Project Review: Triple Y Residence

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  • 2 May 2019

Night light with long speed shutter of traffic at MBK, BTS Siam interchange in front of Siam Discovery and Art Museum junction.This place is very famous shopping mall at central of Bangkok

Those who have lived a teenage life must have known Sam Yan very well. It’s a popular neighbourhood surrounded by schools, university, temples, organisations, famous shopping venues, and a string of retails offering myriad goods and food.

Lots of restaurants are also nestled here, whether new ones or ones established for over a decade. Sam Yan exudes an attractive vibe, suitable for urban citizens. Though, not all have a privilege to live in this hip neighbourhood.


As Sam Yan is an old historic neighbourhood, with most land already in ownership, finding available land for residency is quite difficult; however, in the form of condominium, residency becomes much more probable. One of the most interesting condominium in Sam Yan now is the Triple Y Residence by Golden Land Property Development Plc., located in Sam Yan-Chulalongkorn University neighbourhood.

The Triple Y Residence is developed from Neo Explorer Living Platform, offering lifestyle and elements for a new generation, in particular, a generation who demands superior convenience and all the needs combined in a single place.

Moreover, the Triple Y Residence is located in a mixed-use development, Samyan Mitrtown, which comprises office, retail, residence and facilities to serve a coveted lifestyle such as Co-Learning Space, Fitness and Theatre.

Topics about the Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary 

Triple Y Residence Details 


  • Project Name: Triple Y Residence
  • Project Owner: Kasemsapphakdi Co., Ltd.
  • Developer: Golden Land Property Development Plc. or Golden Land
  • Address: Phayathai Road, Wangmai Subdistrict, Pathumwan District, Bangkok, 10330
  • Website:
  • Call: 065-275-7472, 065-275-7297, 065-275-7249, 062-574-2797


Project Details (Data as of 26 March 2019)

  • Project Area: Approx. 13-3-93 rai
  • Project Type: Fully furnished 30-year lease condominium, (ending 9 June 2049), located in Samyan Mitrtown mixed-use project, and comprises of hotel zone (7-11 Floor) and residential zone (11-33 Floor)
  • Project Format: High-rise condominium with 33 storeys and 516 units
  • Target market: Parents with kids entering nearby schools and university; adults who work in Sam Yan, Rama 4, Pathumwan, Phayathai neighbourhood; investors looking to rent out for new-gen people who will mostly look to live by rents.
  • Construction Progress: expected completion in September 2019
  • Elevator: 14 passenger elevators
  • Parking: Approx. 40% excluding double parking (total 1,578 cars)
  • Facilities: Infinity pool, Sky garden, Outdoor pavilion, Sunken seating zone, Panoramic fitness, Co-cooking lounge, Co-reading space, Multi-purpose room, Nap zone, Play zone, Locker room, Rooftop Laundromat
  • Security System: Access card lobby, private access elevators, digital door lock, 24-hour security guards, CCTV, co-lobby with the hotel zone, separate elevators and parking lots from the hotel zone to increase privacy
  • Selling Rate: On sale since 10 March 2019
  • Payment terms and conditions:
    1 Bedroom unit booking-50,000 Baht
    2 Bedroom unit booking-100,000 Baht
    Contract fee 5%
    Down payment 10% (4 instalments)
  • Sinking Fund: 700 baht/sq.m. (Single payment)
  • Unit Type:
    1 Bedroom approx. 34 sq.m. 459 units
    1 Bedroom approx. 40 sqm. 19 units
    2 bedroom approx. 68 sq.m. 38 units
  • Starting Price: 4.49 million baht
  • Average Price: Approx. 140,000 baht/sq.m.

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Project Details

Project Details 

Interior 34 SQM

The Triple Y Residence comes fully-furnished, offering bed, wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom. The project is born out of the concept Neo Exploring Platform, which aims to meet today’s fast-changing lifestyle and allows the resident to perform all tasks in one place: sleeping, resting and working. Units are designed for at least 2 persons, evident by a large bedroom and a 34 square metre space for 1 Bedroom unit, which is considered roomy.

Project’s Positioning


The Triple Y Residence takes up a total area of 14 rai. There are 3 main entrance-exit points.
Entrance-Exit on Phayathai Road is an entry point to the Residence Zone
Entrance-Exit on Rama 4 Road is an entry point to Retail Zone
Entrance-Exit on Chulalongkorn Soi 15 is an entry point to the parking lot.

