4 cheats way to upgrading your kitchen

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4 cheats way to upgrading your kitchen
Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms that buyers look at most in detail when buying a property. Upgrading these are the most expensive and time-consuming with many purchasers wanting to shy away from a property that needs work in these rooms.
A modern kitchen will also help increase the value of the property and add to its appeal. If your kitchen is looking a bit dated but you do not have the time, inclination or funds for a complete refurbishment then why not upgrade with our cheats guide.

1. New tap

The colour, shape, and function of tap change with fashion. Due to their size, they can become a focal point of a kitchen so replacing it with contemporary style will instantly modernise the room. There has been a move from stainless steel to copper and gold coloured taps, and more recently black taps have become fashionable. Many taps even have hose like features to make cleaning even easier that will wow a potential new owner.

2. Replace unit handles.

If your kitchen units are fine but the handles are dated, why not just update these? Replacing the kitchen doors is quite straightforward anyhow if the kitchen carcass is sound, but new unit handles is a quick way to lift the room. Check for the latest interior design trends ensuring that the style will fit with the rest of the kitchen. And if you have opted for a black tap then why not match with black handles too?

3. Retile

The tiles behind your sink or countertop are another way to bring new life to a kitchen. Brick tiles have become increasingly popular and are very easy to obtain. But if you are looking for something a bit different then why not replace it with a glass coloured splashback or even a slab or marble for a really slick look.

4. Invest in a new worktop

Generally, the worktop is the biggest area space in a kitchen so replacing this will have a huge impact. Although wooden looking worktops were once in fashion, they now look dated. Depending on your budget you could pick a stone or marble worktop but there are countless laminate styles on the market that are more pocket-friendly, easy to maintain and many good ones that look like the most expensive stone replicas.
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