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  • 5 March 2019

Singha Corporation Company Limited, one of the companies with strongest financial capital, pioneers into real estate industry under Singha Estate Company Limited, by launching a luxurious condominium at the heart of the city “THE ESSE ASOKE.”

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It’s endless to define Asoke (Find more projects near Asoke) because this location is surrounded by various elements: the mass transits, department stores and hangout places. It’s Bangkok’s important economic hub where large organizations settle. The convergence of so many elements resonates with the project name: the essentials of Asoke

Topics about THE ESSE ASOKE
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary 



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Project Name: THE ESSE ASOKE
Developer: Singha Estate Public Company Limited (S)
Address: Sukhumvit Soi 21, Khlong Toei Nua, Wattana Bangkok 10110
Project Area: 2-2-74.4 Rai
Project Type: High-rise condominium with 55 storeys, 419 units
Target: office workers, business owners, investors
Sink Fund: 800 baht / Sq.m. (lump sum)
Maintenance Fee: 80 baht / Sq.m. / month (pay upon transfer, 1-year advance)
Terms and conditions: Booking 50,000 baht, Contract 3%
Transfer fee: the buyer and the seller are responsible for 1% each
Selling Rate: 90% of units are sold (around 40 units left, all 1-bedroom)
Construction Progress: Ready-to-move-in
Starting Price: 9.59 million baht
Average Price / Sq.m.: Approx. 240,000 baht

Unit Type  


1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 37-53 Sq.m.



2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 75.50-84.0 Sq.m.



Penthouse 104.5-195.50 Sq.m.



1 Swimming pool-004 (Copy)

Swimming Pool
Golf Simulator
EV charger
Parking 93% (excluded double parking)

Project Details

Concept Design of THE ESSE ASOKE

The_Esse_Asoke1 IMG_6199

THE ESSE ASOKE is a high-end condominium with 55 storeys. The project’s décor is a mix between artificial stone and Engineering Wood which creates plush atmosphere, while the pervading light and dark brown colours instil a contemporary sense into the structure, and units with soaring heights just give a roomy experience for residents.

Units, only 12 per floor, are arranged in a single-corridor format to enhance residents’ privacy. Facilities are located on the 10th and 33rd floors, offering swimming pool, fitness, sauna and golf simulator.

Units Positioning
North: Sermmit Building, Raja Park and Siam Society
South: FuramaXclusive, Asoke, Bangkok
East: The Fusion Suites
West: Pullman Grande Sukhumvit, close to Grammy Building

Master Plan


The project’s entrance is connected to Asok Montri Road (heading towards Petchaburi Road). The front area is a big garden, which pushes the residential building further from the noisy road. In the building, there’re 5 passenger elevators and 1 service elevator (the usage ratio is 80 units per 1 elevator). 



The 10th floor is a mixture between residential units and the greenery park Sculpture Court. The unit types on this floor are as follows:
Two 37 sqm units at the front of building (east)
Two 44.5 sqm units at the back
Two 46.5 sqm units at the front
One 47 sqm unit
One 48 sqm unit
One 52.5 sqm unit
Two 75.5 sqm units



Floor plan between 11th and 32nd floors (2nd-9th floors are parking lots)
Two 37 sqm units at the front (east)
Two 44.5 sqm units at the back
Two 46.5 sqm units at the front
One 47 sqm unit at the back
One 47.5 sqm unit at the back
One 48 sqm unit at the back
One 52.5 sqm unit at the front
Two 75.5 sqm units are at the back. The elevators are at the back.



The 33rd floor has the most facilities including a 25-metre swimming pool that offers a panoramic front view of the project, Kids Pool, Lap Pool and Jacuzzi in Outdoor zone. Indoors are Sky Gym and Golf Simulator. 



The 43rd floor is solely contributed to facilities including The ESSE Resident Lounge, Business Center, Sky Terrace, Reading Chamber and Reading Room, and the outdoor garden Skyscraper Deck offering a full front view. 


1 Bedroom 44.50 Sq.m.


The highlight of this unit type lies in the ensuite bathroom. The bedroom is clearly zoned out from the living area. The open kitchen also connects with the living room, forming a large space where you can add a dining table in comfortably.  


The_Esse_Asoke2 IMG_6226

Though there’s no partition between the kitchen and the living room, the different types of floorings indicate each zone’s boundary. The kitchen’s flooring is easy for cleaning, the living room’s is Engineering Wood – similar to the bedroom’s.


The_Esse_Asoke3 IMG_6288

The kitchen is the first zone you will meet, greeting you with an L-shaped counter and a sizable fridge. Though the hob offers only 1 burner, the kitchen space allows two people to work inside.


The_Esse_Asoke4 IMG_6227

As there’s plenty of space, you can add a dining table here as shown in the picture, or a bigger one in the living room, replacing the coffee table, or even the countertop of the kitchen.

Living Room

The_Esse_Asoke5 IMG_6295

The living room of this show unit is decked out with furniture for 2-3 people, but space can accommodate many more. The living room is connected to a balcony through a full-height window that floods sunlight in. A thick curtain is recommended to reduce the heat. 


The_Esse_Asoke6 IMG_6242

This show unit is on the 16th floor. Looking down below we can spot the garden that pushes the building backwards away from the noisy road. Up here you can take in a 90-degree view on the balcony.

