Project Review: Ideo Mobi Wongsawang - Interchange

  • Sitth Chongprasobtam
  • 27 July 2016

Ideo Wong Sawang Per2 hl-main-002

The awakening skyscraper which emcompasses holistic scope of sheer living


Public transit has always been the key in dressing up a residential project to be attractive in the eyes of consumers. Meantime, Ananda Development PLC. (ANAN) has launched another high-rise condominium named as “Ideo Mobi Wongsawang-Interchange,” situated just 11 m. away from Bang Son Station of the MRT Purple Line that will be operating in August this year. Bang Son Station itself will be the interchange station to the future SRT Red Line; and only one stop away is Bang Sue Station which will be the grand interchange point embracing four public transit routes in the future. Ideo Mobi Wongsawang-Interchange comes with several unit types, from Studio 21 Sq.m. to 2-bedroom 48 Sq.m. However, the boasting point is also highlighted in the Triple Sky Facilities that offers admirable amenities on the rooftop floors such as swimming pool with panoramic city view, fitness, outdoor library and expansive greenery area with vantage point overlooking a full scope of Bangkok skyline.


Ideo Wong Sawang1 exterior-01-001


Project NameIdeo Mobi Wong Sawang – Interchange

Developer: Ananda Development Public Company Limited (ANAN)

Address: Krungthep – Nonthaburi Rd., Wong Sawang, Bang Sue, Bangkok


Call:02 316 2222

(Reviewed: 6 July 2016)

Project Area2-2-24.4 rai

Project Type29-storey high-rise condominium with 559 residential units and 4 commercial units

Target Market: Consumners in the proximity, office workers with the average income around 40,000-60,000 Baht/Month

Construction ProgressStarted December 2014

Expected Completion: Approx. December 2016

Elevator: 2 passenger elevator, 1 service elevator

Parking2-5 FL. (201 cars or 35% of units)

Sinking Fund500 Baht/ Sq.m.

Maintenance Fees50 Baht/ Sq.m./ Month

Starting Price2.89 MB

Average Price/Sq.m.: Approx. 120,000 Baht/Sq.m.

Unit Type

Studio 21.5 Sq.m.

1-bedroom 24.5 Sq.m.

1-bedroom 30 Sq.m.

2-bedroom 48 Sq.m.

Project Details

Residential units are “Fully-Fitted” or partly furnished. Residents will get kitchen counters, hobs with two cooking spots, hood, and sink from MEX. Bathroom sanitary are from Cotto in white tone, including basin, toilet, and faucets from Prema, along the shower room with built-in shelf for placing bathing accessories. The main door functions with electronic locking system and 2-step manual lock.

The corridor on each floor has residential units on both sides with the volume of 22-26 units per floor. There are 2 passenger elevators that each can accommodate 18 people or 1,350 tons; and to access the elevator area, ones need a key card. The parking is on 2nd – 5th floor with 2-lane ramps that are 12 m. wide. The project’s entrance is accessible through key card and there are mail room and lobby on the first floor.


6th floor: Communal Garden

28th floor: Social Club, Library, Laundry, and Garden

29th floor: Outdoor Library, Fitness, and Swimming Pool with a panoramic view of the city

Rooftop: Expansive garden area for residents to unwind and relax

1 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09775-042

Let’s start exploring at Ideo Mobi Wongsawang – Interchange

1.2 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09578-004

The model shows how close Bang Son Station will be located to the project

1.3 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09579-005

Effortlessly get on the skytrain station

2 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09771-039

The lobby is decorated with stately furnishing and displays in modern lounge area

3 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09773-041

Comfortable seats in the lobby with see-through glass wall that makes the area becomes airy

4 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09772-040

The touch-screen monitor which indicates details throughout the project

ถัดมาเป็นห้อง Mail Box กล่องจดหมายเป็นรูปแบบตัว U โอบรอบห้อง มีกุญแจสำหรับล็อคเพื่อความเป็นส่วนตัว

The Mail Room with mail boxes on the wall in U-Shape

6 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09769-037

The elevator area which needs a key card to access. The two passenger elevators are connected to all residential floors and parking floors

7 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09574-003

The parking with two cars per block and the limited height at 2.5 m.

