Project Review: THE BASE Central Pattaya

  • Sitth Chongprasobtam
  • 16 June 2016


Pattaya has once again been revived as a favorite tourist destination despite the market slowdown in the past couple years. The government pushed forward with supportive policies, which have been attracting more cosmopolitans and sparkled a good sign for real estate developments in this area. Likewise, “THE BASE Central Pattaya,” launched by Sansiri, was born to cater brilliant experiences of living at the heart of Pattaya, merely 300 metre from the sea. The project is developed with the inspiration “Enjoy two views, two environments,” where the architectures expose both views of tranquil Wong Amat beach in the north, and vibrancy of entertainment lights in the south. Besides, there are facilities inside the project to cater admirable living experiences such as infinity-edge pool on the rooftop, basketball field, and lounge room with the expansive view of Pattay’s seascape. It’s the central spot of this seaside city where all aspects of lifestyle are just a stone’s throw to find.


Project Name: THE BASE Central Pattaya

Developer: Sansiri Public Company Limited (SIRI)

Administrator: NED Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Pattaya Sai 2 Rd., Bang Lamung, Chon Buri

Call: 1685



Project Area: Over 6 Rai

Project Type: Two high-rise condominiums with 31 storeys and 27 storeys, with 4-storey parking building

Pre-Sales: first round was held on 15 May 2013

Sole Agent: PLUS Property Co., Limited

Booking Payment: 30,000 Baht for 1-bedroom unit, 50,000 Baht for 2-bedroom unit

Sinking Fund: 500 Baht/ Sq.m.

Maintenance Fees: 40 Baht/Sq.m./Month (1-year advance payment)

Construction Progress: 100% completed

Architectural Design: Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Limited

Landscape Design: Steven J. Leach Architects Limited

Constructor: Construction-Lines Co., Ltd,

Security System: CCTV through out the project, 24-hour security guards, Key Card Access, Digital Door Lock

Facilities: Swimming pool, fully-equipped fitness, community garden, recreational area, rooftop garden, multipurpose room with sea view, Wi-Fi at the lobby, Yoga Room, Street Basketball

Parking: 30 % of units included double parking

Starting Price: 2.39 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 100,000 Baht

Average Rent Price: 15,000 – 20,000 Baht/Month

Unit Type

1-bedroom 1-bathroom size 29.0 – 35.0 Sq.m.

2-bedroom 1-bathroom size 50.50 – 51.50 Sq.m.

2-bedroom 2-bathroom size 62.0 – 71.0 Sq.m.

Project Details



THE BASE Central Pataya comprises of two paralleling high-rise buildings, one has 31 storeys and the other has 27 storeys. The total unit is 1,112 rooms and there’s a 4-storey parking building that can accommodate 30% of cars from the total unit. The open space between the two buildings is 25 metres wide, the place where residents can promenade while sensing the natural winds that come through the space of the architectures. In general, most of the units will have the view of sea and beach.


Two different perspectives: the shorter building will have the view of the beach all the way to Northern Pattaya, illustrating “Day Building;” while the taller building is facing towards Pattaya view point, Walking Street and fancy lights at night, illustrating “Night Building”


For facilities, there are swimming pool with the expansive view of Pattaya, fully equipped fitness, community garden, children room, community garden, rooftop garden, multipurpose room, fitness, Wi-Fi at the lobby, CCTV and 24-hour security guards

Master Plan



Entrance of the project with Key Card Access and 24-hour security guards

Ground Floor 



Residential area is 100 metre away from the entrance


The project comprises of two L-Shape paralleling high-rise buildings with 31 and 27 storeys and 1,112 units. There’s an open space on the ground floor, the area where natural winds come through. And one 4-storey parking building that can accommodate 30% of cars from the total unit


Building A and B has the same look in the lobby area


Exposes in the dark tones along the stylish horizontal lines on the ceiling to add feels of modernity


Floor plan of the second floor and parking building; residential units start from this floor


Floor plan of the 3rd floor, comprises of residential units and facilities of swimming pool, fitness, aerobic room and children room


3rd floor of the Building B where Aerobic room is on the left and children room is on the right


Aerobic Room with exercise equipment


Inside view of the Children Room


Fitness with exercise machines from Matrix


Salt-water swimming pool and Jacuzzi on the 3rd floor of Building B


Building A has a 15×7 m. swimming pool with shallow depth


5th floor comprises of residential units while the top floor of the parking building has garden and basketball field


6-24 FL. comprises of residential units


From the 25th floor, there are less units per floor in the Building B


Floor plan of the 26th floor


27th floor of the Building B comprises of garden, multipurpose room and a viewpoint; while the Building A’s is still residential floor


27th floor of the Building B


View from the 27th floor of Building B


The multipurpose room on the 27th floor of the Building B


With an expansive vista of scenic undulating sea and vibrant city


28-30 FL. is the High Zone of Building A


Floor plan of the Building A’s rooftop


Multipurpose on the rooftop of Building A


Pattaya city view from the multipurpose room on the rooftop of Building A


You can also see the view of the sea from the multipurpose room


Salt-water infinity-edge pool on the rooftop of Building A


Rooftop of the Building A is a good spot to enjoy the sunset


Cherish the sunset charisma amidst edgeless lavender sky

Unit Plan      

1-bedroom 1-bathroom size 29.0 – 35.0 Sq.m.


