Project Review: Thana Habitat Rachaphruek - Sirinthorn

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  • 17 December 2015

Thanasiri Group has thrived in the property market for over 30 years, but only achieved tremendous fame and successes after Mr. Suttirak Satienpapayut, the second-generation heir of Satienpapayut family, succeeded a managing director of the company. Since becoming an MD, the company has been guided as to significantly emphasize on the branding, through one of the strategies which seems to be securing as many prime locations within West Bangkok as possible and be in control of that domain. In that event, it launched a project named Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek-Sirinthorn, established in Nonthaburi province and near the upcoming red line transit. A total of 92 units composed of twin and single houses are offered to the residents who need to feel at peace and privileged but also gain convenient accesses to amenities in the community.

Project Details (Latest Updated on October 12th, 2015)

Project Name: Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek – Sirinthorn

Developer: THANA (Thanasiri Group)

Address: Soi Bangkruai-Jongtanom, Maha Sawat sub-district, Bangkruai district, Nonthaburi

Official Website:

Project Area: 14-2-55.80 rais of land

Project Type: A combined total of units at Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek are 92 units, 72 of which are twin houses with a living space of 140 sqm each, 3 of which are twin houses the size of 147 sqm, and the remaining (17 units) are single houses each with a space 175-sqm as large. A central area of 202.44 sqm at Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek is covered by a public park, and not far from it lies a juristic person office set on 27.339 sqm of space. The street grid within the project area consists of concrete pavements reinforced with steels, with following widths: The condominium entrance is 12-metre wide; the road laid before the sales gallery is 10 metre wide; and the remaining streets are 8 metre wide.

Target: middle-aged men (around 31-35 years old), those of mid-top levels of management, or SME owners.

Construction Period: The end of 2014 – the end of 2016

Security System: key card integrated security system, 24/7 CCTV & security guard, car sticker

Selling Rate: 50% of Phase I sold out (22 units)

Maintenance Fee: Bt 35/square wah a month (1 year in advance)

Starting Price: 4.59MB for unit the size of 35.50 square wahs.

Average Selling Price: Bt 60,000/sqm

Thana Habitat PerNova 2

1. Nova type, packed with 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms and 2 car parks, enclosed within 140sqm of land. The size is 8.3×8-m (w x l).

Thana Habitat Pernavin 3

2. Navin type comes with 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms and 2 car parks in a combined total of space of 147 sqm (10.3×8.5m).

Thana Habitat PerNatur 4

3.Nature is inclusive of 4 bedrooms +  มุมพิเศษ, 3 bathrooms, and 2 park lots, altogether covering 175 sqm (10×8.7m) of living space in all.

Project Details

Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek-Sirinthorn lies on the street that interconnects four bustling roads, yet is carefully designed in respect to the privacy and well-being of the residents. The beautiful physical appearance lingers on the home design by 22 Landscape and green space, which enveloped the entire project.

1 Thana Habitat Sale GallaryThana Habitat 206-002

Sales gallery.

2 Thana Habitat Sale GallaryThana Habitat 204-001

Golf carts are available vehicles for giving buyers a tour.

3 Thana Habitat Sale GallaryThana Habitat 208-003

The sales office is the 4th building of the sales gallery.

4 Thana Habitat Sale GallaryThana Habitat 215-009

The parking space at the sales gallery.

Thana Habitat Sale GallaryThana Habitat 213-008 Thana Habitat Sale GallaryThana Habitat 209-004 Thana Habitat Sale GallaryThana Habitat 211-006

Thana Habitat Sale GallaryThana Habitat 212-007

Rooms and seating are provided for buyers to comfortably talk about deals on the table.


Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek-Sirinthorn expands 14-2-55.80 rais of land covered by 72 twin houses the size of 140 sqm, 3 twin houses 147 sqm as large, and 17 single houses with a living space of 175 sqm each. It offers a buyer 3 unique home plans that offer different sets of rooms but all have same lasting quality and values, which include Nova, Navin and Nature. The outdoor public space includes 202.44 sq.m. of park, 12-metre wide entrance, 10-metre wide street and 8-metre wide streets.  

1 Thana Habitat Sale PlanThana Habitat 055-001

Thana Habitat Master Plan

2 Thana Habitat Sale PlanThana Habitat 058-004

Nova home plan with a living space of 140 sqm.

3 Thana Habitat Sale PlanThana Habitat 057-003

Navin home plan with a living space of 147 sqm.

4 Thana Habitat Sale PlanThana Habitat 056-002

Nature home plan, offering 175 sqm living area.

Thana Habitat ExperiorThana Habitat 051-002

A guardhouse is set in between the entrance to the inside of Thana Habitat, to screen out the suspicious.

Thana Habitat ExperiorThana Habitat 052-003

The security system is integrated with 24/7 CCTV.