8 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09571-002

The ramp in the parking floors which is 12 m. wide

9 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09702-011

Moving up to the Social Club on the 28th floor

10 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09697-007

There’s service counter for facilitating residents’ needs

11 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09700-009

A Table Football to enjoy in the Social Club

12 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09701-010

The ground-mounted plugs for residents to charge up their smartphones, laptops or ipads

13 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09708-015

Outside view from the Social Club

14 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09711-018

Now, let’s have a look at the modern library

15 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09718-023

An extensive desk for residents to work on their projects

16 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09719-024

The centre is the spiral staircase that leads to the outdoor library and swimming pool on the 29th floor

17 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09715-022

Outside view from the library on 28th floor

18 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09729-032

The spiral staircase

19 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09725-029

Observing the swimming pool on the 29th floor, the size is 25 x 4 m.

20 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09723-028

Residents can enjoy the panoramic view of the city while swimming with loved ones

21 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09720-025

There’s outdoor shower area near the swimming pool. The rain shower can mix the cold and warm water

22 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09721-026

Restrooms for Men and Women

23 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09730-033

The outdoor library with the closest touch of nature while reading your books

24 Ideo Wong Sawang ProjectDSC09649-006

The corridor on residential floor with units on both side

Master Plan

Ground Floor

1 Ideo Wong Sawang Planground-floor-019

The garden area on the ground floor has the size around 700 Sq.m.

Parking (2-5 FL.)

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-2 car-005

The parking floors comprise elevators and fire exits

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-2m car-006

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-3 car-007

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-4 car-008

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-5 car-009


Floor Plan

6 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-6 fac-010

The floor comprises a mix of unit type with 24.5 Sq.m. rooms being closest to the elevators

7-21 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-7-21 unit-011

comprises only residential units with different unit types

22 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-22 unit & garden-012

This floor comes with a communal garden for resident to come and relax some time

 23-24 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-23-24 unit-013

 25 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-25 unit & Garden-014

This floor has only 22 units in total and there’s no 24.5 Sq.m. and 30 Sq.m. rooms included. There’s a communal garden for residents to unwind as well

26 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-26 unit-015

 27 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-27 unit-016

28 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-28 fac-017

This floor comprises of facilities and 6 residential units including five 21.5 Sq.m. room and one 30 Sq.m. room

29 FL.

Ideo Wong Sawang Planfloor-29 fac-018

This floor comprises mostly facilities including the swimming pool with panoramic view, fitness, restrooms, and outdoor library that has a spiral staircase to the indoor library on the 28th floor


Ideo Wong Sawang Planroof-floor fac-020

The rooftop is designed to be an expansive greenery space, where residents can overlook the swimming pool, outdoor library and 360 degree of the city

Unit Layout

Studio 21.5 Sq.m.

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan1 bed 21.5-001

Comprises kitchen, bedroom, living area, bathroom, and balcony

1-bedroom 24.5 Sq.m. 

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan1 bed 24.5-002

The unit features are quite similar to the studio type except the balcony that is shorter but wider, and the unit plan is  a little more organized

1-bedroom 30 Sq.m. 

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan1 bed 30-003

The bedroom of this unit type is designed in more privacy with the in-room bathroom. The balcony is also wider that a small furnishing set can be placed as shown in the picture

2-bedroom 48 Sq.m. 

