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  • 19 October 2017

Nowadays developers are continuously seeking new locations to launch projects in response to the consumers’ needs amidst real estate’s underactive performance in Bangkok. Projects launched in locations where demand from foreigners is high, are usually joint ones between Thai and overseas developers – the joint venture brings a greater quality into such projects due to the knowhow and collaborations between the two. This year Bangkok’s real estate welcomes another eye-catching project “taka HAUS Ekkamai 12,” a collaborative low-rise masterpiece between Thailand’s leading developer Sansiri and a Japan-based railway and real estate company Tokyu Corporation. The project comes with the concept “stay Unique, stay Diverse” where you can find both worlds of greenery and privacy in one place, and be surprised by creative facilities incorporated in each corner. Commenced the price at 4.49 MB, let’s find out how much this project is promising for both residents and investors. 

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3 Taka Haus

(Reviewed: 11 September, 2017)
Project Name: taka HAUS Ekkamai 12
Developer: Siri TK One Company Limited (joint venture between Sansiri and Tokyo Corporation)
Address: Ekkamai 12, Sukhumvit 63, Khlong Tan Nua, Wattana, Bangkok
Call: 1685


Project Area: Approx. 3 rai
Project Type: Two low-rise buildings (7 storeys with 1 basement and 8 storeys with 1 basement)
Total unit: 269 units
Target market: Thai nationals and foreign expats who live urban lifestyles
Construction Progress: Start October 2017, expected completion in October 2019
Elevator: 2 elevators per building
Parking: 50% accommodation
Facilities: Lobby lounge, Library, Co – kitchen space, Entertainment room, Game room, Exercise room, Garden with outdoor recreation area, Treehouse, Swimming pool, Laundry room, Wireless internet, Electric vehicle charging station
Security System: 24-hour CCTV and security guards
Selling Rate: Real Time Global Launch in 6 countries during 16-17 September, 2017 (Thailand, Japan, Hongkong, China, Singapore, Taiwan)
Terms of Payment:
1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom 30 – 45 Sq.m.: Booking THB 30,000, Contract THB 50,000
2-Bedroom 47.50 – 71.50 Sq.m.: Booking THB 50,000, Contract THB 100,000
Sinking Fund: THB 600 (single payment)
Maintenance Fees: THB 77 (1-year advance payment, pay on the transfer date)
Starting Price: THB 4.49 million
Average Price/Sq.m.: Approx. THB 150,000/Sq.m.

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Unit Type:
– 1-Bedroom 1-Bathroom 30-44.75 Sq.m.
– 2-Bedroom 1-Bathroom 44.75-45 Sq.m.
– 2-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 47.50-68.75 Sq.m.
– 2-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 1-Dressing Room 71.50 Sq.m.

360-Degree Virtual Tour

– Type 1F: 1-Bedtoom 1-Bathroom 41.50 Sq.m.


– Type 2I: 2-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 67.00 Sq.m.

Project Details

About Tokyu

Tokyu Corporation is a Japan-based multi-business company who owns over 200 subsidiaries and 8 join ventures domestically and abroad. The picture above shows line of businesses Tokyu has been providing; the company started with railway business and later expanded into other industries. In 1982, Tokyo and CH. Karnchang formed a joint venture company to build a department store Bangkok-Tokyu in Thailand, one which is a part of MBK Center. In the twentieth century, Tokyu is a part MRT Purple Line’s construction, and formed a joint venture with SAHA Group to build a Japanese-style apartment in Sriracha named HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha. 


