Presentation is Key

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Presentation is Key
If you have a property to sell, how it is presented will affect how quickly you receive an offer and the achieved price. Whilst there are certainly some buyers out there who are keen to do some remedial works themselves, the fact remains that there are more purchasers who want to buy somewhere that is ready for them to move into.
Some might not have the time to partake in any refurbishment works, others might lack the time or vision. Also, there might be a lack of knowledge how to carry out such works and or even a lack of funds.
Therefore your best bet as a seller is to present the property at its best to attract the biggest pool of buyers possible. Plus it will also ensure that it will photograph well so look great on property portals such as which will generate more interest.
Scandinavian-inspired interiors are a popular choice among new homeowners - PropertyGuru-Singapore
There is also a real thirst in Thailand for anything new. Whether this it the latest car, smart device or even just the latest fashion trends, this ethos applies to the home too. Making your property look as new as possible will go a long way into its successful sale.
A quick coat of paint will cover any scuff marks, and even better still upgrade with the latest on-trend shade too. First impressions really do count so replace any broken light bulbs, tighten any loose door handles, and even straighten any shelves and pictures on the wall.
Whilst new bathrooms and kitchens are always a big hit and will help to increase the property’s value, you can cheat and just make a few small upgrades instead. Replacing dated kitchen cupboards handles is one way to overcome this or even just changing the tiles or lighting.
Sometimes just the tile grouting needs a bit of attention and can immediately make a bathroom look newer and fresher, plus can be done very cheaply.
Kitchen contemporary style, 3d images
Imagine your property as a five-star hotel and present it with this in mind. Deal with any areas that need attention such as a damp patch which left unresolved will make a buyer question what problem it is hiding and how much this could cost them. All these small improvements will make a big difference when it comes to selling, so take some time ahead of marketing to make sure it is ready and good to go.
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