Suburban condominium

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Suburban condominium
Talking about the suburban condominium, many people might think that it is not as convenient to travel around as a city condominium. This might be correct in the past 5-6 years ago. Yet, the suburban condo has captured more attention from house buyers and investors. Because of the wider accessibility of transportation routes from BTS and MRT. Which could help ease the inconveniences in travelling.
Today, we interviewed Khun Kratae, Food and Beverage Manager for The Landmark Bangkok Hotel. Who chose a suburban condominium named CIELA Sripatum.
Khun Kratae agreed with the fact that suburban condominium has much more to offer. Whether it is the price, convenience in travelling, comfort, or the opportunity to make a future profit. We would like to present another perspective of the suburban condominium from Khun Kratae.

Why did I choose a suburban condominium?

“The reason I chose suburban condominium is that it is near where my family lives. Also, I’m pretty much familiar with the route in the area. I do not have to face heavy traffic jams because the sky train is also available. I barely need to use my car to go to work or travelling. The surroundings are nice, with no tall buildings blocking the scenery. The most important reason is the price. It is within my budget with larger space compared to condominiums in the city at the same price.”

How to choose a suburban condominium

I chose everything based on my preferences. Whether it is the design of the condominium, it has to be elegant, modern and detailed. Facilities that are available need to fulfil my lifestyle. Such as swimming pool, fitness, parking space, security system, common area, etc. These factors will make a suburban condo suitable for my lifestyle needs.

3 criteria to choose a condominium in the suburb

The factors which made Khun Kratae buy the suburban condominium
  • Price and space: suburban condominium has a lower price with larger space compared to a condominium in the city
  • Location: even though it is not in the city, it is still close enough to BTS Bang Bua station. Which makes it very convenient and saves a lot of time in travelling. Also, the condominium is on Phahon Yothin Road near the expressway which also makes it convenient.
  • Environment and surroundings of the housing estate: there are no tall buildings to block the scenery. Also, there are shopping centres available such as Central Ladprao and Union Mall.
Last, the housing estate is reliable and offers great after-service, great facilities and a security system. These factors are important and need to be taken into consideration before purchasing a condominium.

Why I chose a condo over a detached house

Even though the suburban area has a variety of properties to choose from. Whether it’s a single-detached house or a townhome, Khun Kratae chose a condominium because it suits her lifestyle. As she is living alone, she does not need a big space. The most important thing before purchasing a condominium was the fact that she is familiar with the location it is near her family’s house. The room size and usable area are enough and the surrounding environment is better than a city condominium.

Strengths and weaknesses, suburban vs. city condominium

The strength of the suburban condominium is the larger space offered compared to the city condo with the same price range. The facilities are available such as a co-working space, fitness, and roof garden. Commuting around is convenient because of the availability of sky trains. These factors caused the condominium price to rise and can generate future profit. The weakness of suburban condos is the lead time taken into the city. It certainly takes more time compared to a city condo. It also has highly competitive prices for selling and renting compared to city condominiums.
How to buy a home in Thailand

How to buy a home in Thailand

The strength of the city condominiums is to commute, and it took less time compared to a suburban condo. A higher rate of future selling and renting is possible. Yet, a condominium in the city has a high price with smaller spaces and heavy traffic jams.

Do developers impact decisions?

“I can say that it has a huge impact on the decision making. The well-known and reliable projects can boost the confidence of the buyers in aspects of quality and security making. Higher rate of house buyers and investors buy that particular project.”

Necessities for the suburban condominium

There are 4 necessities for suburban condominiums.
  • 1. complete facilities available
  • 2. common area that considers the needs of residents such as fitness, library and smart locker.
  • 3. The convenience of travelling.
  • 4. The proper pricing and value.

Who is a suburban condominium for?

“A suburban condominium is suitable for every gender and age. It is also suitable for property investors. It is forecasted that the suburban condominium will have higher prices in the future. Because of the city plan and the prosperity which spread across the suburban area.”

What is the dream condominium for Khun Kratae?

“The dream condominium for me is the one where I can live comfortably, happily and safely. The facilities need to be available and fit my lifestyle. It has to be convenient to travel around. I can say that the dream condominium is the one which makes your life more fulfilled.”

The tools to help with decision-making

“Before I purchased the condominium, I needed to do detailed research. The best way to do that is to search through the website or social media. I found the DDproperty website on the first page of a search engine when I typed, “suburban condominium”. There are many condo listings available on the website. All with useful details such as price, financial information, and location, and I can directly message the owner or agent of the properties I’m interested in.”
The most important detail you have to search for is the management of the condominium you are interested in. Then is the location convenient enough for you? Does it have public transportation available? What things are available around the area? Such as convenience stores, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. What is the future trend and potential of the area?


“For people who are interested in suburban condominiums, it is important to consider the budget, location, and common area. The type of room, decoration and space needs to meet your requirements such as balcony, bathroom, bedroom, etc.”
For investors, do not forget to consider the location of the unit. The direction, floor, and surrounding facilities such as shopping malls, hospitals, etc. Because your future customers will consider these factors.
A suburban condominium has become one of the interesting choices for house buyers and investors who saw the future potential in making a profit because of the affordable price with a larger space. Many suburban condos have BTS and MRT available. There is so much potential for having newer projects in the area as the prosperity has reached the suburb areas.
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