3 IMG_2093-882017164129

Image via

Taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 is not launched to answer Japanese in Bangkok only, but also those in their home country – however, suitable for every nationality. Heavy advanced technology and innovations are incorporated in the project; these include SIRI Home Service Application, Home Automation, Bike Simulator, Underwater Treadmill (swimming pool), Electric Car Charger, Smart Locker, etc. For interior design, one element that would capture interests – especially Japanese – is the bathtub provided in the master bathroom (found in units with 2 bathrooms). Another unique point to recap is that taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 offers up to 30 unit types; the size varies from 30-71.50 square metres. To study which unit type suits your lifestyle, click

4 20170202-153606-Sri-open

Areas of SIRI Venture’s Proptech Research and Investment

Besides over 30 unit types available for customers to select, taka HAUS Ekamai 12 also offers a complete set of facilities and cutting-edge innovations inspired by Sansiri Proptech including Sansiri Home Service Application, Smart Locker, Home Automation, Endless Jet Pool, Underwater Treadmill, EV Charging, and Alexa (Echo Dot By Amazon). The inclusion of advanced technology has made taka HAUS Ekamai 12 appealing in the eyes of Thais and Japanese. Although some elderly residents might need time for adaptation, the great convenience found in taka HAUS Ekamai 12 has set the project practical and reachable by all consumers.

Sansiri Home Service Application 

sansiri proptech

Sansiri Home Service Application is a butler who can assist you from the start to the period you are living in the unit: contact with juristic person office (fast reply), notification upon mails and goods arrival, invoice on various monthly payments, request for maintenance (report details with attached photos through the app), contact number for every department you need: juristic person, cleaning service, security office, etc.   

6.5 taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 Project6.5 IMG_5397

Project’s model: 2 L-Shaped low-rise condominiums separated by vast greenery at the centre. Most units are either facing towards the north or the south.

Master Plan

  6 Master Plan Taka Haus

Building A (bottom of the picture) has only 7 floors and 1 basement; the first floor is occupied with lobby, Mailbox Locker, laundry room, greenery corner, the second floor is the parking and residential units start from the third floor onward. There’s only 18 units per floor on average in Building A.

Building B, on the other hand, has 8 floors and architecturally separated into two buildings connected by walkways. One building has less than 15 units per floor, while the other only 8 units per floor on average; however, the elevator lobby is at the first building (building with more units).

3rd Floor Plan 

10 Master Plan 3 Floor Taka Haus

Facilities are located on Building As third floor. Many units on the fourth floor and above in both buildings will enjoy the view of greenery and swimming pool at the centre of the project


taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 Facilities1 FACILITIES_FINAL_170720_resize

Lobby lounge


Co – kitchen space

Entertainment room

Game room

Exercise room

Garden with outdoor recreation area


Swimming pool

Laundry room

Wireless internet

Electric vehicle charging station

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Flooring: 8 mm. laminate tiles; 60×60 cm Granito tiles in the kitchen
Wall: White whitewashed wall
Door: Digital Door Lock from Yale
Ceiling Height: 2.6 m. in Building A; 2.5 m. in Building B
Kitchen Set: Kitchen counters with Hob & Hood from Mex
Bathroom Sanitary: Automatic toilet from Cotto

Type 1F: 1-Bedroom 1-Bathroom 41.50 Sq.m.


taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F1 IMG_5400

The unit consists of one bedroom, one bathroom, one living room connected to a balcony and one kitchen which the first zone of the room. The kitchen is outfitted with built-in counters: wooden-paneled cabinets, sink, hob, and hood. A small dining area can be set aside the kitchen – suitable for two persons. Next from the kitchen, you will find a broad living room where space at the back can be occupied as a study area; on the side, a sliding door leads to the balcony. Bedroom and bathroom are located in secluded positions, the areas which will be elaborated later. 

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F2 2017-09-14_13-51-15

The bathroom has two accesses: one from the bedroom, and the other from the living room

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F7 IMG_5468

The bedroom takes space as much as the living room, where a kingsized bed well fits in. On one side, a fullheight window splashes natural light into the room curtains and drapes are necessary, while the other end is a walkway to the bathroom where a walkin closet occupies the inbetween space

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F9 IMG_5466

The bathroom features an Automatic Toilet from Cotto, a minimalismdesigned basin with underneath storage, and a shower room encased with partitions at the furthest corner

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F14 IMG_5459

The shower room has a modest space. A floor drain is neatly mounted into the floor, and there are both handheld shower and rain shower  


Type 2I: 2-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 67.00 Sq.m. 