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan2 bed 48-004

This unit type comes with two bedrooms with spacious living area and dining area. The bathroom sits apart in the common area and kitchen is the first zone residents will meet upon entering the unit

Project’s surrounding (on the ground floor)


2 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan DirectionDSC09782-007

West: Bang Son Station office place (do not block the view from residential units)

3 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan DirectionDSC09776-002

North: the project’s entrance next to Krungthep-Nonthaburi Rd, with the nearby MRT Purple Line

5 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan DirectionDSC09774-001

Bang Son Station in front of the project

7 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan DirectionDSC09779-004

200 m. ahead is a U-Turn

8 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan DirectionDSC09784-008

South: 4-storey buildings and a public canal


Facilities (computer generated picture)


1 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan Facilitiesexterior-02-001

Salt-water swimming pool with the panoramic view of Bangkok skyline

2 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan Facilitiesinterior-03-007

High-class fitness with a relaxing view of the pool

3 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan Facilitiesinterior-01-005

Stately library that offer a peaceful atmosphere

6 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan Facilitiesexterior-05-004

Outdoor library to breathe the freshest nature while reading your favourite books

5 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan Facilitiesinterior-02-006

Social Club to indulge with your friends and loved ones

Greenery gardens on various floors

Laundry rooms

Access Key Card at the entrance

Parking on 2-5 FL.

CCTV and 24-hour security guards



Flooring: 8 mm. laminate flooring, 30×30 cm. slipery-proof ceramic tiles in bathroom and balcony

Wall: Light-weight concrete blocks strengthened with steel structure, white-washed and painted in simple tone

Ceiling: Gypsum ceiling painted in simple tone

Door: High-Density-Fibre Door with Hollow Care structure. The size is 90 x 200 cm., functions with Electronic Door Lock from Samsung (main door)

Plug and switch: Schneider (wiring system is mounted in the wall)

Ceiling Height : 2.5 m.

Furnishing: Fully Fitted: kitchen counters with hob, hood and sink, and bathroom sanitary

Air-Conditioning: From Samsung: 1 air-con for 21 – 25 Sq.m. unit, 2 air-cons for 30 Sq.m. unit, 3 air-cons for 48 Sq.m. unit

Bathroom Sanitary: Basin and toilet from Cotto (or same quality brand); faucet and shower from Prema (or same quality brand)

Kitchen Set: Kitchen counters with hob, hood and sink from Mex

Elevator: 2 passenger elevators and 1 service elevator


Show Unit

Studio 21.5 Sq.m.

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09627-001

Entering the unit, the first zone met is the kitchen and bathroom(behind the door). The room is laid with 8 mm. laminate flooring

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09628-002

The bathroom has a shower room, basin with a mirror, and well-set system for resident to buy water-heater in

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09629-003

The toilet space is 1 m. wide, not too spacious but not too confined

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09630-004

Different flooring tones between the shower room and outside area. The step at the centre is 2 cm. high.

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09631-005

There are glass shelves for placing bathing accessories

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09633-006

The kitchen has a space for a front-load washing machine. There are hob, sink, hood and cabinets for storing cooking stuffs

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09635-008

The inner zone is the living area and bed

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09636-009

The area can accommodate a 2-seat sofa, a middle table, and a TV shelf with sufficient walking space remained

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09637-010

The TV shelf and fridge are the interior design of the show unit

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09638-011

A small working table can also be placed next to the TV shelf

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09639-012

Witht the closet and working table, the space at the end of bed is still sufficient to walk

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09640-013

If you live alone, opting for a single-bed will give you a lot more space, which can be utilised for a dining table and a larger sofa

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09641-014

A king-size bed and sofa look gorgeous for the studio unit type

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09642-015

The balcony is next to the bed

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09644-017

The sliding door can be slid open from two sides (typical project’s is one side)

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09645-018

The balcony is quite modest but has an extensive length

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09646-019

The balcony rail is 1.5 m. high and made of steel

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan StudioDSC09647-020

The air-con compressor is kept soaring and has a lath covering in front

1-bedroom 24.5 Sq.m.

