Project Review: The Tree Charan 30

  • DDproperty Content Team
  • 19 July 2017


Nowadays, one of the hottest topics when referring to the suburb region is definitely the arrival of MRT Blue Line’s extension (Bang Sue – Tha Phra). Especially the point where Bang Khun Non Station is located, an interchange station which connects to the MRT Orange Line (Taling Chan – Thailand Cultural Centre), and STR Light Red Line (Taling Chan – Salaya). As a result, condominium projects located within a radius of 1-2 stations from Bang Khun Non Station, have received positive impacts and able to achieve sales above the targets; these condominiums are Ideo Mobi Charan – Interchange, Life Pinklao, and The Parkland Charan – Pinklao. More condominium projects are pending to come situate on this potential road that stretches along Chao Phraya River, with Bang Khun Non Station being a vital magnet. 

The Tree Charan 30 Per2 THE-TREE-CHARUN-30-002

Following other established projects in this area, is the freshest newcomer The Tree Charan 30 by Pruksa Real Estate, who marks a difference by positioned the project 300 metres from Bang Khun Non Station (walkable distance). The further distance from the interchange station is offset with an abundance of food supplies – fresh-food markets and a hypermarket Makro. The distinctiveness also permeates through the building’s layout. The condominium is built in high-rise, yet consists of only 12 units per floor. Plus, the facilities area is accommodative for all 305 residents. The project’s starting price is set merely less than THB 2 million, for a 1-bedroom with 23.60 square metres usable area. 

The Tree Charan 30 Per3 THE-PRIME-LOBBY_condo-003

(Reviewed: 22 June, 2016)
Project Name: The Tree Charan 30
Developer: Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited
Address: Charansanitwong 30 Alley, Charansanitwong Rd., Ban Chang Lo, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok Website:
Call: 1739

The Tree Charan 30 Per4 CRYSTALLINE-SKY-POOL_condo-004

Project Area: 1-3-79 rai
Project Type: Building A: 22 storeys with 245 units (2 commercial units); Building B: 8 storeys and 2 basements with 60 units. Total 305 units.
Target market: Locals who look for new homes in a suburban area; salarymen/women with incomes THB 25,000 -30,000.
Construction Progress: Starts September 2017, expected completion in June 2019
Elevator: 2 passenger elevators and 1 service elevator available in Building A
Parking: 134 cars (43% of total units excluding double parking)

The Tree Charan 30 Per5 PRIVATE-PRIME-CORNER_condo-005

The prime lobby
Elegant lift & Precious mailbox (1st FL. Building A)
Exclusive working space & Private meeting room (3rd FL. Building A)
Hideaway garden & Garden view gym (4th FL. Building B)
Finest sky lounge (22nd FL. Building A)
Crystalline Sky Pool
Sky view courtyard & Leisure sky scene (Rooftop Building A)
Steam Room Men/Women (Roof top Building A)
Wifi in Main Lobby
Exclusive working space
Private meeting room
Finest sky lounge
Hideaway garden
Garden view gym
Crystalline Sky Pool
CCTV, 24-hour security system, Keycard Access
1 parking lot for 1-bedroom unit’s owner and shop’s owner; 2 parking lots for 2-bedroom unit’s owner
Selling Rate: 70 units are sold (23%)
Terms of Payment (Starting unit type: 1A 23.6 – 23.7 Sq.m.)
Booking: THB 5,000
Contract: THB 20,000
Down Payment:
19 standard intallments – THB 2,900
6th, 12th, 18th installment – THB 13,900
Last 2 installments (23rd and 24th) – THB 30,000
Loan Payment Rate (Bank) 25 years for a unit 1A 23.6 – 23.7 Sq.m.: THB 13,498
Loan Payment Rate (Bank) 30 years for a unit 1A 23.6 – 23.7 Sq.m.: THB 12,561
*calculated with a flat interest rate at 6%
Sinking Fund: THB 500/Sq.m. (single payment)
Maintenance Fees: 55/Sq.m./Month
Starting Price: THB 1.99 million
Average Price/Sq.m.: THB 98,000/Sq.m.