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F3 IMG_5413

This unit type welcomes you with a terracelike foyer, a multifunctional space elements like bikes and shoes cabinet suit in

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F4 0001-Copy-e1505120396500

A few steps from the terrace, you will find a spacious dining area and living room where a 6seater table fits and leaves a comfortable walking space around. The living area is sided with a fullheight window which helps airing the space during the day

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F5 IMG_5419

The living areas easily accommodates a wide range of furniture and, still, leaves a decent space for walking around. The space isnt strictly needed to be a living area. It could be an intimate dining corner as some families love to watch TV while eating, or a studyfocused area with additions of a few desks. Let your creativity runs on the design.  

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F6 IMG_5486

An enclosed kitchen (with partitions) is on the left of the dining area. The space is quite modest but ample for two people to stand cooking side by side. Everything is provided except appliances: washing machine microwave, etc. 

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F10 IMG_5431

The common bathroom is next from the kitchen and comprises all equipment: basin with underneath storage, partitions-encased shower room with handheld shower and rain shower, and Automatic toilet from Cotto

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F11 IMG_5437

Opposite of the bathroom is the small bedroom where it is decked out as a private office in this show unit. The room’s space is suitable for a single bed with additions of a wardrobe and a set of desk and chair. Forcing a queen-sized bed into this room would create an uncomfortable sense of confine

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F12 IMG_5438

The master bedroom has an L-Shaped layout and a master bathroom inside

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F13 IMG_5440

The master bathroom comes with an addition of a bathtub, located in the innermost space next from the shower room. The rest features follow taka HAUS Ekkamai 12’s standard: basin with storage, Automatic toilet, handheld shower and rain shower, etc.

taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 1F17 IMG_5450

Though a king-sized bed is practical for the master bedroom, a queen-sized one would leave more space around and, hence, an airier room. A wardrobe and a dressing table occupy the space on the side. The decorations over the headboard are the show unit’s props only

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Ekkamai 12 is situated halfway on Ekkamai Road from Sukhumvit Road and is connected to Thonglor 10 which leads to Thonglor Road (Sukhumvit 55). This is where top-notch hangout places converge: hit pubs, stylish bars, high-end restaurants, and all kinds of nightlife entertainments.

Residential projects here usually take only a short time to be sold out, with spurring demand from buyers and investors especially Japanese expats. Taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 is located in Ekkamai 12, around 8-minute walk from Ekkamai Road; a fare distance from the main road gives the project a higher sense of privacy – an attribute you would typically find in low-rise projects. In addition, besides connecting to Thonglor 10., Ekkamai 12 also leads to Sukhumvit 71 on the other end – your plan-B route to avoid traffic congestion on Ekkamai Road. The nearest public transit is BTS Ekkamai, which is around 1.5 kilometre away – a little too tough distance to walk; driving your own cars or taking a motorcycle taxi is a timelier option to reach BTS Ekkamai.

As areas around BTS Ekkamai had been all taken, Ekkamai 12 became a new home for many residential projects mainly due to its location which comprises countless eateries and encompasses accesses to three roads: Ekkamai Road, Thonglor Road, and Sukhumvit 71 Road. Condominiums established earlier here now start to have their units resold at the price between THB 100,000-170,000, while their average yield rate is at 6% per year. Rent prices of condominiums around Ekkamai 12 are at THB 400-800 per square metre per month, or THB 30,000-80,000 monthly; the figures are still lower compared to the projects located at the start of Ekkamai Road (near Sukhumvit Road). While projects on mid-Ekkamai Road commence the price at THB 150,000 per square metre on average, projects near BTS Ekkamai start around THB 200,000 per square metre – however, the price gap will become smaller through time as land plots are running out of this affluent territory.

You can also find the other new project review here. 