1 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09583-001

Same as the Studio unit, the main door comes with Electronic Lock from Samsung, manual 2-step lock with key, and a nice-looking handle

3 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09586-004

The first zone you will meet is the living area which comes with a 2-seat sofa and modern working table (show unit designs). Aside is the bedroom that is partitioned with a 3-fold sliding door

5 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09587-005

The sliding door of the bedroom is made of green-tone tinted glass that projects the room to be more airy

6 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09589-007

The working table that enhance the comtemporary mood (show unit design)

8 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09590-008

The sliding door of the bedroom can be locked from the inside

9 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09592-010

A king-size bed is easily fit to the room with sufficient walking space around

10 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09593-011

The side of the bed are the windows which can be opened as well

11 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09596-014

Front view of the bedroom

11 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09613-028

The bathroom door is HDF (high density fibre) with Hollow Care structure and size of 70×200 cm. The door comes with a knob that can be locked from the inside and unlocked with a key from outside

13 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09598-016

The walk way from the living area to the bathroom and kitchen is quite commodious, you can opt to place a small dining table in this area

15 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09605-022

The kitchen comes with similar set of the studio unit, the balcony is on the side

16 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09603-021

The space between the sink and hob can be used to prepare the foods. There’s also a plug for cooking appliance usage

17 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09606-023

Inside the counter underneath is the trash can

18 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09610-027

The balcony is in a different shape compared to Studio unit, the size is 1.30 x 1.00 m.

20 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09609-026

The air-con compressor is kept soaring above the ground

21 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09614-029

Entering the bathroom, from left to right are the shower room, basin, and toilet (behind the door)

22 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09618-033

Bathroom Sanitary are from Cotto in white tone

23 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09622-036

The shower room is made of safety glass and an aluminum handle. The edge of the door is covered with material that soften the impact

24 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09615-030

The shower room has set the system for residents to buy a water-heater in (the marked area on the wall neear the shower)

25 Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmIdeo Wong Sawang Plan 24 sqmDSC09616-031-001

The shower room is 1.20 x 0.7 m.

1-bedroom 30 Sq.m. 

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09733-001

This unit type comes with more space to accommodate a small dining table between the kitchen and living area

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09735-003

The first zone from the main door is the kitchen

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09736-004

A little larger dining table than this one is still practical

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09737-005

The kitchen can accommodate two people at the same time

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09738-006

The living area is in the innermost zone with a balcony beside

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09740-008

The kitchen wall is made with 15×30 cm. ceramic tiles which is easy for cleasing the cooking spills. On the right is the entrance to the bedroom

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09741-009

The space between sofa and TV shelf is 1.5 m. wide

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09742-010

A 3-seat sofa is also a practical choice

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09746-012

8 mm. laminate flooring of the room and 30×30 cm. ceramic tiles of the balcony. The step at the centre is less than 3 cm. high

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09747-013

The balcony is quite spacious at 1.70 x 1.00 m.

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09749-014

The distinctive point of this unit type is the sliding door ahead of the balcony; so you can either slide open for the natural winds or close when it rains

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09750-015

Opening the bedroom door

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09752-017

The bed chosen in the show unit is a 5ft one. There are plugs for sset up a TV on the wall at the end of bed

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09753-018

This little corner in the bedroom can be utilised as a working area

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09754-019

The working area also has windows to open up for natural winds

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09755-020

Underneath the table are plugs for electrical appliances and internet cable

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09757-022

On the other side is the bathroom. The closet is just the interior of the show unit

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09758-023

Selecting a sliding door-closet can save up more space than the one with typical door. You can also buy in a king-size bed but you might have to compensate with the absense of the small table aside

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09760-025

The bathroom has more space compared to the previous unit types

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09761-026

The tap is from Prema which can mix cold and warm water, but you need to buy in the heater

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09762-027

The shower room comes with glass shelves and the marked area above the shower for water-heater to be equipped

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 30 sqmDSC09763-028

The shower room is quite modest with the space 30 Sq.m.

2-bedroom 48 Sq.m.