The Tree Charan 30 Per6 MASTER-BEDROOM_condo-006

360-Degree Virtual Tour
1-Bedroom 23.60 – 41.10 Sq.m.


2-Bedroom 43.95 – 45.85 Sq.m.

Project Details

Project Details 

The Tree Charan 30 Project0.1 IMG_0629-001

The Tree Charan 30 consists of 305 units: Building A with 22 storeys and 245 units, and Building B with 8 storeys and 2 basements and 60 units. There’s also a 3-storey parking building which accommodates up to 134 cars.

The Tree Charan 30 Project0.2 IMG_0630-001

There’s a skywalk on the 4th floor of Building B connecting to Building A.

The Tree Charan 30 Project0.3 IMG_0632-003

Charansanitwong Road in front of the project where MRT Blue Line lies overhead.


Project’s surroundings mainly comprises commercial buildings with 3-4 storeys, meaning living above the third and fourth floor will give you a clear view. Units on higher floors also give a glimpse of Rama VII Bridge and Chao Phraya River. The buildings are designed in light and dark grey colours, contrasting with red wine-coloured stripes on the sides which add a deeper dimension to the architecture. The combination helps the project’s appearance to blend harmoniously with the surrounding atmosphere, yet exudes an air of modernity in itself.

The Tree Charan 30 Project1 00-master-001

The project’s land plot displays in a rectangular shape where the front of the project is the width. Building B is located in the inner zone, the building where residents come to park the cars – the first floor and 2 basements. From Building B, residents can take an elevator to the 4th floor and walk in the Building A via a skywalk.


Residential units come with Fully-Fitted feature: provided with kitchen set including counters, hobs, hood and sink, built-in closet, air-conditioner, bathroom sanitary and shower room. There’s a uPVC-framed sliding door separating living room and bedroom, but for those who want to exclude it out, there’s one open-plan unit available on each floor.

The Tree Charan 30 Project4 IMG_062935325-004

Most facilities are located in Building A including spacious double-volume lobby on the first floor, exclusive working space on the third floor, and sky lounge, sky pool, and steam rooms on the rooftop, for example. Meanwhile, Building B lays a verdant garden and a fitness with the garden view on the fourth floor.

Unit Layout


Type 1 A (23.60 Sq.m.): available only in Building A with one unit per floor. The unit has an open kitchen as a distinction.


1B3 (26.45 Sq.m.): available in both Building A and B. Closed kitchen adjoined by a balcony.


1C2 (31 Sq.m.): broader space in the living area gives rooms for a mini dining table for two. The balcony is also slightly larger where you can utilize the space for clothes washing. This unit type gives the highest sense of privacy among one-bedrooms.


Type 2E1 (42.95 Sq.m.): the largest unit type with 2 bedrooms. The master bedroom has its own bathroom, while the other bathroom is in the common area near the entrance. The kitchen is however not too spacious and it’s a closed kitchen. The room is designed with a focus on functionalities rather than view observation, likewise, the balcony space is not emphasised.

The Tree Charan 30’s positioning

The Tree Charan 30 Direction1 Floor-23 1235-001

Surrounding views

The Tree Charan 30 Direction2 IMG_0681-001

South: mostly comprised of 3 to 4-storey commercial buildings, but there’s one particular building being constructed nearby presumably with 5 storeys that could block views from some units on this side. In spite of the view block, residents wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable as distance between buildings are up to 3 metres

The Tree Charan 30 Direction3 2017-06-30_11-43-07-001

North: units on this side are facing toward the hypermarket Makro, a clear view with a 4-storey building nearby. Units on the higher floors will see other few high-rise condominiums huddled around Bang Khun Non Station.

The Tree Charan 30 Direction4 2017-06-30_11-13-59-002

East: the back side of the project with almost an absence of any high-rise buildings

The Tree Charan 30 Direction5 Floor-15N-001

West: next to Charansanitwong Road where the opposite side is Bang Khun Sri fresh-food market. Residents who live in units facing the west can rest assured as the distance between the sky train and the building helps keep the noise level low.


