6 tips on making a small condominium feel bigger

DDproperty Editorial Team
6 tips on making a small condominium feel bigger
As land prices increase, developers are squeezing more units into a building for the sake of profitability. Many are being clever with their designs, making efficient use of space which means that we are living in smaller and smaller homes.
If you love a certain neighbourhood then you are probably happy to choose location over the size of the property. Especially if it means a walk to your favourite hangouts or even to work. But how can you make your small home feel bigger than it really is? There are some tricks of the trade that can help achieve this.
1. It probably isn’t the first thing to spring to mind but hanging an oversized mirror or piece of your favourite artwork on one wall will make a room feel bigger. It will create a focal point for the room and has a surprising effect on a small space. Plus it gives you the opportunity to inject some of your own personality too.
2. If you are limited on space you most likely will push the sofa against the wall but creating a gap between the back of a sofa and the wall will give the illusion of more space. Likewise does a sofa with legs than one that sits directly on the floor.
3. Painting the ceiling will add depth to the room. You will need to check with your landlord first whether you can do this but paint in the same colour as the walls are one way to pull off this trick.
4. Decluttering is key to making any space feel bigger. Put items away, clear work surfaces and straighten your books on the shelves. A minimalist look works incredibly well in smaller spaces.
5. The market is full of clever storage solutions that are designed specifically for homes tight on space. Whether that is drawers under the bed, neat shoe cupboards by the front door or a coffee table that doubles up as a place to store your magazines, these will also help make your home look less cluttered.
6. Vertical stripes are very popular for those wanting to look slimmer. This same effect can be utilised in your home, so stripped wallpaper or a stripped floor rug will aid in making the room look bigger than it is.
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