Optimising your Ad Credit spend is all part of being a successful property agent in this digital era, and it’s especially important during this challenging period.  

Today, as continuation of our GuruCares Initiative for Agents, we’re sharing some tips on knowing when to spend your Ad Credits and on what you can spend them on!  

Know When People are Online 

When property seekers are online, that’s when you want your listings to rank on top! So this is when you can invest your Ad Credits to Boost your listings. 

Don’t forget to achieve 100% Listing Quality Score too! Want to know how? Find out from our Help Article: Ensure a High Listing Quality Score. 

Let’s take a look at residential listingswhich day of the week do they get the highest number of visits?

No of visitors - days

From research done over the past 3 months, we’ve found that Monday is the clear winner when it comes to property seeker visits! Tuesday is then followed by Thursday and Wednesday. Interestingly, Saturday seems to be the day when residential property seekers are least active.  

Now the next question would be – what time of the day are residential property seekers most active?  

 No of visitors - time hrs

Based on the same research, we’ve found that property seekers have the highest activity between 12PM to 3PM (probably doing some home searching during lunchtime) and they slowly start to taper off during the day. 8PM to 11PM could also be another good time to look at, as property seekers may be surfing for homes just before bedtime.  

If you’d like to ensure that your listings are reposted at strategic dates and times, don’t forget you can always schedule an Auto-Boost!  

Make Full Use of This Time! 

Don’t forget that as part of our GuruCares Initiative, you have got additional 15% Ad Credits. Log into your AgentNet and start strategising your Ad Credit spend now!  


Stay tuned for more weekly tips and insights to support you through COVID-19!  

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