Project Review: The Base Garden Rama 9

  • Sitth Chongprasobtam
  • 16 September 2016

Anyone who have been watching the real estate market closely would have recognised “The Line,” a high-rise condominium series of BTS and Sansiri joint venture, who display the residences’ uniqueness through the convenience of nearby public transits. This year, the great joint venture made a significant move; they have incorporated the concept of “location is everything” in another condominium series “The Base.” Named as The Base Garden Rama 9, this new asset is a 36-storey condominium, designed with the core concept of natural integrations, a high density of natural surroundings which blend with living experience in harmony. Regarded the mission of the developers, the project will be located 700 m. from ARL Ramkhamhaeng, the elevated public transit which could take you to Suvarnabhumi Airport, MRT Blue Line and BTS Green Line. The project is located on Rama IX Road, not far away from the strategic position around Rama IX Junction. We are waiting to see whether if The Base Garden Rama 9 can make a phenomenal one-day sold out as The Line series or not.

The Base Garden Rama9 Per160726_Overall_revison-001

The magnificence of astounding ideal living experience


Project Name: The Base Garden Rama 9

Developer: BTS Sansiri Holding Seven Company Limited

Address: Rama IX Road, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok


Call: 1685


The Base Garden Rama9 Perthebase-garden-rama9-info-002


Project Area: 3-2-39 rai

Project Type: 36-storey condominium with 639 residential units and 1 commercial unit

Target market: Consumers with average salary around 30,000-50,000 Baht

Construction ProgressBegin in September 2016

Expected Completion: June 2019

Elevator: 4 passenger elevators and 1 service elevator

Parking: 40% excluded double parking

Sinking Fund: 500 Baht/Sq.m

Maintenance Fees: 55 Baht/Sq.m./Month

Starting Price: 2.199 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: Approx. 99,000 – 110,000/Sq.m.

Unit Type

1 Bedroom 26.534.75 Sq.m.

The Base Garden Rama9 Unitimage2-002

Spacious room which blends each zone as a single unit in modern contemporary style

The Base Garden Rama9 Unitimage1-001

Warm ambiance in the cozy bedroom

2 Bedrooms 49.7555 Sq.m.

The Base Garden Rama9 Unit 2image2-001

Living room and dining area that are integrated as one

The Base Garden Rama9 Unit 2image4-002

Roomy bedroom with modernistic design

Project Details


The Base Garden Rama9 ProjectDSC00792-001

The Base Garden Rama 9, a reflection of the identity in you

The Base Garden Rama9 ProjectDSC00794-002

The project’s sales gallery which gives a hint of how the project’s design will come out

The Base Garden Rama 9 is the first distinction among its series “The Base” as the project is developed by the joint-venture of BTS and Sansiri, the renowned collaboration of the high-demand series “The Line.” Likewise, the designs and materials usage are upgraded and capable of delivering a higher living experience.

The architectural design raised up the building in copper-gold tone, mixed with different shades of blue and grey from the windows of the façade. These windows are meticulously selected, function as well heat insulators. Furthermore, the architecture is designed in Z-Shape instead of the usual parallel design, allowing each unit zone to have its own view, rather than facing each other.

The facilities embrace the core of bringing the essence of nature into the living experiences. To illustrate, the fully-equipped fitness offers a natural view for residents to enjoy while exercising. Moreover, the library is designed in an open space for readers to feel the natural surroundings in relaxing ambiance. Meanwhile, the lobby has selected natural materials such as wood and marble, and has its prominent design in the crystal chandelier which gives a sense of elegance.

The unit per floor are around 20 rooms, mixed between 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units along the double corridor. There are 4 passenger elevators to deliver residents in timely fashion and the parking that can accommodate 40% of the residential units, excluded double parking.


