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  • 24 December 2015

This year’s Saladaeng area is going to be massive as for the first time more than 10 super luxury condominiums on the prime locations are all presented and up for sale in the same year. One of them is Saladaeng One, an exquisite high-rise condo brought up by the meticulous hands of SC Asset Corporation. It was a heavy hitter as being one of a very few ultra-premium condominiums successfully established in Saladaeng, of which potential areas are hardly spotted on.

Project Details (Latest Updated on May 14th, 2015)

Project Name: Saladaeng One

Developer: SC Asset Corporation

Address: Soi Saladaeng 1, Rama 4 road, Bang Rak, Bangkok

Project Area: 1-3-95.5 rais of land

Project Type: One building made up of 29-storey residential zone housing 187 living units, 4-storey parking and 3-storey basement parking. Another building inclusive of pool villas only.

Parking: 192 parking lots in total, counting as 102%. There are total 7 storeys for parking ranging from B1-B3 and G-4th fl.

Facilities: A swimming pool, fitness centre, and saunas all located on 30th fl. A public library and business room are found all on 31st fl.

Residential Zone: Covering from 5th-33rd fl.

Lift: 3 passenger lifts and 1 service lift.

Security System: Key card access system. Elevator access control. CCTV on.

Construction Period: July 2015-June 2018

Selling Price: 13MB/unit or THB270,000/sqm.

Unit Layout:

1 bedroom [50-57 sqm]

2 bedroom [106-122 sqm]

2 bedroom Duplex [106-122 sqm]

3 bedroom [216 sqm]

4 bedroom Penthouse [400 sqm or more]

Pool Villa (In the process of design. For sale when it’s done.)

Note: The best selling units are the 1-bedroom type on the north-eastern side of the building as they afford an incredible, all-embracing scenery of Lumpini park.

Project Details

Saladaeng One model

There are 5 unit layouts consisting of:
1 bedroom [50-57 sqm.]
2 bedroom [106-122 sqm.]
2 bedroom duplex [106-122 sqm.]
3 bedroom [216 sqm.]
Penthouse w 4 bedrooms [400 sqm or more]
Pool Villa (in the process of design)
Note: The best selling units are type 1-bedroom due to its vantage point of total park view.

Saladaeng One - sale office

One of beautiful shots of Saladaeng One sales gallery.

Simple, contemporary but posh. The infrastructure is contoured with horizontal lines. The condo’s outer appearance strikes anyone as utterly modern with wondrous white glory at the instant. On the outside the building is inclusive of exterior walls and façade panelled with white marble throughout, together with grand mullion-less glass windows positioned with different angles refracting light on each other’s sides beautifully. The frontage of each unit is greatly wide compared to the average condo unit providing for a whole scene of Lumpini Park. While the standard units have an open space of 3-3.5metre wide, 1-bedroom units with 55 square metre space have a frontage of 8.10 metre wide packed with a 4.5 metre wide balcony. The 2-bedroom units each are 16 metre wide and have the best sightseeing spot.

Saladaeng One

Views of Every Direction

Saladaeng One_East view

The view from the east provides a good vantage point for seeing into Lumpini garden with a cityscape on the horizon. Near to the condo, Sofitel So Bangkok and LH Bank can be seen up close.

Saladaeng One_NorthEast view

The North Eastern view best encapsulates the entire enclosure of Lumpini garden with nothing hindering from seeing.

Saladaeng One_North view

The view from the north consists of tall buildings set against the background of Lumpini park.

Saladaeng One_South view

From the south, an unbroken view of the city together with green space comes into sight.

Saladaeng One_West view

On the west a sightseeing spot offers a unique and beautiful sight of the city with buildings lining up according to their height from lowest to highest as overlooking from the balcony into the horizon.


30th fl contains a swimming pool, fitness centre, and sauna and steam rooms.

On 31st fl are located the library, business lounge and sky terrace.

Usual Layout Review:

Furnishings: Fully fitted with shoe cabinet, storage, kitchen set, a full set of bathroom sanitary and bedroom’s wardrobe.

Floor-to-Ceiling Height: 3 metre high from floor to ceiling

Air Conditioner: Ceiling-mounted

Wall: All painted in white


Type 1A-1 [1 bedroom & 55.49 sqm] @ Sales Gallery


A wooden door with lever as the front door.


The doorway much resembles Genkan, a Japanese-styled entryway recessed into the floor. It’s made of black stone, whereas the remaining floor is paved with laminate wood (except for the kitchen that is tiled with white marble).

Saladaeng One_1bed


Light switches are wall-fitted by the door.


An L-shaped cabinet is placed covering around the corner of the kitchen and provides for hob, hood, sink and faucet. While the sample room shows a few more appliances like laundry machine and dryer inlet into the long closet with the refrigerator, only refrigerator is offered in the actual selling unit.



A tall shoe cabinet is close by the kitchen door as well as the light switches.


