Does Bangkok have luxury homes to rent?

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Does Bangkok have luxury homes to rent?
There is a real appetite for luxury homes in Bangkok at present. Something that developers have been quick to realise, and so have been increased their supply at this end of the market. An astute strategy considering that those buying luxury properties are cash-rich and are not affected by economic factors such as rising household debt.
Simultaneously many families are downsizing from larger family homes into condominiums, which they find easier to manage and take care of. Plus with commuting times on the road taking longer than ever before, having a downtown pad reduces the time it takes to get to work.
Whilst the majority of luxury properties are purchased for own use, there is certainly a number bought for investment purposes that are available on the rental market. Great news for tenants wishing to live in their own slice of luxury.
These upmarket condominiums set themselves aside from other residences due to their quality. Built to the highest of standards, incorporating the latest interior trends that resemble a five-star hotel and with the best and most extensive facilities.

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Many expatriates have become accustomed to this level of living in their home country, and so expect the same from their rental property in Bangkok too. More recently the market has seen various high-end hotel brands working alongside condominiums to help them reach their luxury status. If you enjoy the added services of hotel life that include room and concierge services, but with more space than a hotel room, then this is the type of condominium for you.
Bangkok has welcomed a host of luxury condominiums that are typically focussed in the more upmarket parts of the city such as the Lumphini area. Here the release of new units is reaching new prices and breaking existing records.
However, due to a shortage of land, much of this new development has occurred on the banks of the Chao Phraya River where there is more space. This is a good place to start for renters eying up a palatial home.
Offering beautiful river and cityscapes, residents choosing one of these luxury buildings can enjoy this along with all the bells and whistles of one it’s neighbouring or even adjoining five-star hotels.
Due to their success, it is predicted that even more luxury homes will be coming to Bangkok. This is great news for renters with a larger budget and who like the finer things in life.
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