Bangkok And Asia More Expensive For Expats

28 Jun 2017

These are not the cheapest times for expats living in Asia. According to a new survey conducted by the health, wealth, and career consultancy Mercer, 5 of the 10 costliest places in the world for expats to live are in Asia. Even Bangkok, a city known for its affordability, is getting more expensive.

The Thai capital rose 7 places from last year to finish as the 67th most expensive city for expats in the world. In South East Asia, Jakarta and Hanoi also jumped up significantly in the rankings, but Mumbai leaped over them all. It is India’s most expensive city and it is now ahead of Bangkok when it comes to the cost of living abroad for the 1st time ever.

Hong Kong is still the most expensive city in Asia for workers abroad, but finished second worldwide, according to the 23rd Cost of Living Survey done by Mercer. The Angolan capital of Luanda surpassed it as the most expensive city for expats in this year’s report.

Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, and Shanghai were the other Asian cities to finish in the top 10. Costs are going down for expats in China, however, as Shanghai fell from 7th place to 8th in this year’s ranking. Just out side of the top 10 were the Chinese cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen who finished 11th through 13th respectively.

Switzerland is home to 3 of the most expensive cities for expats this time around. Zurich finished in the 4th spot making it the most costly European city. Geneva and Bern also finished in the top 10. They were joined by New York who finished 9th on the list.

Tunis in Tunisia is the world’s least expensive city for expats with Kyrgyzstan’s capital of Bishkek and Skopje in Macedonia rounding out the bottom 3. There was some relief for expats living in London. The city fell to 30th on the list, down from 17th. This drop was due in large part to Brexit.

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