The Joy of Timeless Furniture

DDproperty Editorial Team
The Joy of Timeless Furniture
2019 has been dominated by sustainability. Companies are vying to reduce their carbon production and consumers are all doing their bit from using a reusable water bottle, saying no to single-use plastics and assessing our consumerism habits.
The retail market is a key source of income for many countries. Despite some traditional high streets taking a battering due to the rise of e-commerce, overall there remains an appetite for ‘stuff’ although consumers are becoming more aware of buying items that they only ‘need’ rather than ‘want’.
Trends including interior design are renowned for passing as quickly as they arrive, which low-cost brands can meet. However, more recently there has been a thirst to creating a look at home which is more individual and away from the generic look that the likes of Ikea mimic. This has been propelled further by homeowners seeking long term solutions in place of throw-away fashions.
Investing in one or a few pieces of bespoke furniture creates a whole new look for a property. It can quickly revamp a room without having a complete overhaul and is a good solution with minimal effort that also has longevity in mind. The trick to achieving this is investing in timeless pieces that can also move with you, for example, a rug in the living room.
Quality rugs are hard wearing and should last decades, and even generations. Antique Persian rugs are a popular style as each rug is bespoke creating a look that cannot be achieved elsewhere.
Recent interior design trends incorporate minimal, contemporary and modern styles with more traditional designs so do not be afraid to mix and match by introducing an older style piece of furniture into your sleek looking home.
Since sofas are large and bulky items that are typically bought to fit in an exact space in a property, they are not as an easy item to move from home to home. Hence it is recommended to source movable items with a design that is not as easily influenced by current interior design trends. Other statement items include an oversized mirror, a side cabinet or a comfy armchair.
Bright minimal dining room
Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there to meet individual needs. Flea markets and vintage shops restore items replacing worn material and bringing their item to their former glory, which simultaneously helps with reducing waste-good news for the environment. Browsing markets and shops for an item is also part of the fun.
However, if this style is not your thing there is an array of newer options with shops selling styles that are individual and away from the mainstream. Before parting with your cash, look at each item and carefully consider whether you will love it as much now as in years to come.
If the answer is yes, then it will be worth the extra cost as it will be here to stay for a while plus creates a whole new look for your room.
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