The prime lobby

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities3 THE-PRIME-LOBBY_condo-001

Exclusive Working Space & Private Meeting Room (3rd FL. Building A). Elegant Lift & Precious Mailbox (1st FL. Building A), and complementary Wi-Fi in the Main Lobby. 

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities4 PRIVATE-PRIME-CORNER_condo-002

Hideaway Garden and Garden View Gym (4th FL. Building B)

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities5 HIDEAWAY-GARDEN_condo-003

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities6 GARDEN-VIEW-GYM_condo-004

Finest Sky Lounge (22nd FL. Building A) 

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities7 20170619-103133473-FINESTSKYLOUNGE_RE-005

Crystalline Sky Pool

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities8 CRYSTALLINE-SKY-POOL_condo-006

Sky View Courtyard & Leisure Sky Scene (Rooftop Building A)

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities9 SKY-VIEW-COURTYARD_condo-007

Exclusive working space

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities10 20170619-103131112-EXCLUSIVEWORKINGSPACE_RE-008

Private meeting room

The Tree Charan 30 Facilities11 20170526-173754777--009

Show Unit Review
Flooring: 8 mm. laminate flooring
Wall: White-washed wall with paints
Ceiling Height: Living room 2.65 m., Bedrooms 2.50 m., Kitchen 2.4 m.
Furnishing: Built-in closet
Air-conditioning: Wall-type Daikin Inverter – energy saving. (quantity provided depends on the unit size)
Bathroom sanitary: From Kohler
Kitchen Set: High-gloss laminate-paneled cabinets, whit artificial stone countertop, 2-burner hob, and sink from Franke
Main Entrance: Laminate door with Digital Door Lock from Samsung
Door: Painted prefabricated HDF doors
Windows: Tinted glass framed with powder-coated aluminum

1-Bedroom Type 1C2 (31 Sq.m.)

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroom2 IMG_0719-001

The show unit’s front wall is exclusively designed to be transparent, exposing layout and interiors of the room. The actual unit comes with an opaque wall.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0714-002

Dining area and seating area are blended together in the living room for the space saving

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0716-003

Sofa and the dining furniture are the show unit’s props to give an idea for room’s decoration. Residents can opt for other combinations such as an L-Shaped sofa with a coffee table in front.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0717-004

By having a wall-mounted TV, a lot of space can be saved. A larger TV could replace the one shown in the picture (49-55 inches). The entrance on the right leads to the kitchen on the left and bathroom on the right (behind this wall with the TV). The left walkthrough entrance leads to the bedroom.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0722-005

The bedroom is best fit with a queen-sized bed as shown in the picture. Even with some interiors on the wall, there’s some space left to walk at the end of bed. Any furniture to be built on this wall should extend less than 30 centimetres to spare a space for walk.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0724-006

A broad window is set aside the bed, helping to illuminate the room during the day. The room isn’t likely to get heated as most units are not facing directly toward the sun.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0725-007

You can have another TV in the bedroom. Lean back against the pillows and enjoy some late-night shows or movies before sleep. The TV sizes could be 43-65”.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0726-008

A queen-sized bed is a perfect size for a couple to share some warmth between their bodies

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0727-009

A built-in closet is provided in the bedroom. Half of its panel is made into a full-height mirror for you to dress up properly before go to work.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0728-010

A major reason to choose a queen-sized bed for this room is that it leaves a space in front of the mirror for you to dress up. Unfortunately, the bedroom’s space is still insufficient to afford a dressing table, but practically, you can have a little desk here in front of the mirror and make up while sitting on the bed.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0729.0-011

While the living room and bedroom are laid with laminate floorings, the kitchen is laid with 60 x 60 cm. Granito tiles which is more convenient for cleaning. The sliding door at the kitchen’s entrance is framed with uPVC which helps cool the room’s temperature more effective than aluminum-framed sliding door.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0729.1-012

The balcony is connected to the kitchen, having an identical width in size.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0729.2-013

If the furniture are removed, the walking space is around 1.2-metre wide.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0730.0-014

The kitchen counters come with drawers, upper cabinets and a microwave storage.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0730.1-015

The countertop material is high-gloss, convenient for cleaning. The sink, hob with 2 burners and hood from Franke are all provided.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0730.2-016