The real selling unit doesn’t include any furniture in the living room, except for TV line and outlet wired on the specific side of the room. The room has glass wall windows with no muttins and only a few mullions allowing for a good unobstructed view.



The balcony spares a perfect space for placing a compressor. The idea that putting the compressor to the home’s frontage will reduce the appeal of the house should be the least of the resident’s worries as the latticework attached to the balcony will provide a cover-up for its hide nor hair.


Saladaeng One_1bed

There is this porch-like corner for eating out, stretch and let off steam, enclosed with glass rails fencing and located outside of the bedroom.

Saladaeng One_1bed

The package of bedroom includes built-in wardrobe and large windows both side-hung and fixed.

Saladaeng One_1bed

The bedroom has a private bathroom which consists of wet and dry zones. In the dry zone, there comes a sink, mirror, and toilet. The wet zone provides for rain shower and drainage enclosed by a glass partition.

Saladaeng One_1bed

Type 2 A-1 [2-bedroom & 116.55 sqm] @ Sales Gallery

It’s inclusive of:

  • Door: Wooden door and lever
  • Cabinetry: Multi-purpose whether it’s for shoes or any item. Located on the opposite of the kitchen.
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Living room: It comes empty but the water is run and electrical wiring is laid throughout. TV cable outlet is in place. In the 2-bedroom type, a living room is spacious, inclusive of dining space and mullion-less windows for overlooking outdoor space.
  • Balcony: The balcony is provided with space for placing an AC compressor and some for outdoor lounging.

Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed


Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed_dining

The kitchen incorporates fitted and suspended cabinets with countertop, electric hob, hood and refrigerator into the layout. There is no water line run in this room so it can’t be equipped with neither a laundry machine nor dryer.

Bathroom (separated from the bedroom)

Saladaeng One_2bed

The dry zone of this bathroom has a fixed, long countertop with inlaid sink. The wet zone is rain shower as usual.

Saladaeng One_2bed

There is a closet by the door for installing the dryer and laundry machine.

Saladaeng One_2bed

The window around the corner of the bedroom is placed with a left slant, giving a tiny space for a flowerpot.

Master Bedroom

Saladaeng One_2bed_masterbed

Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed

A master bedroom and small bedroom are positioned opposite to each other, with built-in wardrobe and large window. A private bathroom is included in the master bedroom.

A Private Bathroom in Master Bedroom

Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed

Saladaeng One_2bed

The wet zone is inclusive of a bathtub and rain shower protected by a safety-glass partition and inlaid into a marble stone surface. The dry zone is equipped with a standard set of bathroom sanitary.

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Saladaeng (also Silom) is one of the oldest financial districts in Bangkok, having existed long before Sukhumvit’s central business district was even born and famous. In its day, Silom was heavily populated, filled with countless commercial buildings, which left too little space for residential development. In the end the central business district was extended into the region around Sukhumvit line, later becoming the most important part of our economy as we all come to know it today.

Because the Saladaeng region lacks space for developing a condominium, the developers negotiated with the proprietors in the purchase of their old buildings to demolish and restructure into condominiums for sale. There is a continuous demand for the condo in this area even at the seemingly unattainable price.

In terms of transportation, the major street running through Silom area is Rama 4-Sukhumvit road, which grants convenient access to all possible destinations in every direction. Though the traffic was severely and constantly heavy during peak hours.

Saladaeng One is located on Soi Saladaeng 1, 80 metre off Rama 4 road but also conveniently accessible from Silom road. It’s 400 metre away from MRT Lumpini station as well as 600 metre from BTS Saladaeng and MRT Silom stations. Given all convenient accesses to transportations, residents at Saladaeng One can travel away without any difficulty.

Saladaeng One map

120 metre from the condo, which is easy to get to. The condo gains an advantage in terms of increased value for having a mind-captivating park view as well as close distance from it, which is strongly demanded by the buyers. Perhaps, the reason why luxury condominiums look even more luxurious is because they settle riverfront, parkfront, or by a large open-green space.

Getting There

  1. Drive along Rama 4 towards the intersection between Sathorn and Witthayu roads. Pass through the intersection and make a left onto Soi Saladaeng 1 near U Chu Ling Bldg and on the opposite side to Lumpini Park. The condo is on the left.
  2. If coming from Sam Yan, drive along Rama 4, get close to the right when U Chu Ling Bldg comes into view on your right, and shortly a junction to turn will be shown. After turning around, get ready to take the very left onto Soi Saladaeng 1.
  3. If coming to Saladaeng One by BTS/MRT, drop off at BTS Saladaeng or MRT Silom station. From then onwards, you can either take motorcycle (10 Baht) and come right up to the condo, or get there by foot, by walking all the way to Soi Saladaeng, where Tisco Bldg is located by, and going down the street almost to the other end of it.

