5 Ways to Tackle Tropical Rains

DDproperty Editorial Team
5 Ways to Tackle Tropical Rains
Asian countries have two seasons: a wet one and a dry one. And when it rains, it really rains. Tropical storms can last a couple of hours and everything stops as its often easier to wait for the rain to pass than to face it head-on.
Due to the sheer volume of water falling within a short space of time, properties need to be watertight. Use the drier months to address any issues so that you are prepped for the next season. Plus it will keep your tenants happy and save on any unnecessary repairs.

1. Shut windows

Seemingly obvious to you, which may not be the case for your tenants, make sure you tell them to shut all windows and doors when they leave the house or even if they are at home when it rains. The smallest of gaps can let in water which can quickly accumulate and cause damage.

2. Check all seals

Closed windows and doors are no good if they are not watertight. A specialized contractor will be able to advise on how best to fill any gaps, but rubber sealant is a great temporary measure.

3. Clear the run-offs

Should you own a house then it is vital that the gutters and drains are completely clear of debris to ensure that the water can quickly flow away. Either can quickly get clogged with leaves so maintain these regularly. Likewise, make sure the roof is in a good state of repair.

4. Protect your asset

Home insurance is there for a reason. Invest in the right cover and in the unfortunate event that your property is damaged from the rain, then you have peace of mind knowing that any repair works will be rectified.

5. Live on top of the world

If you have the choice, move upwards. Some roads and areas are prone to flooding and thus the chances of getting flooded by water are higher so carry out your due diligence to ascertain where these are before you buy the property.
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