Project Review: Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak

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  • 24 August 2018

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Vibhavadi Rangsit comprises a plentitude of significant places and amenities such as the 1st Infantry Regiment, Radio Thailand, hospitals, schools, department stores, offices, public parks, railway stations, an airport and Royal Thai Air Force. Regarding this composition, Vibhavadi Rangsit is a favourable residential area, where the majority of projects are settled in different alleys accessible to other roads. One of those small roads is Vibhavadi Rangsit Soi 3 where high-rise developments are permitted. L.P.N. Development Plc (Check out interesting projects from L.P.N ) finds this location audacious to launch a mixed-use development consisting of office spaces and a residential project namely Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak, a high-rise condominium standing 21-storey tall filled up with 736 units and various facilities such as swimming pool, sports courts, retails, and more. This is a conducive place where citizens can relax during weekends and go about life conveniently during weekdays, with a starting price at 2.49 million baht only.

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Fast Facts About Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak

Developer: L.P.N. Development Plc.
Address: Vibhavadi Rangsit Soi 3, Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd, Chom Phon, Chatuchak
Call: 02-272-0911
Project Area: Approx. 8-3-48 rai
Project Type: High-rise condominium with 21 storeys and a parking building with 8 storeys
Total unit: 736
Expected Completion: 2019
Lift: 3 passenger and 1 service
Parking: approx. 271 cars or 36% (not included double parking)
Facilities: Lobby, swimming pool, fit-and-firm areas, basketball court, fitness, recreational space, and Pocket Gardens
Security System: Key Card Access, CCTV, and 24-hour security
Starting Price: 2.49 million baht
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Average Price: approx. 100,000 baht/sq.m.

Same price on every floor with air-conditioning, water heater and furnishing provided

Unit Type
Studio 24-25 sq.m.
1-Bedroom 28.50-33.50 sq.m.
2-Bedroom 53 sq.m.


Project Details

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak is part of the mixed-use development Lumpini Tower Vibhavadi-Chatuchak which encompasses an approximate total area of 8 rai, and consist of 1 condominium, 2 office buildings and 1 parking building as follows: 

– Tower A: office building with 21 storeys and 105 units
– Tower B: office building with 17 storeys, 96 units and 1 retail
– Tower C: parking building with 8 storeys, 271 parking lots and 4 retails
– Tower D: condominium with 21 storeys and 736 units


The developer has planned to place one of the office buildings near the entrance of Vibhavadi Rangsit Soi 3, whereas the condominium (Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak) will be located way deeper at the end of the project’s area. The masterplan will lay side by side to the road, with buildings smaller than eight storeys being in the proximity. Eastward is the second office building, but there’s an 8-storey parking building standing in-between so there’s plenty of room between Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak and that building.

Floor Plan

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_011

The Ground Floor consists of lobby, street basketball court, juristic person office, parcel room, laundry area, mechanical rooms, and parking space for cars, motorcycles, and handicapped persons   

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_012

2nd-3rd Fl. residential units


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_013

4th Fl. residential units and Pocket Garden


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_014

5th-6th Fl. residential units


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_015

7th Fl. residential units, fitness zone, multipurpose room, and House Work


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_016

8th Fl. residential units and Co-Living Area


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_017

9th Fl. residential units


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_018

10th Fl. residential units and Pocket Garden


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_019

11th Fl. residential units and Co-Living Area


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_020

12th Fl. residential units


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_021

13th-14th Fl. residential units


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_022

15th Fl. residential units and Co-Living Area


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_023

16th Fl. residential units and Pocket Garden


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_024

17th-18th residential units


19th Fl. residential units and Co-Living Area

19th Fl. residential units and Co-Living Area


20th-21st Fl. residential units

20th-21st Fl. residential units


Unit Layout

Studio type 24 sq.m.

Studio type 24 sq.m.


1-Bedroom 28.50 sq.m.

1-Bedroom 28.50 sq.m.


1-Bedroom Free Corner type 28.50 sq.m.

1-Bedroom Free Corner type 28.50 sq.m.


1-Bedroom 33.50 sq.m.

1-Bedroom 33.50 sq.m.


2-Bedroom 53 sq.m.

2-Bedroom 53 sq.m.



Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_032

Greenery permeates every floor and corner inside the project, bringing nature close to all residents


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_033

One of the relaxing areas with a breathtaking view of the city skyline 


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_034

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_035

Strolling path in the midst of lush garden 


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_036

Crystalline swimming pool against the backdrop of shimmering skyscrapers



Show Unit Review

Studio Type 24 SQ.M.

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_037

Upon entering one meets a small kitchen area 


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_038

The kitchen joins with the living room in an open-plan layout


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_039

Space for having an extensive study desk  


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_040

A wider viewpoint of living room and study desk 


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_041

The bedroom also shares the common space. Inside a large window welcomes bountiful natural light 


1-Bedroom 28.50 SQ.M.

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_042

After the entry one is greeted with a small kitchen


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_043

An elongated living room where a long desk can be mounted to the wall


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_044

The living room connects to a balcony where ample sunlight fills in from the side, and has a fixed window behind, zoning bedroom as another area. This back transparent window also complements the room to feel airier 


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_045

The bedroom alone is also sufficiently lit by the side windows which extend around corner

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_046

Wet and dry areas are separated in the bathroom 


1-Bedroom 33.50 SQ.M.