Soi Saladaeng

  1. Exit MRT Lumpini through the gate leading to Q House Bldg and walk along Rama 4 road past U Chu Ling Bldg until making an arrival at Soi Saladaeng 1.

Soi Saladaeng

Soi Saladaeng

Soi Saladaeng

Lifestyle Amenities

  • On the street of Saladaeng 1 there is a number of coffee shops and cafés to sit and smell the coffee’s aroma, including a café Bitterman of which a famous Thai female singer Note Panayanggool is a shareholder, and a chill place Treecreeper.
Bitterman Restaurant

Bitterman Restaurant on Soi Saladaengh 1 (Cr. faccebook.com/bitterman.bkk)

Treecreeper Saladaeng

Treecreeper Saladaeng (Cr. facebook.com/treecreeper.bangkok)

Silom Complex

Silom Complex, a centre of fine dining restaurants and commercial shops to fill up empty stomach and bring home more than just commodities. There are banks inside it as well. (Cr. facebook.com/SilomComplex)

Siam-Chidlom, the central districs of business and entertainment encircling from Siam Square, Siam Square 1, Siam Discovery, Siam Centre, Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, Central Embassy, among others, all accessible with ease via BTS.

Central Embassy

Central Embassy.

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It was revealed the average rental price of high-end condominiums across Silom falls in the range of THB 800-1,000/square metre. With that in mind, if the initial purchasing price of a unit is THB 270,000/sqm, then the yearly return will be yielded at 3.56-4.44%.

Even though the yield is not substantial, there is a significant room for growth in capital gain down the road, especially while the economy is still up for increased land values and there is a limit in supply of condo units near to Saladaeng One, which stimulates the consumer demand for it.

According to CBRE, the average capital gain of the condominiums in proximity to Lumpini Park is approximately 170% over a 10-year period or 17% annually, computed from the condo’s selling prices of THB 100,000/sqm in 2004 and THB 270,000/sqm in 2015.

Nearby Condos

In the current state of affairs, “The Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok” is the only rival that sits closest to Saladaeng One

The Ritz-Carlton Bangkok

  • The Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok is a freehold high-rise condominium developed by Pace Development, located on Sathorn road highly proximate to BTS Chong Nonsi spanning over the 9-1-49.67 rais of land. It once was 99-year lease-hold but that was no longer the case. It comes with a 77-storey condominium encompassing 200 living units of different layouts including 2-5 bedroom, penthouse and duplex, all varying in size from 120-850 sqm. The residential zone covers from 23rd – 73rd floors while the remaining floors are for parking. The parking space is fixed 2 lots per unit assisted by the parking valet. The selling price starts at 32MB/unit or THB 300,000/sqm. It’s currently in the process of construction, expected to complete by the end of 2015.

Super-luxury condominiums launched in 2014-2015 can be divided into 2 zones as follows:

Riverfront condos set along Chao Phraya River, including:

  1. Menam Residence Charoen Krung, 54 storeys & 294 living units in total. Starting @ THB 200,000-250,000/sqm
  2. Canapaya Residences Rama 3, 57 storeys, 188 residential units. Sold at THB 200,000-250,000/sqm
  3. Magnolias Waterfront Residence of The Icon Siam, 70 storeys, 379 units. Price range of THB 200,000-300,000/sqm.

Magnolias Waterfront Residences_1BR

  1. The Residence At Mandarin Oriental of The Icon Siam, 52 storeys, 146 units. Not yet for sale. Rumor has it the price will take off at THB400,000/sqm.
  2. Four Seasons Private Residence of the Chao Phraya Estate, 73 storeys, 355 units. The price is in between THB 250,000-350,000/sqm.

Four Seasons Residences Bangkok_4br

Citycentric condos, some of which are for sale and under construction, including:

  1. Nimit Langsuan, 53 storeys, 187 units. Sold at THB 320,000-450,000/sqm
  2. The Diplomat 39 (Sukhumvit 39), 31 storeys, 156 units. Priced at THB 280,000-400,000/sqm
  3. Marque Sukhumvit (Sukhumvit 39), 50 storeys, 149 units. Sold at THB 320,000-400,000/sqm.
  4. The Bangkok Sathorn Surasak, 50 storeys, 468 units. Priced THB 200,000-310,000/sqm
  5. Magnolia Ratchadamri Boulevard, 60 storeys, 316 units. Priced THB 200,000-390,000/sqm
  6. Galerie Rue De 39, 28 storeys, 88 units. Sold at THB 300,000-410,000/sqm
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Saladaeng One is located in the heart of the city known for the most rapid transit system in the country, so travelling away couldn’t be any better. The condo offers a panorama of Lumpini Park found on every floor on one side of the buildings. Units with park view is also said to yield more return on investment in a long term than the units with city view because of the shift in demand towards park-oriented units. Long term investment in Saladaeng One should be taken seriously rather than short term one because each unit was initially priced really high due to the significant cost of construction be paid back by merely renting out.

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