Thana Habitat ExperiorThana Habitat 053-004

1-2 security guards are hired to guard the entrance.

Thana Habitat ExperiorThana Habitat 054-005

The entryway is 12 metre wide.

Thana Habitat ExperiorThana Habitat 107-006

Each inner street is 8 metre wide.

Thana Habitat ExperiorThana Habitat 219-007

The main street is 10 metre wide.

Thana Habitat FacilitityThana Habitat 216-001

There are a couple of outdoor pools in which a lot of lotuses grow, and a shrine all settled in the public garden at Thana Habitat.

Thana Habitat FacilitityThana Habitat 217-002

Thana Habitat FacilitityThana Habitat 218-003

The park covers 202.44 sqm of the project area.

1 Thana Habitat ViewThana Habitat 049-004

A local coconut milk factory lies on the north from the project area.

2Thana Habitat ViewThana Habitat 045-002

The southern part of project area abuts large greenery filled with dense clumps of banana trees.

3 Thana Habitat ViewThana Habitat 042-001

The east of project area confronts an empty open space, which can be expected of future residential developments.

4 Thana Habitat ViewThana Habitat 047-003

Another Thanasiri’s project, Clusterville 4, is located on the west from Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek.

Layout Review

1. Nova

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 059-001

Nova is a twin-house based type that offers a space of 8.3x8m.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 061-003

The actual selling unit is slightly different that the floor of parking space is purely made of cement concrete.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 063-004

The entry doors are 2 metre wide and equipped with heat absorbing glasses.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 066-005

The first to be seen when entering is a well-proportioned living/dining zone, which is unfurnished in the actual selling unit.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 067-006

The flooring for living room is laminate wood.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 071-009

The real outdoor space isn’t with seating or wood flooring but merely an empty field.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 072-010

Open-space kitchen adjusted to the living corner.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 073-011

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 075-013

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 074-012

The small bedroom can be easily accessed from the living room, near the kitchen corner.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 076-014

Security alarm is installed on the rear door.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 077-015

Stairs with tread width of 80 cm.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 078-016

Another home wireless alarm is placed inside the house as well, doubling security.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 079-017

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 080-018

The guest bathroom is equipped with a shower set.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 081-019

Stair holder is made out of dark-brown rubber wood.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 082-020

The stairs itself is made of light-brown rubber wood.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 084-022

At the top of the stairs lies a small living space which can be of multi-purposes.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 085-023

Having the 3rd security alarm mounted to wall on the 2nd floor is to increase security to the fullest.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 088-025

A master room has a private bathroom and windows at each corner of the room. A 5-foot long bed will be able to properly fit in it.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 087-024

A private bathroom in the master bedroom.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 089-026

A master bedroom is equipped with 1 air conditioner.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 090-027

A dressing table can be placed next to the door.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 091-028

A glass side-hung door is used to open to the outdoor balcony.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 092-029

The balcony covers 1.5x1m space.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 093-030

A view overlooking from the 2nd fl balcony.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 094-031

This is a small bedroom, which is located next to a master bedroom.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 095-032

A fitting wardrobe is put at the corner so it doesn’t get in the way.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 102-039

A tank, pump and compressor are placed at the rear side of the house.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 103-040

The outdoor space in the back of the house is 1.5 metre wide.

Thana Habitat NovaThana Habitat 105-042

The real Nova unit is equipped with dome lights, not down lights.

2. Navin

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 108-001

The residential area of Navin spans 10.3 x 8.5 m. with 1-m high sliding gate

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 109-002

A doorbell and mailbox is at the front gate of the house.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 110-003

A small outdoor space is set aside on the left when entering the home.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 111-004

A storage can be accessed from the outdoor zone of the house.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 113-005

A spacious parking space, same as the earlier mentioned home.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 114-006

It’s equipped with in-house field fenced by 1-m high walls.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 117-007

Outlet and LAN line outlet can be found any spot of the house.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 118-008

The house is equipped with dome lights.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 119-009

This type of unit has an additional living space expanding from one side of the main part of the house that cannot be found in other home plans.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 120-010

Space allotted for kitchen corner and a bedroom behind the door.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 121-011

A small bedroom is equipped with a pair of windows a householder can see an outdoor scene through. The view from this room is slightly interrupted by the tank right in front of the windows.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 123-012

The rear door comes with a knob to hold and lock/unlock.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 124-013

The backyard is 3 metre wide for this type of home.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 125-014

A water tank and water pressure pump are in place in the backyard of the house.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 126-015

The outdoor space also offers a faucet and outlet.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 127-016

The rear door will be equipped with a security alarm after the house is successfully paid and transferred.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 129-018

A guest bathroom is near the stairs on the lower floor and has a shower set.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 128-017

