Bring a minimal look to your home

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Bring a minimal look to your home
Most people want to live in a contemporary home. Glossy interior design magazines ooze the latest minimalist trends which you can easily mimic at your condominium. Achieving this can be quite straightforward, and fortunately as the name suggests there is not the need to splurge on excessive furniture and accessories, but rein in your furniture spending spree to create this look.
The first point to consider is less is definitely more. A home full of clutter will look far from minimalist so scale back on your ornaments and most importantly have a declutter to put items away. This could be as simple as storing your shoes, tidying up your bookshelves or removing the cushions that don’t match on your sofa.
You don’t want a completely bare home so opt for artwork on the walls and even use a picture rail shelf for them to sit on rather than hanging them on the wall to be right on-trend.
Scandinavian countries are known for their minimalist style. Take elements of their design, such as picking monochrome, prints and stripes for soft furnishings and team this with the black colour of the sofa. As a tenant, you can easily mark your own personality onto a property and this is the best way to achieve this. Items that you add can also be moved to your next home. Concentrate on soft furnishings such as throws, cushions, and rugs to create a cozy yet modern look.
Remember minimalist looks are often elegant and sophisticated. Investing in a few good quality pieces of furniture than several cheaper ones is the way forward. This could be an armchair, an upstanding light, an oversized mirror or even a statement clock. Use the Internet for inspiration, and buy something that you love now but you anticipate to continue to adore for the next 10 years.
Lastly, minimalism can only be maintained in tidy homes. Make sure everything has somewhere it can be stored, and use plants and flowers to soften any areas especially if you think that they are too bare.
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