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_047

The first zone one will encounter is the kitchen, with a space for a refrigerator 


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_048

The kitchen connects to the living room in an open-plan format. A small dining set fits comfortably in this space


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_049

The living room is flooded with natural light through the expansive windows which extend around the corner 


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_050

The bedroom is also lit by the cornered windows 


Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_051

Wet and dry areas are separated in the bathroom 


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Early Vibhavadi Rangsit Road has gained more potential with the forthcoming completion of megaprojects from the public sector such as Bang Sue Central Station and BTS Green Line extension (Mo Chit-Saphan Mai-Ku Kot). With the presence of major department stores, prominent hospitals, reputable schools and famous office buildings, the area has been attracting a high degree of residential demand, contrasting with its current sparse property supplies. According to the land price appraisal from the treasury department for the years 2016-2019, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in Huay Khwang District has its average land price appraised at 220,000 baht per square wah, while the same road in Chatuchak District sees the number ranging between 150,000-260,000 baht per square wah; nonetheless both numbers are still lower than Ladprao Intersection’s at 250,000-280,000 baht per square wah. These numbers are even expected to rise once the aforementioned megaprojects are completed. 

Download the report DDproperty Property Index Q1 2018 and DDproperty Property Market Outlook 2018 for more making right decistion 

Project’s Location 

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_002

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak’s map 

            Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak is located in Vibhavadi Rangsit Soi 3 which is accessible to other roads such as Vibhavadi Rangsit Soi 5, Inthamara Soi 15 of Sutthisarn Road, Phahonyothin Soi 18 and 18/1; the two latter roads exit on Phahonyothin Road on the opposite side of Chatuchak Park. The project is close to an expressway and mass transits, and is conveniently reachable to Don Mueang Airport.

Upon hearing “Chatuchak”, people would often think about the Chatuchak Market as one of the few recognisable places. Actually there are anything else.  


– 280m from Don Muang Toll Way (Sutthisarn Entry)
– 2.6km from Don Muang Toll Way (Din Daeng2 Entry)
– 2.9km from Don Muang Toll Way (Phahonyothin Entry)
– 2.7km from Sirat Expressway (Phahonyothin Entry)
– 2.8km from Sirat Expressway (Bang Sue Entry)
– 3.8km from Sirat-Outer Ring Expressway (Kampaeng Phet2 Entry)
– 4.3km from Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway (Din Daeng2 Entry)
– 4.5km from Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway (Din Daeng1 Entry)

Mass Transit Line

– 1.6km from BTS Saphan Kwai
– 1.8km from BTS Mo Chit
–1.8km from MRT Kampaeng Phet
–1.9km from MRT Chatuchak
–2.3km from MRT Phahonyothin


16.3km from Don Mueang Airport

 Surrounded by major department stores, office buildings, Chatuchak Park and many more amenities


Upcoming Projects

BTS Green Line extension (Mo Chit-Saphan Mai-Ku Kot) – 16 stations on 19 kilometers distance; expected completion in 2020

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi_Chatuchak_008

Bang Sue Central Station is poised to be the largest transportation hub in ASEAN with a total area of 2,325 rai. It will link several mass transit lines together including the high-speed train and the double-track railway. In addition, the surrounding areas of 218 rai will be converted to a commercial hub where office buildings, department stores, residential properties and recreational events will occupy.

Lifestyle Amenities

Important places around the project

 The project is close to a large green expanse consisting of three public parks: Chatuchak Park, Queen Sirikit Park, and Wachirabenchatat Park or Suan Rot Fai. There’re also Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium to be found inside.


Anchan Café serves local food from four different parts of Thailand with a unique inclusion of butterfly pea in most of their dishes. There’re a playground for children as well as a co-working space for doing works. The restaurant is located in Vibhavadi Rangsit Soi 18.

Department Store and Shopping Places
Or Tor Kor Market: 1.7 km
Chatuchak Market: 2.1 km
JJ Green: 2.2 km
Central Ladprao: 2.4 km
Big C: 2.5 km
Union Mall: 2.5 km
Tesco Lotus: 2.8 km
La Villa: 3.3 km

Paolo Memorial Hospital: 1.8 km
Prasarnmitr Hospital: 2.8 km
Veterans General Hospital: 3.1 km
Phyathai 2 International Hospital: 4.6 km
Vichaiyut Hospital: 4.8 km

Educational Institutions

St. John’s University: 1.6 km
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce: 2.4 km
Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok : Chakrabongse Bhuvanarth Campus: 2.5 km
Surasakmontree School: 2.5 km
Horwang School: 2.8 km
College of Management, Mahidol University: 3.5 km
Samsenwittayalai School: 4.2 km

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As Ladprao Intersection and its nearby Vibhavadi Rangsit and Phahonyotin Roads are full of office buildings with more than 50,000 citizens working in, plus the upcoming office buildings of Tower Vibhavadi-Chatuchak, the rental market appears promising in this area. The rental price for a 1-bedroom unit with 35 square meters is around 25,000 monthly, and the yield rate is around 5.4%.

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For Whom is Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak Suitable?

Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak is quite outstanding in its location on Vibhavadi Rangsit Soi 3 which is accessible to both Vibhavadi Rangsit and Phahonyothin Roads; the place is conveniently reachable to Don Muang Toll Way, Sirat Expressway and Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway, as well as BTS and MRT public transits. Here is also a major working hub as head offices and prominent office buildings prevail. Public amenities – such as department stores, hospitals, schools, and public parks – are ample, with Green Line’s extension and Bang Sue Central Station nearly complete in a couple years’ time. Regarding these attributes, Lumpini Park Vibhavadi-Chatuchak is favorable for residents who seek urban lifestyle with mass transits available at hand, as well as investors for the price starts merely at 2.49 million baht. For those interested, earning a salary around 40,000-45,000 baht will sufficiently qualify a mortgage, or, if you’re unsure about your affordability try our mortgage calculator here. 

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