Buying a house near Airport Rail Link (ARL)?

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Buying a house near Airport Rail Link (ARL)?
"Many people might not choose residential properties near an Airport Rail Link. But I think it is not inferior to other locations near Skytrain stations. It has a lot of good characteristics which can fulfil any lifestyle. I believe that this potential location will grab more attention in the future.”
Interesting experiences from Mr Kumpol or Golf, who saw the potential and bought one of the houses near Airport Rail Link. While many people overlooked and paid more attention to properties near MRT or BTS Skytrain.
How to buy a home in Thailand

How to buy a home in Thailand

He will share his reasons that he chose to invest in housing near the Airport Rail Link.

A city house or the Airport Rail Link house?

Most Bangkok people much prefer properties near BTS or MRT. Why? Because it is convenient to travel around as most of the stations are near tourist attractions and important places.
Yet, Khun Golf did not consider this factor before purchasing the house near Airport Rail Link.
“From my perspective, city houses are in great locations. Resale prices are higher and also conveniently commute, especially for office workers. Having a house in the city could ease the stressful commute that Bangkok’s fringe houses.”
Khun Golf makes DDproperty understand that the golden locations in the city are not always the absolute answer for everyone. Airport Rail Link houses also offered the same conveniences in travelling. However, it offered more options. With greater house specs and created more chances to find the best house that fulfils all the requirements.
“I have heard several times that the Airport Rail Link has been broken down often and packed with many people. But, from my experience, I did not find it to be true. The chance of running into the broken down train is the same as other Skytrain systems. Yet, properties near Airport Rail Link offer more for the price. At the same price as city houses, it offers larger space, and convenience to travel around into or out of the city. My house is near ARL Ban Thap Chang Station. I could use the expressway and motorway to other provinces. Going to the airport is also very convenient.”
Not only did it fulfil all the current needs but also has more potential in the future.
“I have been following the news. I expect ARL will approve the lead time and greater train frequencies because it is one of the main routes that connect to the airport and other Skytrain stations. ARL allows easy access to the city and other provinces. So, I think properties within the reach of ARL have a lot of potential in the future. ”

Great location and fits your lifestyle.

It is not only about the conveniences of travelling with affordable prices or the trend where the location is expected to be huge. Khun Golf took quite a long time before purchasing the house near ARL stations at the Golden Town Onnut Pattanakan.
Besides the fact that the price is affordable for me. This place has a lot to offer for the money. The housing estate is new with a lot of spaces and used the space to its full potential.
The space in the house is huge and also the common area has a lot of green space where I could take a walk and do activities. The road is big enough to park near the sidewalk. The credibility and design are right for me. It is still in Bangkok, so travelling around is convenient such as expressways, ARL, and airports.
It illustrates that Khun Golf not only emphasised the location. But all the details will meet all the requirements he needs currently and in the future. As Khun Golf’s hometown is from another province. The space is important as his parents can stay here in the future or he might build his own family as well. The house also has a higher resale value than a condominium.

Houses around ARL that tick all the boxes.

“I was doing some research and pinpointed the interesting location with pros and cons. When I decided to go with the location, then I went through a housing estate in the area. The problem arose here because there were so many housing projects. I did some research on the projects I was interested in. Then visited on-site because the name on the website might not match with the actual location.”
Why is buying near to a mass transit network a wise investment?

Why is buying near to a mass transit network a wise investment?

The obstacle was the fact that there were a lot of housing projects to choose from and the name of the project might not match the actual location. If I were to visit all the projects, it would take so much time.
“I use the DDproperty website as my main source of research. I could search for locations of interesting housing projects, allowing me to cross out a lot of choices without going to the actual site. I used the ‘Searching from the Skytrain stations’ feature. By choosing the location as my main criteria and choosing ‘Townhome’ as my second filter. I found a few interesting projects. The good points of the projects, the estimated price and I could compare many projects before going to visit.”
DDproperty also offers consumer surveys related to real estate reports. Updating the website with interesting news and tools to help with decision making for real estate properties. The new feature allows users to search for locations near Skytrain stations. This is the tool that Khun Golf used to search for his dream house.

Suggestions for buyers of housing near ARL.

For consumers who want to buy properties near ARL stations for long-term investment. It can fulfil all the current and upcoming requirements, whether it is for resale or living in. Khun Golf has great suggestions from his experiences.
“For buyers who are interested in projects near ARL. The location might be the priority. But I would suggest choosing the projects that you like with credibility. Do some research about the area surrounding the projects. Because buying properties is a long-term investment. If you were to buy because of other people’s opinion, you might regret it later. ‘Be mindful that the one who is living in this property is me, not other people’. If you do your research and feel confident that the location near ARL has high potential. It allows you to travel around conveniently. And the upcoming routes for a high-speed train, it could be a great choice because of the affordable price and it offers more for the money.”
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