Upper cabinets and ceramic splashback in the kitchen

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0734-017

The shower room is encased with tempered glass and has a unique design of sliding door. In many projects, the shower room comes with a push-and-pull door, which can be very troublesome for residents with large bodies.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0735-018

The dual-flush toilet has a radius over 1 metre to stretch out your arms and legs. The toilet paper holder and bidet shower are set on the right side of the toilet.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0736-019

The basin area comprises Hot & Cold faucet, mirror with a shelf, storage underneath, and basin from Kohler.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0739-021

The shower room’s space is ample for a couple to shower together. The flooring is laid with Granito tiles while the wall is covered with ceramic tiles, both convenient for cleaning.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0740-001

The shower is also from Kohler and has 3 types of water flows. The wiring system for a water heater is all set inside the wall (you need to buy one in).

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0741-023

The shower faucet can also mix hot and cold water.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0751-024

The balcony, next to the kitchen, comes with electrical and water supplies for residents to set in a washing machine if needed, or for washing clothes by hands.

The Tree Charan 30 1 bedroomIMG_0752-025

Both front-loaded and top-loaded types are compatible to be placed in the balcony.


2-Bedroom Type 2E1 (43.95 Sq.m.) 

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroom2 IMG_0641-002

This is the largest unit type in the project, which emphasises on the usable areas in the master bedroom and common area.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroom3 IMG_0643-003

The common area is at the centre of the unit connecting all rooms together. Here, you can have a dining table for 2-4 members, a sofa, a coffee table, and there’s still plenty of room left for walk

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0641.0-004

Modern furniture can lift up the mood of the area to be stylish and contemporary. A carpet adds comfort and makes the room cozy. While the black-and-white artwork on the wall creates a sense of creativity and, helps dining experience to be delightful.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0644-005

The walkthrough entrance on that side leads to the master bedroom. However, the actual room comes with a solid HDF door with a knob.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0646-006

On the opposite side are the kitchen and common area’s bathroom.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0647.0-007

The bathroom includes basin with a mirror and storage underneath, a shower room, and a toilet.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0648-010

The shower room is located in a corner and has a limited space.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0649-011

The toilet area also has its radius for stretching narrowed down to 80 centimetres.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0653.0-001

One side of the shower room’s wall is covered with a bricks-pattern ceramic tiles. The shower’s water flow can be adjusted up to 3 types. The faucet can mix hot and cold water and above it is a soap dish. The wiring system for a water heater is all set ready (you need to buy one in).

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0655-015

The floor drain is on the top right corner. The shower room’s door is a push-in type; some residents might sometimes find it difficult to get in and out of the shower room.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0666.0-016

uPVC-framed sliding door at the kitchen. Notice the different floorings between the kitchen and common area.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0666.1.1-017

The kitchen counters are quite longer than other unit types’.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0666.1.2-018

The kitchen set comprises a 2-burner hob, sink, hood, ceramic-tiled splashback, and power sockets (behind the flower vase).

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0666.2-019

Drawers and storage under the kitchen counters.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0666.3-020

With all the drawers and panels opened, the space is still sufficient walk or move freely.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0674-021

A modern look in the kitchen with some tools and seasonings ready for use.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0675-022

The sink is built in the countertop and it’s quite voluminous.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0676.0-023

Upper cabinets with high-gloss panels.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0676.1-024

The kitchen’s ceiling is lowered down to 2.4 metres from 2.65 metres in the common area. Meanwhile, the bedroom’s ceiling is 2.5-metre high.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0679-025

A threshold to cross over from the kitchen to the balcony. The sliding door is tinted glass framed with powder-coated aluminum.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0680-026

The balcony is quite accommodative where two people can stand together absorbing the wind breezes, with in inclusion of 2-3 air-con compressors on the sides.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0687.1-027

Next, let’s observe the small bedroom.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0687.2-028

A single bed suits this room. The side are windows framed with powder-coated aluminum.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0687.3-029

This room comes with a built-in sliding-door closet that offers a full-height mirror on its panel.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0691-031

The master bedroom has its built-in closet located next to its bathroom’s entrance (left).