The Base Garden Rama9 ProjectDSC00797-003

The Base Garden Rama 9’s model

The Base Garden Rama9 ProjectDSC00800-005

The parking take the first four storeys and residential units start from the 5th floor

The Base Garden Rama9 ProjectDSC00798-004

The fitness and swimming pool are on the first floor in an outdoor area, and a great inclusion of nature is permeated throughout the project

Master Plan

1 The Base Garden Rama9 Planmaster-plan-thebase-garden-rama9-1030x601-002

There are also outdoor parking available around the project. The verdant fences around the project are about 3 m. high which give residents a great privacy

Floor Plan

2 The Base Garden Rama9 Plan05-FL-001

The Z-Shape architectural design allows each unit to have its own view without confronting other units

Unit Layout

1 Bedroom 26.534.75 Sq.m.

The Base Garden Rama9 Plan1A-001

2 Bedrooms 49.7555 Sq.m.

The Base Garden Rama9 Plan2A-001


North: Rama 9 Road

South: Clear view, Expressway, Airport Rail Link

East: Expanse of unoccupied lands

West: Ramkhamhaeng Junction and Expressway




The Base Garden Rama9 Facilities160723_Hires_Lobby_send-002

Grand lobby with meticulously selected natural materials along the elegance of crystal rain-fall design chandelier


The Base Garden Rama9 Facilitiespool-2-005

salt-water swinning pool in an aesthetic free-form design to revel and incline

The Base Garden Rama9 Facilitiesconcept-1-004

Surrounded with nature as you swim through the stream of the true forest


The Base Garden Rama9 Facilities160725_Hires_Fitness-003

Fully-equipped fitness with a broad view of natural surroundings


The Base Garden Rama9 Facilities160713_Hires_Library-001

Openly designed library with the utmost relaxation and stillness of ambiance

Green space and recreational areas

Garden on the 5th floor

Free Wi-Fi in reception and facilities areas

24-hour security guards and CCTV



Show Unit


Flooring: 8 mm. laminate floorings in living room and bedroom, 30×30 cm. Granito tiles in kitchen and balcony

Wall: Plain white wall

Ceiling Height: 2.55 m.

Furnishings: Fully Fitted (kitchen set, partitions, air-conditioners)

Air-Conditionings: 2 air-conditioners from Trane in 1BR, 3 air-conditioners from Trane in 2BR

Bathroom Sanitary: American Standard

Kitchen Set: kitchen counters, hob and hood from Mex


1-Bedroom Type 1B 31.00 – 31.50 Sq.m. 

1 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00803-001

2 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00806-002

You access the room with the keycard, the electronic system from Samsung

4 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00862-050

As we entered the room, the living room is the first zone. Bedroom and kitchen also connect smoothly to the area as a single unit

4.1 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00863-051

Near the bedroom’s entrance is the bathroom

5 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00811-006

The living room can actually accommodate a 4-seat sofa (the furnishings are interiors of the show unit)

5.1 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00815-010

The distance from the sofa to TV is around 3 m. and without the inclusion of the storage on the left, a larger TV will be compatible to the space

5.2 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00814-009

The living room and kitchen are separated by the sliding door

6 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00842-031

However, the bedroom is designed without the door, allowing the free-flow walk inward and outward

8 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00818-012

The sliding door can be locked from the living room side, and its dark colour is splendidly contrast with the wooden tone of the unit

9 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00816-011

Different floorings between 8 mm. laminate in the living room and 30×30 tiles in the kitchen

10 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00819-013

Kitchen’s width is around 3 m. and you can have a small dining table here as shown in the picture. The suitable size of fridge is 9.1Q with a single-door design

11 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00822-016

You could place an extra chair on the side if you have a child

12 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00824-017

The hob is provided for you on the kitchen counter

12.1 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00828-021

Modernistic hob from Mex

13 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00826-019

Sink with minimal design

14 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00837-028

Below are cabinets and a storage to place a microwave

15 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00827-020

There are cabinets above the kitchen counters as well

16 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00829-022

The kitchen is connected to the balcony, and there’s a little step in-between the two areas

17 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00833-024

The balcony is quite a modest space but you can place a washing machine here (there are water and electrical supplies)

18 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00835-026

Above the washer’s position are two air-con compressors

19 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00836-027

As a result, a front-load washer is compatible to the space

21 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00844-033

Bedroom can accommodate a king-size bed with remained space for one person to walk around

22 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00845-034

On the side is a full-height window where its top-right corner is an awning window that can be opened

23 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00847-036

Handle of the awning window, twist it to lock

24 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00848-037

The awning window functions with 3-step opening (if you want to slightly open, push and remain at the first step)