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09655-001

The walkway from the main door has more space than other unit type; thus, the show unit has decorated with a shoes cabinet. The kitchen is still the first zone you will meet

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09656-002

From the kitchen, you can see your family eating at the dining table or watching a favorite show in the living area

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09657-003

the kitchen counter is longer than other unit types, giving convenience for food preparation

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09660-006

A closer look to the hob and ceramic tiles on the kitchen wall

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09661-007

The plug is still provided at the centre of the kitchen wall

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09662-008

Loking from the dining table, the right hand side are the entrances to the two bedrooms

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09665-011

The show unit has put a 4-seat dining table in, but you can actually place a 6-seat one with fine space remained

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09666-012

The living area is commodious enough to place an L-Shape sofa in. Behind the curtain is the spacious balcony

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09670-015

Similar to 30 Sq.m. unit, the balcony rail is designed with a sliding door ahead

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09671-016

On the right side of the balcony is a storage room

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09673-017

Near one of the bedrooms is the common bathroom of the unit

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09674-018

The bedroom’s door is HDF, size 80×200 cm., and a knob

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09675-019

Inside view of the first bedroom, a working table can be neatly placed bedside the bed

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09676-020

The modern working table is just an idea of the show unit

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09679-022

Setting the TV on the wall instead is an option to save up more space at the end of bed. There are plugs for appliances and TV cable on the wall behind the TV

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09680-023

On the side of bed is a floor-to-ceiling tall window to bring in the natural light in the morning

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09684-027

The show unit has desgined the second bedroom with a 3.5 ft bed. Notice the great space that you will have more

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09686-029

The other area is designed with a working table and a comfy seat

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09690-033

Unfortunately, the bathroom is slightly smaller than the 30 Sq.m. unit (more space in the living area)

Ideo Wong Sawang Plan 48 sqmDSC09692-035

Shower room has similar size to other unit type

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Ideo Mobi Wongsawang – Interchange is located on Krungthep-Nonthaburi Rd, in Krungthep-Nonthaburi 23 Alley. The distinctive point of the project’s location is the upcoming Bang Son Station of MRT Purple Line, which will be located 11 m. or just a footstep away. The MRT Purple Line will be officially operated in August this year and it will have a tremendous impact for the convenience of population in this area.

To demonstrate, in the future, Bang Son Station itself will be an interchange station to the SRT Red Line; and Tao Pun Station, one stop away, is another interchange to the MRT Blue Line. Furthermore, there will be a skywalk from the project’s location to Bang Sue Station, which is the grand interchange point between forthcoming 4 transit routes including SRT Red Line, SRT Dark Red Line, MRT Blue Line and Airport Rail Link which can lead you to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The impact from the MRT Purple Line may not be as high as the Green Line of Sukhumvit area, but the land price of this location has increased by 6-7% from last year, staying around 150,000-170,000 Baht/Sq.w. at the moment. Significantly, the starting price of Ideo Mobi Wongsawang – Interchange has surged by 300,000 Baht since the debut date a few years ago.

If you own personal vehicles, this location is accessible to several routes as well. To reach the suburban area, you can turn left from the project’s entrance, go straight upward and turn left at Wonsawang Junction, you will find Rama VII Bridge ahead to cross to the suburban area. But if you turn right at the junction, you will be entering Ratchadaphisek Rd which has a passage leading to Sirat Expressway, by turning left at the first junction of the road. On the other hand, if you drive downward, which you have to make a U-Turn, there are several important places that you can reach such as Victory Monument, Siam, and Ratchadamnoen Rd.

The project’s location also comprises street eateries and some workplaces with the reputable one of SCG Headquarter. However, the project provides a 24-hour convenient store “Max Valu” in the residence area, which would facilitate those whom preferred to stay more at the retreat.


Getting There

From Rama II

Rama 2 2016-07-11_8-58-21


From Rama II, take Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway and transit to Sirat Expressway after you have crossed Chao Phraya River. Then, proceed on the route all the way up, and take Exit 2-08 as shown in the picture. You will decend on Ratchadaphisek Rd, then, turn left into Pracha Chuen Rd. Go straight for about 1 km. and turn right into Phoem Sap Alley. You will eventually arrive on Krungthep-Nonthaburi Rd, but you need to make a U-Turn to arrive at the project on the other side of the road.

