Top 2021 Interior Design Trends

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Top 2021 Interior Design Trends
2020 shook up the way that we live. A sudden global pandemic quickly forced many to shelter within their homes, adapting the space to live, work, play, entertain, and even as a backdrop for educating children.
Homes became more important than ever before with many enduring longer periods within their four walls due to a lockdown than they could have envisaged. While this might have heightened tensions for some not able to roam as freely as before, it did provide a whole new perspective on personal space and freedom.
As we start 2021 with gusto as hopes of a Covid vaccine will allow us to resume normal life, some interior trends are bubbling away to start the year with a fresh perspective.

1. Go Green

Plants in the home are calming and provide a bit of the outdoors when we might not be able to venture out. House plants have become increasingly popular for their aesthetic value, their air-cleaning qualities, and providing a hobby.
Plants are here to stay but also green as wall colour has made an appearance too. Green is becoming the new grey whether a deep shade or an off-white with a tinge of green.

2. Multi-Use Living Areas

As our living areas became a home office and somewhere for the whole family to congregate throughout the day and the evening, an emphasis has been thrust on the different ways we can live in and use one space. This year living areas with sufficient space will be divided into designated areas to allow people to work, eat and relax within the same room but in a separate nook.
Whether that is a corner with a comfy chair and reading light, a home office desk, or a sitting area to catch up on TV at the end of the day. Furniture can define the area, but also the use of rugs can help mark out space too.

3. Warm Earthy Colours

As caring for the environment increasingly becomes a concern, warm earthy colours are brought into the home that also creates a warm and welcoming sanctuary. Colour predictions include olive green and burnt orange that continue from last year’s bold colours choices and a move away from the muted greys and whites that once dominated interiors.
Natural Materials

4. Natural Materials

Continuing on the same theme, jute, ceramic, light coloured wood, cane, and even leather will become commonplace and replace manmade finishes. Natural materials will be used throughout furnishings that also help to minimise plastic usage as people want to reduce their plastic consumption.

5. Sustainable Options

People are becoming aware of their consumption and this applies to the home too. 2021 will see a rise in sustainable furniture with consumers wanting to know what impact their purchase has on the environment from the materials used in its construction to the miles it travels to us.
For those not buying new sustainable options, many will look to upcycle items or invest in second-hand furniture as a more sustainable alternative.
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