The COVID-19 pandemic remains a challenge for everyone. Alongside a suite of COVID-19 cost-saving initiatives launched to you, we want to stand by you with tips and insights that supports you. 

At a time like this, it is helpful to stockpile your prospects so that you’ll be ready to bounce right back into business once the situation gets better. 

Here are 3 features that can help you stockpile your prospects, by building trust and credible with property seekers. 

Look for Opportunities on Wanted Leads  

Open exclusively to our agent partners on AgentNet, there’s a section called ‘Wanted Leads’. Whilst enquirers in ‘Ask Guru’ can be more generic, the potential leads in ‘Wanted Leads’ tend to be a lot more specific.  

Plus, fellow agents often post co-broking opportunities there as well!  

Find out more about getting potential listings on Wanted Leads from our Help Article here

Position Yourself as an Advisor on Ask Guru 

You’re an expert in the property sector and you should let everyone know about it. 

Head over to Ask Guru where property seekers regularly ask questions because they’re looking for expert advice. Once you’re able to quickly and effectively address their queries, you become a trusted name to them as a real estate professional. 

Find out more details on how to use Ask Guru here

Spruce Up Your Agent Profile  

When property seekers look at listings, they also have a special interest in the agent (you!) representing the listing. Our ‘Find Agent’ section has received an upgrade to facilitate just that! (Check out more details here

Available to our Pro, Superstar and Corporate account holders, an agent’s profile is like an e-introduction of yourself to property seekers, before even meeting you in person. It’s your chance to create an outstanding first impression!   

Discover how to create an attractive agent profile here


Wait no more, being stockpiling your prospects by logging into your AgentNet and start leveraging on Agent Profile, Ask Guru and Wanted Leads

Stay tuned for more weekly tips and insights to support you through COVID-19! 

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