Type 1A – 10


Type 1B – 5

2-bedroom 1-bathroom size 50.50 – 51.50 Sq.m.


Type 2A-5


Type 2B

2-bedroom 2-bathroom size 62.0 – 71.0 Sq.m.


Type 2C-4


Type 2D-3

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1-bedroom 1-bathroom size 29.0 – 35.0 Sq.m. (fully-furnished except TV, fridge, microwave and some interiors). Standard key door lock.


The room height is 2.55 metre and ground is laid with 8 mm. laminate flooring. There are two air-conditioinings from Samsung in the living room; while bedroom comes with exclusive furnishing from Modernform


The kitchen comes with tinted-glass sliding door framed with aluminum, helping to keep the cooking smell in the kitchen area


The dining table has a size of 70×70 cm. and the height of 75 cm. The flooring in this area is 30×30 cm. ceramic tiles, which are convenient for cleaning


The kitchen consists of countertops, cabinets, and sink, hob and hood from Teka


The bed in bedroom has the size of 5ft and has storage underneath


The closet provided is floor-to-ceiling high and can be slid open with the mirror-sliding door


The side of the bed are six frames of windows where two of them can be opened up for letting natural winds to come in

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“Pattaya” is one of the most renowned seaside city of Thailand among foreigners. It’s a favorite place among them due to the variety of entertainments, the atmosphere and convenience of daily needs. Here, you would find many activities to enjoy both on land and water; and there are entertainment places at night which are the vibrancy of this town. Besides, there are restaurants, market and convenient stores to serve daily basis needs, altogether are the factors that has been attracting a lot of people to come living here.

Pattaya is divided into four main areas which are Northern Pattaya, Central Pattaya, Central Pattaya and Jom Tien. The coast has a total distance of 35 kilometres and divided into 6 beachs namely Nakluea, Wong Amat, Pattaya, Pratum Nak, Jom Tien and Na Jom Tien.


The project is located on Pattaya Sai 2 Rd in Central Pattaya, 300 metre away from the beach. The surroundings comprises of retails, restaurants, bars, convenient stores, shopping mall and flats. If you love to go shopping, CentralFestival Pattaya Beach is situated 350 m. away and it’s the biggest department store in the seaside cities of South East Asia region. For nighttime entertainmant, you would have to go on the “Walking Street,” which is just 1 km. away from the project.


Getting There

Route 1: Via Sukhumvit Road, turn right into Central Pattaya Road. Then, go straight until you meet the T-Junction, turn left into Beach Road. Go straight until you meet South Pattaya Road, then turn into the road. After that, go straight for a short distance and turn left into Pattaya Sai 2 Road; go straight for 1 km., you will arrive at the destination    

Route 2: Via Sukhumvit Road, turn right into South Pattaya Road. Go straight until you meet Pattaya Sai 2 Road, turn right into the road. Then, go straight for about 1 km., you will arrive at the destination 


Lifestyle Amenities

Besides the vibrancy of nightlife, Pattaya has a lot of lifestyle amenities and landmarks that you would love to visit. To illustrate, Art in Paradise, an art gallery where visitors enjoy taking photos with the 3-D artworks. Moreover, there are Central Festival Pattaya Beach, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Silverlake Pattaya, Pattaya Floating Market and The Sanctuary of Truth; all are the unique selling point of Pattaya


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Condominiums in Pattaya are purchased among three types of buyers

1. Those purchase for a habitation or a holiday home

2. Those purchase for leasing

3. Foreigners who married with Thais and purchase for a holiday home


* This average rent price equals to 7% yield rate, which is in a satisfactory rate

From on-site observation, there are many people who lease a unit out for a day (condominiums) with the average rent price at 1,500-2,000 Baht/night. However, the activities are not fully legal and the conditions varied on each project


เซ็นทริค ซี พัทยา (Centric Sea Pattaya)

Centric Sea Pattaya

Project Name: Centric Sea Pattaya

Developer: SC Asset Plc.

Address: Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri


Project Area: 6-0-42 Rai

Project Type: 3 condominiums

Building A – 44 storeys, 451 units, 12 units/floor

Building B – 32 storeys, 463 units, 17 units/floor

Building C – 7 storeys, 85 units, 22 units/floor

Unit Type: 1-Bedroom 27.5 – 40 Sq.m. 2-Bedroom 58 – 67 Sq.m. 3-Bedrooms 96 Sq.m.

Sea-View unit has the average price at 100,000 Baht/Sq.m. for minimum

Starting Price: 2.15 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 73,000 Baht/Sq.m. (Price on debut date)


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The supportive policies from the government has bounced Pattaya back to the positive trend, after the slowdown of market in the past couple years. Meanwhile, at the time, Sansiri launched a project of high-rise condominiums, showing its potential and quality despite the circumstances, named as “THE BASE Central Pattaya.” The project is situated in Central Pattaya, mere 300 m. away from the beach. The location comprises of lifestyle amenities where residents can find myriad eateries and the vibrancy of lights among nighttime entertainments. Moreover, there are full facilities for residents to enjoy, especially the swimming pool on the rooftop that allows you to cherish the expansive vista of the sea. Either for a habitation or investment, THE BASE Central Pattaya is one of the admiring residences in this seaside town, catering living experiences in the standard of Sansiri.

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