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0692-032

The master bedroom, similar to the small bedroom, has broad windows, two of which are openable awning windows. The space at the end of bed can be placed with a TV shelf, while above the headboard could be ornamented with some stylish shelves as shown in the picture.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0694-033

With a queen-sized bed and a TV shelf in the master bedroom, the walking space remains as much as shown in the picture.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0696-035

A bedside table fits in the space beside the queen-sized bed. A king-sized bed is also practical in the master bedroom; there will be less rooms for walk, but you would still be able to jump in bed easily, whether from the side or from the end.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0698-037

The built-in closet for the master bedroom is also identical to other rooms’ – 3 drawers inside and space for hanging clothes. Ladies could use the top surface of the drawers to place cosmetic products and, bring a stool here, make up in front of the mirror.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0699-038

Master bedroom’s bathroom is at the opposite side, next to the closet. There’s a threshold to cross over, be careful.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0700-039

Basic fittings: basin, toilet, and tempered-glass-encased shower room.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0702-040

The toilet is facing against the basin. Perhaps you could brush your teeth while using the toilet to save time.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0703-041

The basin has some space aside the faucet to place a soap dish or a toothbrush holder.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0705-042

80-centimetre radius around the toilet to stretch your arms and legs.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0706-043

The shower room’s door is a push-in type with a long sturdy handle. The edge of the door is sealed with rubber to reduce any impact.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0707-044

A door stop is also placed in the shower room to soften the impact if the door is accidentally flung against the wall.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0708-045

The picture shows how the door eats up space when opened. A chubby person might need to step in the top right corner, which is not very ideal for a relaxed shower time.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0709-046

The shower from Kohler with 3 water-flow types. Below are a soap dish and the faucet which can mix hot and cold water.

The Tree Charan 30 2 bedroomIMG_0710-047

On the ceiling, an exhaust fan is installed, right above the toilet.

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1 20170612072308_67088 

In terms of real estate, suburban territory can be divided into 3 zones: Sirinthorn – Bang Phlat, Charansanitwong – Pinklao, and Wongwian Yai – Tha Phra. Chronologically, Wongwian Yai – Tha Phra was the first zone condominium developers pioneered in to launch projects, utilised the proximity to the BTS Green Line as an attractive attribute to entice buyers, a method which worked effectively, that not so long this zone was running out of land plots. As land price here got higher and surpassed an acceptable amount to build a suburban condominium, developers then shifted their targets to the new territories, “Charansanitwong – Pinklao and Sirinthorn – Tha Phra.” First, Sirinthorn – Bang Phlat is now becoming a strategic point for real estate developments. It costs much lower to acquire lands here and, as a result, condominiums in Sirinthorn – Bang Phlat are priced around THB 60,000 – 80,000 per square metre. The reason why it becomes an attractive location is the same as Wongwian Yai Zone – there’s a mass transit passing through this area. It is the MRT Blue Line’ extension, which runs along Charansanitwong Road, that has two scheduled stations to be constructed in this zone: Sirindhorn Station and Bang Phlat Station. A few stops from here is also Tao Poon Station and Bang Sue Station, a major interchange point that connects to other several mass transit lines.  

Compared to Sirinthorn – Bang Phlat Zone, Charansanitwong – Pinklao offers a faster access to CBDs (Central Business Districts) such as Sathon, Silom, Asok, Sukhumvit, Rama 9, etc. The MRT Blue Line’s extension on Charansanitwong Road will be connected to its original route (Tha Phra – Hua Lamphong), and at Bang Khun Non Interchange Station (MRT Blue Line), MRT Orange Line will come connect and deliver passengers straight right to the inner city with the terminal station Thailand Cultural Centre Station, which is located on Ratchadaphisek Road, a few kilometres from Asok CBD. For this reason, condominiums in Charansanitwong – Pinklao Zone are priced slightly higher approximately at THB 80,000 – 90,000 per square metre. But the price is still much lower than condominiums in Wongwian Yai – Tha Phra Zone. Even though the two latter mentioned zones are quite more distant from the CBDs, condominiums here granted a privilege of having the view of Chao Phraya River that meanders along Charansanitwong Road in return.  