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 131-020

On the upper, right corner of the wall from the bathroom door is a circuit breaker.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 130-019

The first to be seen when ascending the walk-up stairs and looking straight is the bathroom.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 132-021

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 133-022

Though the bathroom will not be equipped with a shower box or partition separating dry and wet zone, it can be added later by the householders themselves.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 134-023

A master room comes with windows as many as covering three spots of the rooms.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 135-024

The balcony can be accessed from the master bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 136-025

The outdoor balcony’s floor is tiled with 30×30-cm Granito tiles.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 137-026

The door opening to the balcony is a side-hung glass door with a lever.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 138-027

A sweeping view from the 2nd fl balcony.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 139-028

A master bedroom has much of its corner replaced with pairs of large windows.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 140-029

A door lock.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 141-030

If looking through the windows from this bedroom, one can see a full view of Clusterville 4 by Thanasiri.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 147-032

At the corner of the front yard the house is accompanied with a single tall Dolichandrone.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 143-031

The above view of the roof of twin house.

Thana Habitat NavinThana Habitat 148-033

Some units of this type exclusively come with a small garden about 1m wide range.

3. Nature

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 149-001

The last type, Nature, is a single home type with a space of 10×8.7m.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 150-002

The parking space of this unity can comfortably accommodate 2 cars.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 151-003

The front door is 2 metre wide.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 153-004

Like all other home types, there is a Dolichandrone tree as a fixed icon of Thana Habitat’s homes.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 155-006

This type as well has a storage set on the outside of the house.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 159-007

This unit has a very large backyard as wide as 5 metre and a garden can be arranged as desired.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 160-008

There are sidewalks on both sides of the house to walk between the front and back yards.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 165-009

The living room can be accessed right from the front door.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 166-010

Items shown are just some ideal sample of how to arrange a house at the sales gallery.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 167-011

Cabinetry and TV stands are packed together and built-in.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 168-012

Stairs are made with tread width of 80 cm.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 169-013

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 170-014

The guest room also has a shower set.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 173-016

A dining space sets near the glass doors opening to the outside yard.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 174-017

The actual unit has no wooden steps.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 175-018

A beautifully arranged and shapely kitchen set against the corner is a magnificent example of where to set up a kitchen.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 176-019

The rear door.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 177-020

There is a small bedroom next to the kitchen corner, which is suitable for a resident of old age to sleep in.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 180-022

Like the two previous homes, the stairs and holder are made of rubber wood.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 182-023

On the 2nd floor, there is an empty room large enough to place furnishings and altered as it can possibly fit for.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 185-026

Similar to a master bedroom, this bedroom has two pairs of windows near the corner of the room.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 187-028

A children’s wardrobe best fits in the corner of the room.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 188-029

A 2nd floor guest bathroom is the greatest in size compared to others offered at other home layouts but has a shower set the same as them.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 191-032

A master bedroom is designed to appear chic and modern.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 193-033

A master bedroom of this unit is equipped with down lights instead of dome lights, chosen as to match a different style this home offers.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 195-034

In the sales gallery, the room is fully furnished with shapely and mingling sets of bedroom furnishings. But the actual selling unit, in fact, is unfurnished.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 197-035

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 198-036

It offers a set of American Standard sanitary wares for every bathroom.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 201-039

The balcony on the 2nd fl of this unit is 1.2 metre wide.

Thana Habitat NatureThana Habitat 202-040

Bird’s eye view of the entire single home.

Usual Layout

Floor: 60 x 60cm Granito tiles

Wall: light-weighted bricks

Tank: 1000 litre capacity. Automatic pump installed.

Floor-to-Ceiling Height: 2.5 metres

Stairs: Made of rubber wood, with tread width of 80 cm and rise of 30 cm.

Lighting: Dome lamps for usual layouts. Downlight for a master bedroom in a single house.

AC: 1 Daikin 12,000 Btu/ master bedroom

Security System: Wireless home security & easy pass card

Window: Heat absorbing glass window framed in aluminium

Bathroom Sanitary: American Standard or equivalent

Décor Trees: Dolichandrone

Facilities: A public park, drainage system, pipe system (treating termite), and radiant barriers (aluminium foil)

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1 Thana Habitat

The street view of Ratchaphruek road.

In the past, one was able to easily find a high-end condominium along Ratchaphruek road because they were everywhere out there. But low-end or cheap priced estates were the least numerous and rarest to be seen near northern Ratchaphruek road, except Ratchaphruek Circle (also Rama V Circle), where there were oddly a lot of them. As there was so much space in the western part of Bangkok that could be potential for property developments and transit lines were being extended to provide service in other regions in the meantime, many more small developers came to invest and launch more projects even if the competition was tough. In the end, there are so many estates for sale catering to people of mid to upper classes of society. A homeowner who resides in this zone and doesn’t want to use his own car is also given choice to travel by The Suburban Rail System Red line which is only within a 2 km range.

