Moving into a new home

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Moving into a new home
Moving into a new house is a chaotic and busy time. Many people get anxious because there are so many things to pack and so little time to do it. The moving process can also be expensive. In this section, we offer some tips on what you should do before you start moving and how to go about hiring the best movers.

Be organized

Write down all the items that you intend to move to your new place on a notepad and keep it somewhere you can find it. Start packing these items early so that you save time for other tasks closer to the moving date. For those unwanted items, organize a garage sale and sell them off at discounted prices. This is a good way to make some extra cash.

Get packing supplies

Collect lots of discarded boxes and buy some strong adhesive tape to pack the items so that the contents don’t fall out when transporting. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to cover breakable items like glasses, plates, paintings, and sculptures before placing them in the box.

Avoid confusion

Each family member should have their own box to place their personal belongings inside. Examples of items they can put inside include bed sheets, towels, toys, and stationery. Ask them to label the boxes clearly so that they can retrieve it easily.

Choose your movers wisely

Make sure you get good movers who are professional and responsible because they will be handling your most prized possessions. Do your own research. Check the yellow pages for moving companies. Call them up and set a time and day for them to come to your home for an on-sight inspection.
This is to help them quote a price. Don’t just hire the first mover who has given you a quote. Call a few more companies so that you can compare prices and services. In addition, ask family and friends for recommendations of good movers.
A good moving company will take care of your personal belongings and will help pack and unpack electrical items such as computers, televisions and light fixtures.
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