The Tree Charan 30 Location3 MRT Blue Line-003

MRT Blue Line runs in a circular route, giving citizens accesses to both suburbs and CBDs. It connects to several other mass transit lines along its route.

The Tree Charan 30’s location 

The Tree Charan 30 is located on Charansanitwong Road, on the side that heads to Phetkasem Road. The project is around 300 metres away from Bang Khun Non Interchange Station and 50 metres from a bus stop. Besides the mass transit that operates until midnight and a great number of taxis that flood over Charansanitwong Road, you could save travel costs by taking a bus; buses which come to this stop are no. 40ร, 42, 68, 80, 171ร, 175ร, 509, and some of them travel down to the city’s downtown. As mentioned before, the offset of being situated farther from Bang Khun Non Station than other projects is the abundance of surrounding food choices. Opposite the project sits a hypermarket Makro. Retails, convenience stores, and street foods line up on both sides of the street. In other words, you won’t die hungry here. 


Less than a 5-minute walk on the same side of the project is a 24-hour supermarket Foodland. Besides countless domestic and imported groceries, there’s also a restaurant serving breakfast and coffee in this air-conditioned market.

Bang Khun Sri Market

A fresh-food market with over 20 local restaurants and all fresh-and-raw foods and ingredients available from the local sellers. Take a footbridge near the project and you will find the place once descended.

Makro Charansanitwong

A hundred-metre walk from Bang Khun Sri Market is the hypermarket Makro. This wholesaler and retailer has everything you need: raw foods, readymade foods, book store, chain restaurant such as MK Restaurant and renowned fast food franchise KFC. Street foods are also there to be found in front of the place: Thai-northeastern-style dishes and local hot pot, for example.

CentralPlaza Pinklao

A lot of shopping complexes are huddled around Borommaratchachonnani Road near Phra Pin Klao Bridge. These places are PATA, the longest-established department store that’s still operates nowadays, sitting diagonally across CentralPlaza Pinklao, the recently-renovated mall where new generations visit on a daily basis and flock in on weekends. Adjoined to CentralPlaza Pinklao is an open-air 3 to 4-storey community mall The Sense that happens to have a chic bar on its top floor.

-Rama VII Bridge

-Phra Pinklao Bridge 

-Krung Thon Bridge

There is a strong road network here despite the traffic. Besides the 3 bridges that link citizens from suburbs to the central city, multiple roads are also interconnected. Charansanitwong Road is intersected with Borrommaratchachonnani Road, Kanchanaphisek Road, Phetkasem Road, and Ratchaphruek Road. These passages can lead to other suburban districts such as Salaya, Rama II, and further to other provinces such as Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, and Samut Songkhram. 

There’s a new road namely “Phra Thep Road” that cuts cross Charansanitwong Road near Fai Chai Junction. This new road is a shortcut that you can take to Ratchaphruek Road, Phutthamonthon Sai 1 Road, Kanchanaphisek Road, and Phutthamonthon Sai 2 Road, sequentially. And together with the underground tunnel, the traffic at Fai Chai Junction, previously known to be a bottleneck, is now lightened to a certain degree.

Si Rat – Outer Ring Road Expressway

The Tree Charan 30 Location13 expresswaysriratouterringroute2015-02-0654d43ffe39d8b-013

The closest expressway entry is the Bang Bamru Entry Point, situated about 9 kilometres northward from the project. This expressway can take you to Chatuchak District in a timely fashion

The Tree Charan 30 Location14 2017-06-29_15-58-41-014

Charansanitwong Road parallels Chao Phraya River.

The Tree Charan 30 Location15 Location153-004-015

From Phra Pin Klao Bridge Pier, you can reach Sathorn Pier via boat service on Chao Phraya River. At Sathorn Pier, you can proceed to other places in the city with BTS Skytrain (Saphan Taksin Station). It takes almost an hour from Phra Pin Klao Pier to Sathorn Pier, but that could be less than a horrible traffic jam on the street. Plus, it costs you only 15 baht per ride. Boats with an orange flag are the ones traversing this route. From the project, you could take a motorcycle taxi or a public bus to reach the pier, which is around 3.5 kilometres away. The motorcycle taxi, however, could charge up to 40-50 baht; if you want to save money, take a public bus number 42, 68, 79, 91, 509 and alight near the pier.