Master Bedroom

The_Esse_Asoke7 IMG_6308

The master bedroom has its space extended to the sides. The ensuite bathroom’s transparent window results in Sexy Bath style. And there’s a large built-in wardrobe near the entrance.


The_Esse_Asoke8 IMG_6263

The toilet space is quite limited due to proximity to shower room’s partition. The shower room’s door also eats up shower space inside when opened; large persons might find it difficult to go in and out. 


The_Esse_Asoke9 IMG_6338


Though the shower room and toilet are quite limited in space, this bathroom offers a bathtub next to the see-through window and a long basin with plenty of space to do makeups.


Unit Height: 2.7 m. (kitchen and bathroom), 3 m. (living room and bedroom)
Door: Wooden door (manual, keycard or passcode)
Furniture: RCD
Bathroom sanitary: Kohler
Shower Set: Grohe
Microwave and oven: SIEMENS

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The Esse Asoke’s location

To be an owner of a real estate project at the heart of Asoke is one of many people’s dream as the land price surges to the extreme. THE ESSE ASOKE proves that the dream is achievable. It is a luxurious project for deep-pocketed customers.  

Asoke is a vital economic hub of Bangkok, surrounded with department stores where locals and foreigners visit daily such as Terminal 21, Robinson, Fortune Town, Central Plaza Rama 9, and a bunch of lifestyle venues on Rama 9 Road. Moreover, Asoke is connected to Rama 4, Rama 3, Ratchadaphisek and Petchaburi Roads.  



THE ESSE ASOKE situates close to both MRT Sukhumvit (200 metres) and the BTS Asoke Station (400 metres), which is a great transportation convenience, considering the traffic congestion during rush hours.

If you happen to work in Siam Society, Rajapak Building or Sermmit Building, it takes only a 5-minute walk to reach these places.

How to get to THE ESSE ASOKE

Alight at Asoke Station and take a shortcut via MRT Sukhumvit to exit on Asok Montri Road, then walk another 200 metres to find the project on the left. Another option is to take a motorcycle taxi from BTS Asoke Station which charges you around 10 baht.

Alight at Sukhumvit Station and exit on Asok Montri Road. The project will be on the left 200 metres from there.

Personal Vehicle
If you come from Thonburi Zone or Rama 3 Zone, we don’t recommend you coming in during rush hours due to traffic congestions at Khlong Toei and Asok Junctions. BTS and MRT are greater alternatives.

If you come from Bang Sue-Prachacheun, take Ratchadaphisek Road, pass Huai Khwang and Rama 9 Junctions. Once you’re on Asok Montri Road, you need to make a U-turn at Siam Society. Then you’ll find the project on the left-hand side.

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As beverage is the core business of Singha Corporation, THE ESSE ASOKE is the company’s first foray into real estate industry by being a developer (starting since 2014), following the company’s “Optimization” policy that aims to generate more incomes from non-core businesses. Of course, there’s no doubt about financial capital and financial strength for Singha Corporation.

Singha Corporation’s first move in the property market was the acquisition of Santiburi Beach Resort and Spa and Phi Phi Island Village Resort (by Singha Estate). So THE ESSE Asoke is quite a new challenge whether the company can become a star in Thailand’s real estate industry or not.
In addition, the company is planning to build a large complex on Petchaburi Road (not far away from THE ESSE ASOKE). This complex development and other factors will gradually rise the value of THE ESSE ASOKE up.


Benchmark with other projects

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Owned by Quality House Company Limited, Q Condo Asoke is a high-rise condominium with 41 storeys and 482 units, sitting on a 3.35 rai land plot. Unit types include Studio 30.56 sqm, 1-Bedroom 37-48 sqm, 2-Bedroom 59-69 sqm, 3-Bedroom 89-137 sqm and penthouse (located on 36th floor and above) 269 sqm. The project is located new Petchaburi Junction. The average starting price is 260,000 baht per square metre.


Noble BEE 33 Sukhumvit


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Ashton Asoke


Owned by Ananda Development, Ashton Asoke is a high-rise project with 50 storeys and 783 units, sitting on a 2-3-48 land plot. The unit types include 1-Bedroom 30-34 sqm, 2-Bedroom 1-Bathroom 46 sqm, 2-Bedroom 2-Bathroom 64 sqm. The project is located near Terminal 21, 230 metres from BTS Asoke Station and 20 meters from MRT Sukhumvit Station. The average starting price is 230,000 baht per square metre.

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Asoke is a vital economic hub of Bangkok, a centre point where Gen X and Gen Y live (the demographic group who drive the economy). The establishment of Srinakarinwirot University is also an assurer that property price in Asoke will continue to rise.

The proximity to Terminal 21 department store entices many buyers to buy property in Asoke, where the average price now commences around 200,000 baht per square metre. The inflation rate and continuous growth of economic activities in Asoke only tell the area will continue to prosper – with some property price already reached too high. In the long-run, THE ESSE ASOKE is ideal for deep-pocketed customers who look for residency. For investment, the project has a high potential to yield profits when selling units in the future.

If you’re still uncertain about your financial ability, try our mortgage calculation here. and read more about Property Market Index report or Property Market Outlook before making the decision. 

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