2Thana Habitat

View of the village entrance to Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek-Sirinthorn

Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek Sirinthorn is located on Soi Bangkruai-Jongtanom, 800 metre from the entrance to the street. It can be reached by driving along Ratchaphruek road, then making a right at the junction onto Sirinthorn road and driving 5 km or about 15 mins toward Pinklao to get to where the project is located. Soi Bangkruai-Jongtanom is by nature rough and heavily cratered but under the present state of affairs, is undergoing renovation thanks to sub-district administrative organization to make it better and larger by October 2015. Still it’s clearly naturally scenic, sided along by florist shops.

Getting There

Drive along Ratchphruek road straight past the junction with an elevated Borommaratchachonnani road, toward Rama V circle (also Ratchaphruek Circle). Stay on the road until Homework can be noticed on the left. Turn left onto the street near Homework and follow the U-turn route to go across the other side of Ratchaphruek road. Drive about 300 metres to get onto Soi Bangkruai-Jongtanom.

3 Thana Habitat

After descending Somdet Phra Pinklao Bridge, stay on the right lane of the road toward Tling Chan.

Thana Habitat  4

Keep left to descend the off-ramp toward Tling Chan.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 006-003

Continue along the road until reaching the bridge toward Ratchaphruek Road, take the bridge anyway.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 012-004

Once onto Ratchaphruek road, go on the road until Homework can be seen on the left.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 013-005

Make a left at the Stop sign near Homework onto the street.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 014-006

The street is made for a U-turn to the other side of the road.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 015-008

After turning around, make a straight way about 500 metres and the entrance to Soi Bangkruai Chongtanom can be found on the right.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 019-006

There are other ways to access Soi Bangkruai Chongtanom. If driving from Rama V Circle (Ratchaphruek Circle) down the road, go on about 2 kilometers and change to the left lane. Then continue for about 500 metres and Bangkruai Chongtanom street is on the left.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 029-007

Keep left along the sidewalk with several green signposts pointing a direction toward Thana Habitat.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 030-008

After driving approximately 2.5 kms on the road, Bangkruai Chongtanom street is found on the left.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 034-009

The street looks like a bumpy country road, covered in incompletely drained storm water.

Drive along Thoet Phrakiat about 1 km past the circle and continue along the left lane till reaching Soi Bangkruai Chongtanom.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 036-010

Along the street set old, ragged homes and florist shops.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 037-011

The bridge crossing the canal is currently under construction but once finished, will allow the vehicles to get onto other side.

Thana Habitat LocationThana Habitat 041-012

The project, marked by a large green banner, is 500 metres from the bridge.

Nearby Amenities

The Crystal SB Ratchaphruek

Central Plaza Pinklao

The Walk Market

HW Homeworks


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Nearby Condos

1. Tara Ratchaphruek-Pinklao

Single home project raised by Rungnok Tai Group on 84-3-35.5 rais of land has 4 home designs including TAWIN A, THAWIN B, THANAT and TYME, all with the same sizes of 122 sqm.  The starting price is 3.99MB/unit.

Thana Habitat Analysis133-001

2. Villettelite Ratchaphruek-Pinklao

Pruksa Real Estate developed 291 two-storey town homes each with 110 sqm living space on an excellent location passed by Ratchaphruek, Borommaratchachonnani, Rama V, and Kanchanapisek roads. The starting price is 2.39MB/unit.

Thana Habitat Analysis134-002

3. Life Bankok Boulevard Ratchaphruek-Pinklao

It’s developed by SC Asset Corporation on Thangluang Chonnabot, Nonthaburi. Sited over 57-2-98.4 rai landscape, there are 271 2-storey single homes coming in three different layouts including HIDEAWAY, ESCAPE and COMPASS. HIDEAWAY has 145 sqm living space housing 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room, and 2 parking lots. ESCAPE is larger, with the size of 177 sqm enclosing 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms and 2 parking lots. Last, COMPASS, the largest, has a living space of 191 sqm and contains 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, and 2 parking lots. The starting price is 4.59MB/unit.

Thana Habitat AnalysisBoulervard-003

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Thana Habitat Ratchaphruek-Sirinthorn offers an immense amount of green environment as a special feature with selling homes, which offsets its lack of amenities on-site like a proper fitness centre, clubhouse, or swimming pool. Offering 3 unique home styles of great quality, it is a great retreat for people who seek after slow-paced life or a refuge for their retirement. Yet a resident can conveniently travel by personal vehicle to well-known amenities in the community on the road that connects to other roads like Ratchaphruek, Rama V, Sirinthorn, Charan Sanitwong, Borommaratchachonnani, and Pinklao. The price of 1 unit of Thana Habitat is set initially at 4.59MB.

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