Fai Chai Junction 300 m.
Bang Khun Non Station 450 m.
Bang Khun Sri Market 140 m.
Foodland 180 m.
Makro 180 m.
Tesco Lotus 2.1 km.
Bangkok Noi Police Station 2.8 km.
PATA 4.3 km.
Tesco Lotus Pin Klao 4.3 km.
CentralPlaza Pinklao 4.8 km.
The Sense Pinklao 4.8 km.
Major Pinklao 7.9 km.
Thammasat University 6.6 km.
Silpakorn University 6.7 km.
Sanam Luang 5.9 km.
Wat Phra Kaew 6.3 km.
Srivichai Hospital 400 m.
Siriraj Hospital 2.2 km.
Thonburi Hospital 7.3 km.

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Yield Rates Analysis

Following great feedback condominiums around Sirindhorn Station had received, more condominium projects have been launched on Charansanitwong Road, but closer to Hua Lamphong Station that can lead to the inner city. Even though Sirindhorn Station is closer to Bang Sue Central Station and Krung Thon Bridge, buyers, whose workplaces are mostly located in CBDs, would prefer to live in a condominium closer to Hua Lamphong Station for a time-saving reason.

With almost 20 condominium projects available on Charansanitwong Road, it comes down to a matter of price and distinctions. The Tree Charan 30’s price is around THB 500,000 lower than those of the projects located right next to Bang Khun Non Station, and the project has a distinction of having only 12 units per floor. In other words, the project may not be the most luxurious one on this road, but a reasonable one for those with limited budget.

Once the MRT Blue Line’s extension is completed, the price could surge higher, and the rent price could be fetched pricier. At the moment, you could rent out an unfurnished unit for THB 7,000 – 8,000 per month, but the number could be five-digits in time especially with an addition of furniture. Buyers who borrow a mortgage with 25-year term would need to pay around THB 13,500 per month, for a 1-bedroom unit at The Tree Charan 30.


Project Name

Unit Type

Usable Area

Average Price/Sq.m.

Starting Price

The Tree Charan 30


23.60 Sq.m.

THB 98,000/Sq.m.

1.99 MB

The Parkland Charan-Pinklao


24 Sq.m.

THB 90,000/Sq.m.

1.91 MB

Ideo Mobi Charan Interchange


21.5 Sq.m.

THB 125,000/Sq.m.

2.69 MB


The Parkland Charan – Pinklao

1 the parkland 1234

Developer: Nayara Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Narai Property)
Address: Charansanitwong 42, Bang Yi Khan, Bang Phlat, Bangkok, 10700
Call: 02-424-1999

2 thr parkland 52351

Project Area: 11-2-75 rai
Project Type: Three 22-storey condominiums with 1,784 units and 4 retails
Target market: locals and office workers with a minimum salary of THB 25,000 – 30,000
Construction Progress: Approximately start in Q1 2017
Expected Completion: July 2019
Elevator: 3 passenger elevators and 1 service elevator per building; Double Sky Lounge elevator in Building C
Parking: 925 cars (51% including double parking)
1 parking lot for 1 unit (not fixed) – for 1-bedroom unit’s owner.
1 parking lot for 1 unit (fixed) – for 2-bedroom unit’s owner.
Facilities: Triple Sport Facilities, Sauna Men/Women, Double Yoga Fly Lounge, Boxing Corner, Double Sky Lounge, Jogging Track, Mini-theater Room, Golf Simulator Room, Co-working Space, Meeting Room, Roof Top Garden, Recreational Park over 3.18 rai
Security System: CCTV, Access Card, 24-hour security officers
Maintenance Fees: 45 Baht/ Sq.m./ Month (1-year advance payment, pay on the transfer date) *The maintenance fees may change in accordance with juristic office’s consideration.
Starting Price: 1.91 MB
Average Price/Sq.m.: 90,000 Baht/ Sq.m.
Unit Type: 
– Studio 24 Sq.m.

