8 Things to do before your tenants move in

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8 Things to do before your tenants move in
Once you have agreed on an offer on your buy-to-let property, you want to make sure that your property is ready for your new tenants. There are several things you need to achieve this and planning in advance will pave for a smooth letting keeping your tenants happy.

1. Paperwork

Has the tenant signed the tenancy agreement? It is advisable to give a copy of the agreement to the tenants as soon as an offer is accepted to allow sufficient time for them to read it and raise any questions that they may have. Give the tenant a copy of your signed agreement and try to retain the originals.

2. Clean

Make sure that the property is cleaned prior to the commencement of the tenancy. This will start the letting off on a good footing and will make it easy for the tenant to move in and start unpacking. Remember to get all soft furnishings cleaned too such as curtains.

3. Keys

Ensure you have enough working sets of keys to give to the tenant and check that any new keys that you have cutwork. Don’t forget to also include key cards for the building and mailbox keys too.

4. Utilities

Close any utility accounts and take meter readings for water and electricity on the commencement date of the tenancy. Even better still take photographs of these to send to the tenant as proof to avoid any future disputes.

5. Funds

The rent and deposit need to be paid in cleared fund ahead of the tenancy. The amount of which will depend on the terms you have agreed, but one month’s rent and a one month deposit is standard.

6. Point of contact

Whether you are managing the property yourself or have employed the services of a managing agent, don’t forget to give the contact details to the tenant so they know who to contact in case they need to. Check with the tenants what the best way is to get hold of them too, whether this is by phone, email or a messaging service like LINE.

7. Bank details

Advise where the tenant needs to pay their rent to and confirm the rent due date. You can even ask them to set up a standing order to ensure there are no delays in payment.

8. Check-in

Issue the tenant with a copy of the inventory with a list of all items in the property and their condition. Carry this report out as close to the start date as possible to ensure its accuracy and request that they confirm its contents so that it can be used to return the deposit at the end of the tenancy
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