Bring your Property on Trend

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Bring your Property on Trend
When the market is a bit tougher you will have to work a bit harder to sell your property. An oversupply of properties will mean that purchasers have the pick of the bunch. Therefore your needs to better than any other on the market and one way to do this is to refresh it with the latest interior trends. Avoid presenting your property as a white shell which might seem like a good idea as a blank canvas but for many buyers who are short-sighted, buying a lifestyle will win them over and is why many new projects get snapped up thanks to the glammed up show unit.
This year interior design trends combine sustainability, texture and femininity. Applying these elements can be straightforward especially with the use of accessories meaning that they can easily be removed once the property has been sold.

1. Sustainability

Today there is a heightened sense of sustainability in everyday life. From the eradication of single-use plastics to quashing throwaway fashions to the use of natural fibres. This can be achieved by adding items of furniture that are made of natural materials as opposed to synthetics. The aim is an organic look which is best added sparingly to avoid overkill. Whether this is a statement rattan chair, weaved storage baskets, furniture made of wood especially in its rawest state or a jute rug for the floor.

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2. Texture

Texture can be applied to soft furnishings such as a thick woollen rug for the floor and cushions for the sofa. Should you already have contemporary main furniture pieces such as a black or grey sofa, then these added touches will fit easily with the existing scheme and help to create that lifestyle that you should be striving for. A mix match of cushions is better than one set that is all the same, especially if they look and feel different. Even applying this ethos to the bathroom will help create a luxurious feeling, so choose a luscious bath mat and towels, and accessories with a clay toothbrush holder and weaved storage baskets. >>How To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget

3. Femininity

White or even grey painted walls are safe, but they are also boring. Applying colour to the walls is an instant lift and feminine calm colours are very fashionable such as a dusky pink. Spend time researching the exact right tone but if you are not feeling quite so brave opt for a taupe instead for the main rooms and venture with some colour for the smaller spaces. These muted tones also sit nicely with natural and textured materials meaning that all three interior design elements of this year can be seamlessly interwoven.
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