25 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00849-038

The modern closet is provided beside the bed as shown in the picture

26 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00851-040

Bathroom’s flooring is slightly lower than the unit’s flooring to prevent the leaks of water

27 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00854-043

The wooden-pattern is a fine contrast to the bathroom’s wall (the basket underneath the basin is not provided)

29 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00856-045

A little step in-between the shower room and outer zone

30 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00857-046

The shower room can accommodate 2 people at the same time

31 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00858-047

A stylish wall-mounted design in the shower room to place shower accessories

32 The Base Garden Rama9 One bedDSC00860-048

The shower can adjust 2 types of water flows

2-Bedroom Type 2A  53.50 Sq.m.

1 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00864-001

Now, let’s observe a larger unit

3 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00876-013

The first zone is the living room which comes with a larger space

2 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00878-015

With more usable areas, a larger sofa and dining table are practical

4 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00877-014

Having delight meals with loved ones whether they are joining you at the table or relaxing at the sofa

11 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00883-019

This modern dining table is an interior of the show unit

7 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00884-020

The living area has plenty of space to spread your legs to full stretch

8.1 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00902-037

The step and difference of floorings between the unit and balcony

8.2 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00903-038

2BR unit also has a larger balcony (1×3 m.)

8.3 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00904-039

The rail are steel painted in black, with the height around 1.2 m.

9 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00881-017

The entrance on the right is the way to bedroom, while at the back of dining table is the bathroom

12 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00888-023

The kitchen is on the right as you enter the room. Slide open to for an open kitchen or close down as a close kitchen

13 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00889-024

8 mm. laminate flooring and 30×30 cm. Granito tiles in the kitchen

14 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00890-025

The kitchen is suitable for one person at a time. There’s another balcony but this one is smaller

15 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00893-028

However, the kitchen counters are much larger, convenient for you to prepare the ingredients before cooking

17 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00891-026

The sink from Mex is on the rightmost of the counter

19 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00895-030

Beneath are drawer, microwave storage and washer storage

20 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00896-031

The narrow walkway could be a obstacle when bringing the washing machine in

22 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00897-032

Sliding door which connects to the small balcony

23 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00898-033

Becareful the step when you walk into the balcony

24 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00899-034

The two air-con compressors are kept in this small balcony

26 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00900-035

The balcony rail extends in L-Shape to cover the appearance of air-con compressors

27 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00867-004

Here is the master bedroom with stylish decorations

16 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00875-012

On the side are two awning windows

31 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00870-007

The awning windows’s handles, twist to open

28 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00866-003

There’s space right here where you can buy in a set of comfy chair and side table

33 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00872-009

The space at the end of bed

32 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00871-008

The area on the other side is the small bedroom, but the show unit has designed it to be a closet and dressing area

36 he Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00906-041

If you wonder if this area can accommodate a king-size bed or not, yes, it can

41 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00911-046

Windows in the small bedroom

42 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00913-048

The bathroom is located in the common area, the warmth of wood-pattern flooring contrast with the greyish wall in style

44 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00916-051

The sliding door of the shower room is designed with grids which might obstruct you when cleaning

45 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00915-050

The shower room of 2BR has a larger space compared to 1BR’s

46 The Base Garden Rama9 Two bedDSC00917-052

The shower can adjust 2 type of water flows. You can buy in a water heater as there’s a prepared system for easy set up


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The project is located on Rama IX Road which is hovered above with Sirat Expressway

The Base Garden Rama 9 is located on Rama IX Road, approximately 700 m. away from ARL Ramkhamhaeng. In addition, ARL Ramkhamhaeng is one stop away from ARL Makkasan, which has a skywalk connecting to MRT Petchaburi. Moreover, 2 stops away is ARL Phaya Thai , which is the interchange station to the BTS Green Line.

Even though The Base Garden Rama 9 is not located on the most desired position, Rama IX Junction, Rama IX Road is still in high demands among developers and buyers as this area is transforming to be the new CBD. Besides the benefit of ARL Ramkhamhaeng, Rama IX Road also connects to other major roads such as Petchaburi, Sukhumvit and Ramkhamhaeng roads, allowing you to access different parts of the city, especially if you are expert about routes in Bangkok.