Project’s ordinate 

There are countless standalone hangout places around taka HAUS Ekkamai 12, but a community mall on Thonglor 10 “Arena 10” has them all at one place – with an extra of football pitches. Arena 10 is around 10-minute walk or less than a 5-minute drive (assuming no traffic congestion) from taka HAUS Ekkamai 12. The place offers a wide range of restaurants: Zaab Eli serves Thai northern-east cuisines; Ramen Champion gives big bowls of genuine-taste ramens; Sushi Otaru boasts finest sushi creations; Treat Café and Melt Me delight your day with some sweetness. For nightlife entertainment, there’s a two-in-one club Demo and Funky Villa – the first one plays heavy-bass music in House, Techno, and EDM styles, while the latter has a band plays famous Thai songs in softer moods. The football pitches are usually filled with players during evenings and nights; make sure to call and reserve the pitch ahead of time when the drive for football kicks in. 



Getting There

5 2017-09-13_11-25-46

Taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 can be reached from four routes: Yellow is from Sukhumvit Road, Orange from Thonglor Road, Red from Phetchaburi Road, and Green from Sukhumvit 71 Road. Google Map 13.729274, 100.591643 

Department stores and lifestyle places
Arena 10 (1 km.)
Health Land (1.1 km.)
The Commons (1.2 km.)
Big C Supercenter (1.3 km.)
J Avenue (1.3 km.)
Seenspace (1.4 km.)
Gateway Ekamai (1.5 km.)
Major Cineplex Sukhumvit (1.5 km.)
Nihonmura Mall 1.8 (km.)
Park Lane (2.5 km.)

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital (1.9 km.)

Ekkamai International School (270 m.)
Bangkok Prep International School (1.9 km.)

Office buildings
Sorachai Building (1.4 km.)
S.S.P. Tower (1.6 km. for walk) (3.8 km. for drive)
Charn Issara Tower 2 (2.8 km.)

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Similar to its paralleling road Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor Road), Ekkamai Road’s real estate developments is mature with countless luxury condominiums, both high-rise and low-rise. The growth rate of these two downtowns is at 50%, while the average yield rate calculated from condo units on resales in the past two years is at 6%. There are still some land plots on Ekkamai Road’s smaller streets able to be developed as luxury projects, but it would take a few years from now for investors to take any actions on them. The scarcity of new projects on Ekkamai Road therefore put taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 on the spotlight at the moment: the project would undoubtedly be sold out within a short period of time. The difference in values between projects situated at the start of Ekkamai Road (close to BTS Ekkamai) and ones which sit halfway on Ekkamai Road (including taka HAUS Ekkamai 12) is not much to be concerned: any project raised on this golden road receives high demand and has its price skyrocketed through time. If you aim to buy some units for renting out, your target renters are foreign expats who commute to workplaces in the city by BTS Skytrain – especially Japanese who would find the bathtub in the master bathroom very attractive.

*At the moment there is no new low-rise condominium project in Ekkamai 12. Other projects found in Ekkamai 12 are older low-rise condominiums with their units now being resold at THB 120,000 per square metre, on average. Comparatively, taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 commences the price at THB 150,000 per square matre.

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Generally speaking, taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 is an ideal project for investors. The project accentuates its quality in the aspects of privacy and cutting-edge innovations. Located a fare distance from the main road, taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 also gains advantages from the secluded setting, enable residents to find the least noise pollution compared to high-rise projects on Ekkamai Road.

Moreover, the number of units per floor – only 300 units in total – enhances the sense of privacy and security even greater. Through a joint venture between Sansiri and Tokyu Corporation, taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 is heavily incorporated with distinctive innovations: home automation, SIRI Home Service Application, Bike Simulator, Underwater Treadmill, EV Charging, etc., while an inclusion of a bathtub reflects a touch of Japanese culture. Regarding its starting price at 4.49 MB, the majority of people who came to reserve units at taka HAUS Ekkamai 12 during presales were investors, who aimed to rent them out for foreign expats. More than 50% of the total unit were expected to be booked as the project was debuted in six countries in real-time. Nevertheless, many units are still available at the moment, most of which won’t also take too long to be taken, regarding the qualities of the developers, the project, and Ekkamai Road.

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