Growth for Single-Detached Houses Takes Hold Outside of Bangkok

Recently there has been a real focus on single-detached houses. Many developers have shifted their strategies to meet the rising demand for this property type over condominiums that are no longer making the gains they once were.

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Regional Property Attitudes and Habits Revealed

PropertyGuru’s Property Sentiment Index H2 2020 revealed that Bangkok continues to be the key focus for investors in Thailand

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Is There Still in an Appetite for Rental Property?

Renters prioritise location to their office suggesting the need for rental units to be within the city’s central business districts

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Bangkok Districts: Where is Hot and Why.

DDproperty Thailand Property Market Index has recorded this downward trend having decreased for six consecutive quarters since the first quarter of 2019

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COVID-19 and Players in the Real Estate Market

COVID-19 is proving to have a long-lasting impact on a global scale. Inevitably countries hit hard will have a significant economic impact resulting in less tax revenue and money to reinvest in the country.

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COVID-19: Another Cog Impacting the Thai Property Market

Recent data collected from DDproperty Thailand Property Market Index has gauged how COVID-19 has reduced property prices and forced developers to rethink their strategies.

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How COVID-19 is Impacting the Property Market

COVID-19 impact is far-reaching, it has defined a ‘new norm’ and has battered economies and livelihoods globally. Nearly all industries have been affected one way or another, including Thailand’s property market.

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Creating the New Normal for Hotels

Society is adhering to a new normal in the wake of COVID-19. Industries, including hotels, are adapting their functionality for the protection of their employees and customers.

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Building for the Future

Individuals and companies are taking actions to help combat the ever-growing threat that global climate change poses and the arrival of COVID puts a new slant on this topic.

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Positive Property Market Outlook Amongst Thais

DDproperty's Thailand Consumer Sentiment Study, revealed that across all age groups, the perception of property agents and developers is the least important factor when considering a property purchase.

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Investors Turn Their Sights to Outer Bangkok

The DDproperty's Thailand Consumer Sentiment Study reveals that the respondents see outer Bangkok as being the most popular place for property in the future.

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Identifying real estate investment opportunities post-pandemic

Premier industry experts also share an overview of the first quarter of the year, as well as brief market forecasts.

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The state of Asian real estate amidst the public health crisis

Industry leaders discuss the vital role of technology, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on both developers and consumers.

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Local and Global Variables Stagnating Thailand’s Property Market

The recent global outbreak of COVID-19 has affected all business types and has played a role in Thailand’s stagnating property market.

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Millennials Aspire to be Property Owners

Millennials have a reputation for desiring flexibility within their social and work lives and wanting to climb the career ladder quickly.

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Breathing Space at Home

COVID-19 would impact the world across virtually all countries and businesses. Some changes were immediate while others will have long-lasting effects that are forecast to change various habits.

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Location or Price: Where do Priorities Lie?

Homebuyers and renters compile a criteria list when looking for a new property. The Internet helps this process as it has developed into a vital resource to access information of available properties ahead of an inspection.

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Coronavirus Versus Condominiums

The arrival of coronavirus (COVID-19) sent shockwaves across the world. While China went into lockdown, other countries switched onto high alert and swiftly an impact was felt on economies including Thailand.

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Diversification and Caution Grip Bangkok’s Residential Market.

Slow economic growth, high household debt, and increasing supply have been common themes throughout the year continually blamed for the market’s sluggish nature despite 2019 starting in good stead.

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Rounding Up 2019

The market faced some challenges this year. A combination of the country’s economic performance, rising development costs, and Loan-to-Value regulations all contributed to buyers looking to dip their toes into Bangkok property.

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