Project Review: Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen

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  • 30 January 2018

SENA Development Plc brings a new low-rise project on its land bank in Ramintra Zone namely Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen, with affordable price at 1.79 MB for a one-bedroom unit sized 26 square metres. The developer aims to bring functions, design, and environment found in housing estates into this sanctuary of condos. This includes a common area that covers 70% of the entire landscape, and a maximum of only 4-5 units per floor to induce an ultimate privacy. What’s more is yet to be unveiled? Let’s find out. 


Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Intro3 2017-12-19_9-41-07

(Reviewed: 24 November 2017)
Project Name: 
Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen
Developer: SENA Development Plc
Address: Ramintra Rd, Khan Na Yao District, Bangkok  
1775 press 11

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Intro4 Plan Fac

Project Area: 8-0-83.4 rai
Project Type: 20 five-storey condominiums with 480 units (approximately 24 units per building and 5 units per floor)
Facilities: Swimming Pool (25 metres), Fitness, Jogging Track, Bike Lane (3 kilometres), Pet Garden, Golf Putting Field, Garden Pavilion, Convenience Store, Sena Park Avenue, Shuttle Car (from project to mass transit line), Solar Cell (common area), Digital Community Service, Keycard Access, CCTV throughout project, 24-hour security guards
Elevator: 2 passenger elevators
Parking: 100% accommodation
Construction Progress: Start February 2018, expected completion in March 2019
Selling Rate: Presale available since 1st October 2017

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Terms of payment:
Booking 5,000 Baht
Contract 20,000 Baht
Sinking Fund: 600/Sq.m. (single payment)
Maintenance Fees: First year 60 Baht/Sq.m./Month (1-year advance payment); Second year 65 Baht/Sq.m./Month (price varies on juristic person)
Insurance Premium (Building protection): 23/Sq.m./Year (Collect on transfer date; next years’ date will be announced by the juristic person)
Starting Price: 1.79 MB
Average Price/Sq.m.: 63,207 Baht/Sq.m.
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Unit Type: 1-Bedroom 1-Bathroom 26 Sq.m. (Fully Furnished); 2-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 53 Sq.m. (Fully Furnished)

360-Degree Virtual Tour (1-Bedroom)

Project Details


Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Project1 IMG_1338

Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen is a blend of house and condominium, suitable for family with limited budget. Despite the form of condominium living, the large common area (70% of the space) and the maximum of only five units per floor would cater the sense of housing project. The parking space is also available for every unit. There’re also Pet Garden, outdoor exercise, and gardens to cherish on.

Project’s Positioning

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Project2 IMG_1344

Model: canal at the back of project – a few hundred metres from the residential buildings  

In Sena’s land bank, where Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen is located, there’re also other two projects namely Sena Park Grand and Sena Park Ville, both of which are housing projects. These two projects had left Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen with a long rectangular piece of land, meaning residents living in the farthest buildings need to cover more distance compared to buildings closer to the project’s entrance. In the master plan, all 20 buildings are lined up facing each other (10 on each side) with a large common area at the centre stretched from the front to the end. Units which are facing outwards will enjoy a view of undeveloped lands; one part scheduled to be the second phase of this project, the other pending to be purchased by some developer. As mentioned earlier, the back of the project is a canal, a few hundred metres from the buildings, and across the canal is a view of housing project – this could be one benefit for those living in the innermost buildings.

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Project3 2017-12-19_9-44-47

3 rai (or 1.18 acres) is given to the common area which includes Zen Garden, golf putting field, swimming pool, bike lane, jogging track, planting zone, Garden Pavilion, Co-Creation Club, etc. This space also includes parking lot that’s available for every unit (1,000 baht/month for the second car). Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen also provides Pet Zone and separates buildings of residents with pets from non-pet buildings for a greater harmony – not to mention this is the first residential project in Ramintra that allows pets in. In terms of security, the project is under surveillance of security guards 24-hour; the project can be entered by keycard only, and each unit is also equipped with Digital Door Lock which can be accessed by either keycard or smart wristband.

Material Selection

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Project4  Sena eco room

What’s impressive about the unit design is the use of teak parquet flooring which is far better than laminated flooring in terms of appearance, endurance, water-repellant (prevent swelling), and the ease of cleaning. Another worth-mentioning attribute is the ceiling height at 2.8 metres which is higher than the standard of 2.4-2.5 metres. You could feel the unit’s atmosphere is distinguished from the stereotype upon stepping in. And this is even more accentuated as all units are fully furnished: kitchen set, dining table and chairs, sofa, TV shelf, shoe storage, beds, wardrobe, and bathroom sanitary from Cotto.

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Monoplex: 1-Bedroom 1-Bathroom 26 Sq.m.

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room1 SET_Roomplan

Monoplex is the starting type and has only one layout. Bedroom isn’t accessible to the balcony but instead incorporated with a full-height window

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room2 Sena Eco Town Room

The first zone is this spacious living room furnished with a long sofa and TV shelf. The wall and shelves behind sofa will be plain white wall for the actual unit. A modest coffee table would also fit into this space.

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room3 Sena Eco Town Room

The monochromatic furniture (including this 2-seater dining table) delightfully contrast with brownish teak parquet flooring that, despite its pattern, has a smoother surface compared to laminated flooring

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room4 Sena Eco Town Room

The TV shelf (around 1.5 metres from the sofa) has a floating design that helps the room not to feel cramped; it’s adjoined to a shoe storage. Behind is the kitchen that also leads to the bathroom.

