gone, the traffic would be smoother – and that is no longer than next year.         

Public Transport 

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Location3 IMG_2058

To reach MRT Charansanitwong 13, it takes around 5-minute walk; otherwise you can hob on mini shuttle bus (blue one in the picture) or onto any public bus and alight at the station – both cost less than 10-15 baht. Taxis also pass constantly on this road, though you might want to find a spot for them to park without blocking the traffic – and jump into the car quickly. One end of Charansanitwong Road intersects with Ratchapreuk Road, where BTS Green Line heads towards Sathorn CBD and Siam; the other end leads to Rama VII Bridge that descends to Wong Sawang Road. There’s also new road (Pranok-Puttamontol Sai 4) which passes through Ratchapreuk, Puttamontol Sai 1, and Puttamontol Sai 2, similar to Charansanitwong 13 but with smoother traffic. On weekends, if you happen to go shopping at Chatuchak Market, the new expressway Sirat Outer Ring Road Expressway can take you there within 15 minutes – the fare is around 50 baht.

Lifestyle Amenities

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Location5 IMG_2063

Despite the absence of modern lifestyle amenities, local retails on Charansanitwong road could supplement your needs quite sufficiently – this includes convenience stores, pharmacies, clinics, salons and barbershops and, of course, local restaurants and street food. If you stay put for a few more years, there will be SRT Light Red Line and MRT Orange Line connected to the MRT Blue Line at Bang Khun Non Station (2 stops away from Charansanitwong 13 Station); SRT Light Red Line has a terminal station at Salaya, where you there’re abundance of food choice, while MRT Orange Line will pass through food-centric zones like Democracy Monument (Ratchadamnoen Avenue) and Pratunam (Phetchaburi Road).

Location Safety 

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Location7 IMG_2092

While driving your personal vehicle, pay attention to the motorcycles – there’re plenty of them on Charansanitwong Road, many of whom are students (Siam Technological College is on the opposite side of the project) and reckless about driving. Before turning left or right, make sure they’re not on the side – this also includes three wheelers, food carts, and bicycles ridden by children.

Metro Sky Voque Charan 13 Location8 IMG_2060

Traffic on Charansanitwong Road is densest during morning and evening (rush hour); the population is high but the street offers only two lanes. After 10pm the road is usually devoid of heavy congestion, but be extra heedful at junctions with traffic lights, for some might not drive by the rule. At night, avoid walking alone in the alleys or low-lit area, or wearing jewelries and extravagant handbags which attract attention. Coming to the project at night by your own car is the safest choice.

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Mass transit lines have always been a value booster for its nearby property; hence, there’s no doubt Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13’ value would surge through time – now it’s at the beginning of an upward graph. However, a more interesting question is which type of investment is most suitable for the project. Considering the number of supply on Charansanitwong Road which now exceeds demand, renting units out may not be the best choice at the moment – tenants would choose condos near BTS Green Line over ones on Charansanitwong Road. The left option is to purchase and resale units in the future, which is more promising here compared to projects near MRT Purple Line, as MRT Blue Line gives faster access to the inner city and has several interchange points along its route. As a matter of fact, some projects on Charansanitwong Road are already sold out, while those along MRT Purple Line struggle with insufficient demand. 

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For whom Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13 is suitable for?

With a short distance to MRT Charansanitwong 13 at 150 metres, Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13 is ideal for citizens whose workplace is in the city, yet looking for a property with affordable price. One of MRT Blue Line’s boons is the fact that it runs in circle around the city, and has interchange stations with various other mass transit lines that allow you to alight anywhere you like. Ceaseless streams of taxis and public bus are every day’s scene as well if you’re not a fan of Skytrain.
Economical and mid-range materials such as laminate flooring, gypsum board ceiling, and a modest balcony are some common elements of the residential units. The overall appearance and the room’s space and functionality are justified with the starting price. If 1-Bedroom with 28 square metres feels too confined, you can opt for 1-Bedroom Plus which adds space up to 34 square metres and comes with an open kitchen where you can walk around freely. If you got children or elders, 2- and 3-Bedrooms are also in options.

An outstanding quality at Metro Sky Vogue Charan 13 is its innumerable facilities located on different floors: triple-volume lobby, swimming pool and fitness with sky view, theatre, onsen, co-working space, sunset deck, rooftop garden, etc. – they seem ample even with full population; yet, outside the project there’s lack of modern amenities – Central Pinklao seems to be the most decent shopping place which is around 10-minute drive away, assumed best traffic.

Until the MRT Blue Line operates (within 2019), you have to stay put with annoying traffic on Charansanitwong Road for a while; lanes have been taken by the construction sites, causing bottlenecks during rush hour at some particular points. There are many other modes of transportation, however; for example, you might take a motorcycle taxi to other clearer roads, and proceed with a taxi from there. It’s best not to wear jewelries or dress in a way that attracts attention when walking alone outside the project, especially at night. Charansanitwong Road is a new territory where some buyers still worry about potential risks: safety, demand and supply, transportation, etc., but with the arrival of MRT Blue Line, one has no doubt the price has a long way to climb. Compare with other projects and see which one answers you the most.

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