1 Parkland sTu

1-Bedroom 1-Bathroom 30.00 – 45.00 Sq.m.

2 Parkland 1 Bed

2-Bedroom 1-Bathroom 45.00 – 49.50 Sq.m. 

3 Parkland 2 Bed

2-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 60.00 – 75.00 Sq.m. 

4 Parkland 2 b 2 t

Ideo Mobi Charan Interchange

3 ideo mobi charan

Developer: Ananda Development Public Company Limited (ANANDA)
Address: Charansanitwong Rd., Bang Khun Sri, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok
Call: 02 316 2222

4 ideo mobi intrchange

Project Area: 5-3-68 rai
Project Type: 22-storey condominium with 1,196 units and 5 retails
Unit Per Floor: Maximum 66 units
Target market: medium to high-end segment, locals, office workers, and entrepreneurs
Construction Progress: December 2014 – October 2015
Security System: Access Card, 24-hour security officers, CCTV at critical spots.
Parking: 427 cars (36%)
Elevator: 4 passenger elevators and 2 service elevators
Facilities: Social Club, Theatre, Fitness, Sauna Stream, Library, Laundry
Maintenance Fees: 45 Baht/ Sq.m./ Month (1-year advance payment)
Starting Price: Approx. 2.69 MB
Average Prie/Sq.m.: Starts 125,000 Baht/Sq.m.
Unit Type:

Studio 21.5 Sq.m. (Layout: NR and WD (sold out)) Starting Price 2.69 MB

5 Ideo-Mobi-Charan-Room-1DSC01288-020-1024x682.original

1-Bedroom 33.5 Sq.m. Starting Price 4.3 MB 

6 Ideo-Mobi-Charan-Room-2DSC01300-001-1024x682.original

2-Bedroom 45 Sq.m. Starting Price 5.6 MB

9 Ideo-Mobi-Charan-Room-3DSC01369-015-1024x682.original

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The Tree Charan 30 is the newest condominium project on Charansanitwong Road, launched in this year’s second quarter. The project is quite different from others on this road. The feature that stands out the most is its location which is enveloped by an abundance of food choices. Residents living in other projects might need to take a few bus stops to reach this food-supplies hub, while it is within 5-minute walk for residents at The Tree Charan 30. Another project’s outstanding aspect is its sense of privacy. There are only 12 units on each floor, altogether 305 units – a rare quantity to be found in any high-rise condominiums.

The only downside is the distance from Bang Khun Non Station. There are a few projects located right next to the station, while The Tree Charan 30 is around 300 metres away. However, the greater distance is offset with the lower price. Those projects adjoined to Bang Khun Non Station are priced around THB 2.5 million, while The Tree Charan 30’s is merely below THB 2 million. It’s a tradeoff that buyers need to consider. To elaborate, 300 metres is not that far of a distance, except for some elders with physical issues.

In terms of the project’s prospective growth, Charansanitwong is designated with brown colour in the city plan, which indicates an area with great populations. This means there is high demand for residential developments on this road, not to mention new demand which have expanded to here from the inner city. In fact, many condominium projects on Charansanitwong Road have been sold out, while other projects have already achieved sales over 80%, including a project with over 1,000 units. Regarding its price and features, The Tree Charan 30 will undoubtedly be one of the top priorities in buyers’ considerations.

For a new project with a proximity to an unfinished public transit, it is difficult to predict any subsequent problems in terms of investment and residential aspect. The delay of the mass transit construction has led many developers to set a future price on their projects – the price assuming the mass transit officially operates. Nevertheless, when the mass transit is actually completed, the price will definitely rise higher, whether from a future price or an original price, but to which extent, we could not specify. Although Charansanitwong Road is in a suburb, the potential this area carries within is equivalent to Rama 9’s peripheral zone’s – the areas within the range of MRT Orange Line. The major reason lies in MRT Blue Line’s circular-like route which runs passing both suburbs and CBDs, and has the most interchange stations connecting to other important mass transit lines. It’s the key element in boosting this suburban area to be appealing for real estate developments. And this is where The Tree Charan 30 is set to rise in the next two years.

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