8 Ways To Make Your Rented Place Feel Like Home

DDproperty Editorial Team
8 Ways To Make Your Rented Place Feel Like Home
Over the years landlords are making more of a concerted effort to present their properties at their best to lure good tenants in. However, if your rented place is looking a bit bare you can easily make it feel like home with a few small touches, most of which you can take with you.

1. Go green

Adding plants to your home is easy, plus you can take them with you when you go. They immediately bring warmth to a room and can benefit your health too as some have air-purifying qualities ideal for city living.

2. Lay a rug

Rugs are comfy underfoot and look easy on the eye too. If your home is lacking colour this is one way to brighten it up quickly. Opt for a big one in your living area to make a small space feel even bigger.

3. Hang artwork

If your landlord permits you to hang artwork then this can quickly become the new focal point in any of your rooms. Place your prized price behind your bed or above the sofa for the real wow factor.

4. Pick a mirror

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. From an ultra-modern oversized round one to an antique coloured wooden framed Tibetan mirror. Just like artwork, a mirror instantly transforms a room and reflects light to make it feel bigger too.

5. Add soft furnishings

Whether it is a new set of curtains at the window, some fluffy cushions on your sofa or a luxury velvet throw on your bed for that five-star hotel feel, soft furnishings bring style to your home that reflect your personality.

6. Paint

Depending on your landlord you may consider painting one of your rooms. Check with your landlord beforehand and whether you will need to repaint to the original colour before you move out too. Many rented homes are white which creates a neutral canvas but a light grey in the living area will bring it warmth, and a dark blue in the bedroom to create an ideal sleeping environment.

7. Invest in bespoke furniture

Whether you indulge in a comfy armchair, pick a contemporary sideboard or a pretty Chinese chest, furniture can bring character to a room regardless of its size. When picking a new piece remember that whilst you want it to fit with your current home it also needs to work in any future places too.

8. Light up with floor lamps

Many homes just have overhead lighting, but pick a floor lamp to create a romantic evening warmth and to inject some personality into your home. There is a huge range on the market to suit your needs, from industrial looking black ones to elegant desk lamps if you are limited on space.
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