From Nakhon-In Rd


Go straight on the road and cross Rama V Bridge. Then, turn right at Tiwanon Intersection, you will be on Krungthep-Nonthaburi Rd. Go straight for about 3 km. and make a U-Turn to arrive at the project on the other side of the road. The traffic is usually dense during the primetime, as shown in red colour of the google map picture

From Lat  Phrao Rd


From Lat Phrao Rd., turn right at Ratchada-Lardphrao Junction into Ratchadaphisek Rd. Proceed on the road for about 7 km. and turn left into Krungthep Nonthaburi Rd at Wongsawang Junction. Go straight for around 1.5 km. and make a U-Turn to arrive the project on the other side of the road.


Lifestyle Amenities

Bang Son Market 300 m.

Siam Gypsy Market 300 m.

Big C Wong Sawang 1.3 km.

Tesco Lotus Prachachuen 1.8 km.

Major Cineplex Ratchayothin 5.3 km.

CentralPlaza Lardprao 6.6 km.

Union Mall 7 km.

Wachirabenchathat Park 7.5 km.

Chatuchak Park 7.5 km.


LIZM Pub & Rest. 1.8 km.

OYua River Terrace  3.3  km.

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Ideo Mobi Wongsawang – Interchange has its strength in the nearby. Bang Son Station, which is one stop away from Bang Sue Grand Station. Likewise, the starting price is slightly higher than other condominiums in this district. If you aim to lease a unit out, differentiate your room to be distinctive would gain more interest from the lessee, due to the high level competition in this area with 10,000 residential units in total. In terms of land price, this area has 6-7% growth rate per year; thus, resale a unit is also a practical choice. All in all, the project is suitable for those who appreciate the convenience of nearby public transit, especially working people with the salary around 50,000 Baht/Month, who can afford 16,000-30,000 Baht installment per month.



Aspire Ratchada-Wong Sawang

แอสไปร์ รัชดา – วงศ์สว่าง (Aspire Ratchada-Wong Sawang)

Developer: AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited (AP)

Address: Bang Sue

Project Type: 27-storey condominium with 1,232 units, 2 commercial units

Project Area: 5-2-96.5 rai

Parking: 40% included double parking

Starting Price: 2.65 MB


The Stage Taopoon Interchange

เดอะ สเตจ เตาปูน อินเตอร์เชนจ์ (The Stage Taopoon Interchange)

Developer: Real Asset Development Co., Ltd.

Address: Pracha Rat Sai 2 Rd., Bang Sue, Bang Sue District, Bangkok

Project Area: 3-3-84.9 rai

Project Type: 36-storey condominium with 773 units

Starting Price: 2.89 MB


Chewathai Residence Bang Pho

ชีวาทัย เรสซิเดนซ์ บางโพ (Chewathai Residence Bang Pho)

DeveloperChewathai Public Company limited

Address: Pracha Rat Sai 2 Rd., Bang Sue, Bang Sue District, Bangkok

Project Area: 1-1-94.3 rai

Project Type: 24-storey high-rise condominium with 172 units

Parking: 80% of residential units included double parking

Starting Price: 3.9 MB

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Ideo Mobi Wongsawang – Interchange is the high-rise condominium project with closest distance to a public transit, “Bang Son Station,” at just 11 metre away. In other word, the transportation convenience is right there at your site. Furthermore, the station itself will be the interchange station to the future SRT Red Line; and just one stop away at Bang Sue Station, is the future grand interchange point between 4 mass transit routes. Likewise, the starting price is slightly higher than other projects at 2.89 MB or 120,000 Baht/Sq.m. However, the price is still worthwhile for a long-term investment because the MRT Purple Line, that will be officially operating in August, will attract more developments in this area and eventually boost up the project’s value; however, the excessive number of condominium supplies can diminish this impact. Although the close distance of a public transit has been the trademark of Ananda’s condominiums, the residence still offers parking for those with personal cars at 36% lots of the total unit. The project also offers an in-site 24-hour convenient store “Max Valu,” along the comprehensive amenities such as the Triple Sky Facilities that one would certainly appreciate.

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