Cheat your Way to a Hotel Look at Home

DDproperty Editorial Team
Cheat your Way to a Hotel Look at Home
One of the perks of going on holiday is to stay in a luxurious hotel. With the latest interior trends and comfort being of utmost concern, we often sleep better when we spend the night in a hotel in part due to the change of scene shutting us away from everyday life and distractions.
Bringing a hotel-style to our home will make us feel like we are on holiday everyday and will also be more attractive to potential buyers and renters.
Aroma oil diffuser and plants on table
It is easy to achieve this through a number of different ways starting with adding a scent to mimic that feeling that arouses our senses when entering the lobby of an upmarket hotel. These aromas are carefully created to match the hotel brand which we can use to define our home.
This can be achieved through a diffuser, scented candle or even plug-in air freshener but subtle scents are recommended not to overpower a room and if you are tempted to add a scent to just one room, choose the bathroom.
young woman stretching in bed at home bedroom
Next, invest in some decent bedding. Hotels spend time and money researching and testing different bedding and combinations to enhance their guest’s sleep as there is nothing more satisfying than slipping into a clean, fresh and comforting set of bed sheets when on holiday.
Mattress toppers help to create a more luxurious feel to sink into and some hotels even have a pillow menu to pick a style suited exactly to your needs. Bedding is personal so some might like duck or goose down, whilst others prefer synthetic fillings so work out the best for you to ensure you sleep like a baby.
Modern monochromatic bedroom interior
Often what high-end hotels achieve is the added extras such as an attractive glass and jug by the bed with drinking water, a soft rug by the bed which is comfortable underfoot when you get up in the morning or the way that the interior throughout the room ties in nicely with one another.
Scatter cushions, throws and other soft furnishings like a rug helps create a more finished look that is stylishly designed. Adding accessories is a quick fix that can also be transferred to another property too so tap into the Internet which is awash with different ideas for inspiration.
The lamp on the background of the bed. night time
Lastly, look at the lighting. Hotels are renowned for having complicated choice of light switches that can be hard to navigate but the plus is that the lighting can be set just so depending on your mood. There is no need to make it this complex, but add some up-lighters and bedside lamps so that in the evening you are not dazzled by the spots overhead.
This is the ultimate cheats way of having different lighting combinations without having to invest in dimmers or changing your ceiling lighting format.
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