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The CBD of Asok has undergone through the vicissitudes of the past several decades in the luxury city-centric condominiums. In this year Asok is meant to be all the rage at the launches of many promising developments undertaken by 2 most famous developers, Noble Development and Ananda Development. Property enthusiasts can almost certainly expect a great competition over those condos laying in store for them. One of the brand new condominiums in this hectic zone is Noble Recole by Noble Development and another in the locality is Ashton Asoke by Ananda Development. Although both condominiums went on sale virtually at the same time and for indifferent price range, their stories are told apart by their locations.

The difference in the location between Ashton Asoke and Noble Recole lies in the distance from the BTS station, whereas Ashton Asoke is set extremely close to BTS Asok, Noble Recole is situated about 500 metres far from that station and Asoke Intersection on a very unique and private area along the alley named Sukhumvit 19.

Five ultramodern and luxuriously furnished condominiums will be proudly presented to the residents in this locality with the following names to be officially known; Noble Recole, Ashton Asoke, Circle Rein, Q Asoke and Sansiri Edge. 3 of them, including Noble Recole, Ashton Asoke and Sansiri Edge, have only recently made an official announcement while the others have already had the construction proceed.

Noble Recole, Ashton Asoke and Sansiri Edge were able to close sales shortly after coming into the market thanks to the investment potential and other consumer-oriented factors this area has offered and made them in great request.

More details about Noble Recole will be disclosed down below.

Project Details (Updated on October 2014)

  • Project Name: Noble Recole
  • Project Developer: Noble Development
  • Project Type: 28 storeys of 288 luxury units and 5 storeys of parking basement.
  • Project Area: 1-2-28 rais of land
  • Start Date: 2015
  • Finish Date: 2018
  • Average Selling Price: Bt 180,000/sq.m.

Project Details

Noble Recole Model

Noble is a widely recognized brand, so when a new condominium under this brand comes into the market, they’re usually sold out very quickly. Having enough money on hand won’t be enough to snap up the units that are sold on the first-come-first-serve basis, so the buyers put great effort to make a reservation fast before the units run out. Even though 288 luxuriously appointed units of Noble Recole have been sold out but the buyers who missed out on that unit will get their second chances on the project phase II which is now still up in the air. Those who successfully made a purchase of a unit at Noble Recole on time shall gain a very private and peaceful home to live in as each floors contains only the puny number of units.

This condo features a comprehensive list of top-grade amenities including an infinity edge pool, fitness centre, steam rooms, and others all located on 28th floor.

The layouts available at the condo are inclusive of 1-bedroom starting 34.53 sq.m. in size and 2-bedroom with the minimum size starting 62.25 sq.m. Though the latter is greater both in size and room proportion, the former is not so cramped in size and doesn’t pose discomfort on the occupiers. 1-bedroom has a large frontage and 2-bedroom without a say is spacious to scale from the design of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Though none of them have a single bathtub in the bathroom. All units have a 2.65 metre high ceiling.

Noble Recole_plan A

1-bedroom type

Noble Recole_plan b

2-bedroom type

1-bedroom comes in a variety of types ranging from Type A1 – A5 in well-nigh equal quality, design and overall package. Though this type is specifically distinct with a balcony that expands from the bedroom to the living room. For 2-bedroom, the design and room proportion can vary in reference to the room position on the floor plan.

The units can have two different types of frontage, where one faces towards the north and the other having southerly orientation. But either direction, the unit is protected from a direct contact with the afternoon light. The south-facing units, especially on the high floors, offers a commanding and endless view of the city to look out of window, while the north-oriented units overlook Wattana Wittaya School. On the low-level floors, the north units have views entirely blocked by the school. Not only that, the north-oriented lodgings were priced higher than the south-facing units by over Bt 100,000. Therefore the units with south orientation best serve the affordable investment.

The warmth and charm found in every room comes from light-tone colours of wall coverings meet ultra-contemporary in design, making this a livable home for family. Also A-grade laminate flooring in light blown and extra-large in size renders the elegance flow throughout.

Noble Recole_bedroom

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For the location perspective, Asoke area encompasses the heart of the capital city, with all four directions neighbouring the CBD of Siam on the west, the CBD of Thong-lo on the east, Silom or Sathorn on the south and Rama 9 (Lad Prao) on the north. It also acts as a focal point of mass transit system with BTS Asok-MRT Sukhumvit together adjoining both BTS and MRT line for the passengers to switch the train as desired. The area by all reasons serves as the most strategically advantageous area for developing properties for sale.


Noble Recole is located by one of the heaviest traffic roads in Bangkok, but still offers accesses to convenient routes to shorten paths and reduce the encounter with the rush hour traffics. A number of side roads to do a good bunk include Sukhumvit 11, 13, 15, 19, 21/1 and Sukhumvit 21/3. If driving from Phrom Phong or Rama 4 road, Sukhumvit 19 makes the most conveniently and accessible way around. But if driving along the inbound lane of Phetchaburi road, then Sukhumvit 21/3 is the most conveniently accessible. On the other hand, if coming by the outbound lane of Phetchaburi, then take Nana road to access Sukhumvit 11 alley, which will lead off onto Sukhumvit 19 alley. Other solutions could be creatively found when being put through different situations.

Both BTS and MRT are just within 500 metres of the condo, estimated to take 10 minutes by foot whether to come from Sukhumvit 19 or Sukhumvit 21/1 or 21/3 alleys. Optional is to make use of motorcycle at the price of Bt 15 per ride.

The preoccupied land for constructing the condo

Also within walking distance of Terminal 21 and Robinson, the residents should have good massage at Healthland located in-between them. Furthermore, Bumrungrad hospital, Wattana Wittaya Academy, St. Dominic’s International School, Prasarnmit Srinakharinwirot University and Prasarnmit Secondary School are all in the immediate neighborhood.

The voice of the students at this school can be heard loud and clear from Noble Recole condominium.

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In the end, Noble Recole has the advantage from its location in the midst of the urban agglomeration that has a vital importance within this capital city. Whether to buy a condo for living or to sell at later time, the decision is up to the owner but judging from the size, package and price, the north-oriented units should be conserved for living and the south-facing units is presumed to make a good investment with additional success rate and better chance on good rental yield. Selling it out is a latter choice that could also be taken in the next 4-5 years to be profitable when the land and property values appreciate sufficiently.

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