Getting There

The Base Garden Rama9 Location3 DSC00767-001

We started off from Si Ayutthaya Road heading towards Phayathai Junction

The Base Garden Rama9 Location4 DSC00768-002

At this point, follow Ratchaprarop sign to cross over Phayathai Junction

The Base Garden Rama9 Location5 DSC00769-003

Afterward, follow the sign Asok-Din Daeng

The Base Garden Rama9 LocationDSC00772-005

At this point, follow the green sign as the blue one will take you to the expressway

The Base Garden Rama9 LocationDSC00774-007

Proceed along the way and the route will take you slightly rightward

The Base Garden Rama9 LocationDSC00775-008

Once you have descended from the elevated route, enter the main road

The Base Garden Rama9 LocationDSC00776-009

Follow the sign Ramkhamhaeng

The Base Garden Rama9 LocationDSC00782-012

Once you have passed Ramkhamhaeng Junction, stay on the rightmost lane to find a U-Turn as the project is located on the other side of the road

The Base Garden Rama9 LocationDSC00783-013

After the U-Turn, go straight for about 300 m., the project will be on your left (you will see the project’s signs along the way as shown in the picture)

The Base Garden Rama9 LocationDSC00791-015

Finally, you are arrived at the project !

Lifestyle Amenities

Foodland 500 m.

The Mall Ramkhamhaeng 820 m.

Major Cineplex 960 m.

Big C 1.3 km.

Major Hollywood 1.55 km.

Seri Market 2.4 km.

The Nine Center Rama 9 2.4 km.

RCA 3.7 km.



Architect Council 200 m.

ARL Ramkhamhaeng 700 m.

UM Tower  700 ม.

Dr. Panya Hospital 740 m.

Ramkhamhaeng University 1.6 km.

Ramkhamhaeng University Demonstration School 1.9 km.

Rajamangala National Stadium 2.6 km.

Piyavate Hospital 3.2 km.

Bangkok Hospital 3.4 km.

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Compared with luxury projects in other CBD, The Base Garden Rama 9’s starting price is lower than those by double. As a result, this creates a wider scope of buyers and investors to afford the transactions. The one-bedroom unit with size 26.5 Square metre would give you around 15,000 Baht per month by leasing. Meanwhile, 2-bedroom unit with 55 Square metre usable area give a range of return around 45,000-60,000 Baht per month in leasing. In terms of demand and supply, 75% of the units available in Ramkhamhaeng are taken; in other words, approximately 6,000 out of 8,000 units are in demands, which is a high rate of real estate needs in a certain district.



Fuse Mobius Ramkhamhaeng – Klong Ton

Fuse Ramkamheang

Developer: Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited

Address: Ramkhamhaeng 3/1 Alley, Ramkhamhaeng Road

Project Area: 9-1-24 rai

Project Type: Three high-rise condominiums, 30, 32 and 12 storeys, altogether 1,390 residential units and 9 retail units

Unit Type: 1 BR and 2 BR (29 Sq.m. 1,204 units, 38 Sq.m. 60 units, 55.2 Sq.m. 126 units)

Parking: 60%

Starting Price: 1.7 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: 58,600 – 70,000 Baht/Sq.m.


U Delight @Huamark Station


Developer: Grand Unity Development Company Limited

Address: Ramkhamhaeng 24 Alley, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok

Project Area: 6-0-5 rai

Project Type: 20-storey condominium with 867 units

Unit Type: 1 BR / 30-40 Sq.m. – 2 BR / 51.50 Sq.m.

Parking: 50% (included double parking)

Starting Price: 2.16 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.:  72,000 Baht/Sq.m.


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BTS and Sansiri collaboration complements The Base Garden Rama 9 to be the top product of its series. The sense of luxury is shown through the finest materials selected in both facilities and residential units. The project also integrated natural surroundings as an essential part of the living experiences. The distance to ARL Ramkhamhaeng seems to be a tough walk, therefore, owning a personal vehicle would be advantageous; more, you can drive to several important roads such as Petchaburi, Sukhumvit or Ramkhamhaeng Road. Considered the developer’s record, The Base Garden Rama 9 has a potential to have a one-day sold out phenomenon, especially with this attractive price and high residential demands in this area.

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