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room5 Sena Eco Town Room

The bedroom is zoned from the living room by tinted glass sliding door. There’s no threshold between two zones to prevent accident of stumbling

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room6 Sena Eco Town Room

The bed given is a queen-sized and the wardrobe beside is fairly capacious. Walking space around the bed is quite ample

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room7 IMG_1367

The kitchen is laid with different flooring (Granito 30×30 cm.). The entrance is a sliding door which helps blocking smell to enter other rooms while cooking. One side is connected to a balcony, while the other leads to the bathroom. The features provided are counters with cabinets, sink, hob, and hood 

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room8 IMG_1383

The balcony has an L-shaped steel rail that keeps the compressors out of sight. The total length is equivalent to that of the kitchen

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room9 Sena Eco Town Room

The bathroom has a rectangular area with basin, toilet, and shower space located respectively. The basin’s faucet functions with hot and cold water; the toilet comes with dual flushing; and the shower space is designed with no partition for the ease of access

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Ex Room18 IMG_1395

The shower area comes with a seat at the corner. The faucet is also adjustable to hot and cold water, while the shower has three types of water flow   

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Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Location1 map-eco-town

Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen is located on Ramintra Road, close to Bangkok Eastern Outer Ring Road (or Kanchanaphisek Road). The project’s location is a short drive to Chaeng Wattana and Muang Thong Thani, two zones prominent with workplaces. In terms of value, lands on and around the project’s location are appraised at 30,000 baht per square wah (2016-2019), and this number is expected to climb as the Pink Line mass transit system and other developments will come in the future. As you can see now that areas near the upcoming Pink Line start to see more condominiums arisen.

Getting There


Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Location2 2016-03-30-1

Pink Line mass transit system is expected to operate in 2020

To reach the project you can come from either Eastern Outer Ring Road or Ramintra Road. When leaving the project, turning left would lead you to Eastern Outer Ring Road (around 500 metres away), while going straight would lead you to Ramintra Road (around 700 metres away). When the Pink Line mass transit system is complete, the closest station would be Ramintra 83 which is about 800 metres away (the project provides shuttle service to the station – less than 5 minutes to reach)

Lifestyle Amenities

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Location3 2017-12-19_9-42-39 

A prominent and classic department store on Ramintra Road belongs to Fashion Island, yet a modern shopping place you should once visit is The Promenade, a European-style community mall featuring great restaurants, fashion, desserts, and even films to watch. Concerning about health problem, Synphaet Hospital is just across the road. And for the study, Bodindecha School is pretty renowned among locals – it’s around 15-minute drive from the project.

Location Safety

Sena Eco Town Ramindra Wongwean Location4 IMG_1405

As the project’s entrance requires you to pass under Eastern Outer Ring Road, which is quite deserted and risky to be hit by cars, coming to the project by walk from any direction should be avoided. Having a personal vehicle is therefore quite necessary, yet the project provides two shuttle cars which run from 6.30am-7pm and start new rounds every 30 minutes each day; the first round the shuttle cars run to pick residents up at homes, and they can check where the shuttle cars are via application throughout the day. 

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Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen is born to answer residents rather than investors. Despite the distance at 800 metres from the upcoming Ramintra 83 Station (Pink Line), it’s quite difficult to enter and leave the project without personal vehicle (the project’s entrance is 1.4 kilometres from the main road). This is also one of the very first condominium projects on this part of Ramintra Road (near Bangkok Eastern Outer Ring Road) where most developments are housing estates, where rental demand is low. However, when the Pink Line mass transit system operates in 2020 plus the shuttle service of the project, the project could be ideal for some renters and hence higher demand. Before that time, numerous facilities of the project including convenience store would lessen residents’ troubles to go out for food supply or activities. For a long-term stay, it’s a worthy project especially for limited-budget buyers, but for investment you need to wait at least until the Pink Line officially operates in the next few years.

*Most condominiums along Pink Line are located on Chaeng Wattana, Laksi, and Ramintra-Ladplakao Zones. There’s no benchmark against Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen as most surrounding projects are housing estates with price between 3-5 million baht.

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Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen is a new low-rise condominium project on Ramintra Road near Bangkok Eastern Outer Ring Road, developed by SENA Development Plc. who has been in Thailand’s housing and condo business for over 40 years. This project is built in the form of condominiums, yet the facilities and unit layout portray that of a housing project. Consisting of 10 five-storey condominiums on each side, flanking endless common area at the centre where numerous facilities are established, Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen is an answer to those seeking housing environment but has a limited budget. And despite the starting price at 1.79 million baht for one-bedroom sized 26 square metres, one can really conclude it’s worth regarding impressive features like teak parquet flooring, soaring ceiling height, and fully-furnished interior, let alone innovation like Digital Door Lock where you can access through wristband, or the hot-and-cold faucets and dual-flush toilet in the bathroom.

In terms of downside, the project is unsafe and difficult to reach by walk as the path (passing under Eastern Outer Ring Road) is distant from Ramintra Road and, with no footpath, traversed with high-speed cars and also deserted of people both day and night. Thus it’s absolutely necessary to have a personal vehicle here especially during this time when the Pink Line mass transit system’s has yet to come. In 2020, when the Pink Line is expected to operate, Sena Eco Town Ramindra-Wongwaen’ shuttle service to Ramintra 83 Station would attract more demand and possibly practical for buyers to rent units out for returns. After all the main target for this project are families seeking property with high privacy (only 4-5 units per floor) with affordable price who look to benefit from the upcoming Pink Line in daily commute.

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