Master Plan


Unit Layout

There’re 3 unit types as follows:


1 Bedroom Approx. 34 sqm (459 units)


1 Bedroom Approx. 40 sqm (19 units)


2 Bedroom Approx. 68 sqm (38 units)

Facilities at Triple Y Residence


The Triple Y Residence is located in Samyan Mitrtown, a mixed-use project designed to fulfil a lifestyle of the new generation, yet retaining the heritage of Sam Yan atmosphere. Undoubtedly, this will be a place where people come for shopping, eating. A lot of students also dwell here.

The concept behind Samyan Mitrtown is to be an “Urban Life Library,” a place where citizens can cultivate knowledge, find a variety of restaurants as well as myriad daily goods and needs. Samyan Mitrtown is divided into three buildings as follows:


1. A-Grade Office Building: 31 storeys, total area 48,000 sqm, accounting for 30% of Samyan Mitrtown’s total area. 


2. Retail Building: 6 storeys + 1 basement, total area 36,000 sqm, accounting for 30% of Samyan Mitrtown’s total area, and comprising of 3 zones:
– The Eating Library (43%) is a place that combines all famous restaurants in Sam Yan.
– The Learning Library (29%) is a learning center outside school which provides hands-on experience.
– The Living Library (28%) a soon-to-be largest shopping venue of daily goods and grocery.

3. Residence Building: 33 storeys (4-33 Floor consists of 516 units, belongs to Condominium Zone); (1-4 Floor, consists of 112 units, belongs to Hotel Zone or Triple Y Hotel, managed by Golden Land). The Residence Building accounts for 15% of Samyan Mitrtown’s total area.

The Residence Building is also connected to the Retail Building, providing residents convenient access to shopping.


Once inside the Residence Building, you’ll first meet a Shared Lobby and a lounge area. This area is shared by the hotel and condominium’s residents. One benefit of having this lobby is that it provides a sense of safety 24-hour. One might concern about privacy, but no need to worry, the developer has separated the elevators area: one for condominium residents and the other for hotel residents. Moreover, the condominium incorporates a Security Door for the elevator, which requires a condominium’s keycard to access. 




Main facilities are located on the 33rd floor. The first one is the fitness centre. Besides this fitness, residents can also use the fitness of the hotel. 

Sky Gym_Co Learning Space

Next facility is the Learning Zone, a cozy space to find new ideas for work, after spending hours in unproductive room’s environment. 

Co Learning Space

Next is the Study Zone, providing many nooks and corners for a perfect reading. Coming here alone or as a group, both are practical. 

Co Kitchen Space

The Triple Y Residence also features a Co-Cooking Space for residents to cook for themselves or friends in, perhaps, special occasions. The area provides ample space for a great gathering.

The Co-Cooking Space, of course, comes with plenty of tables and seats for eating. To eat in your own room or here, you choose.

The Laundry Room of the project is also one of the highlights. It’s well decorated and provides great convenience. It also connects to other facilities, so, while waiting for the machine to finish the job, you can use that time to go exercise in the fitness or take in a splendid view for relaxation in other facilities zones.

Rooftop Swimming Pool

The last facility is the magnificent Outdoor Pavilion and the Infinity Edge Pool.

Topics about The Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary 

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The Triple Y Residence offers up to 3 unit types. All the followings are provided for residents:

  • Built-in furniture including shoe cabinet, kitchen counters, wardrobe, etc.
  • Sliding partition inside the room.
  • Shelving units.
  • Daikin air-conditioner.
  • Bathroom sanitary.
  • Sofa, chairs and other items.


Floor plan 11-12 Floor: the orange area is equipped with Security Door, providing access for condo residents only. The white area is the hotel facilities where condo residents can also use.


Floor plan 14-32 Floor: a combination of residential units, comprising of 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom Plus and 2 Bedroom. There are 1-Bedroom 23 units, 2-Bedroom 2 units and 1-Bedroom Plus 1 unit on each floor.


Now we’ll take a tour inside the 1 Bedroom 34 sqm unit

All units equip Digital Door Lock. Residents can access the room through keycard, fingerprint scan, passcode or key.

Behind the door is a passage, wide enough for two, that leads to the bedroom inside. 

As you walked past that passage, you’ll find a mini-kitchen on the right. It’s ideal for soft cooking; for heavy cooking, the Co-Cooking Space on the 33rd floor would be more convenient.

One point we admire about the kitchen is the built-in cabinet beside the fridge, which has a great design considering limited space given.

On the left of the entrance, the passage is the 2-at-a-Time bathroom, which separates the shower room and teeth brushing area clearly. This way two people can do their morning routines at the same time help saving time.

The materials used are resistant to water and humidity, mitigating the chance of swelling, yet still, hold aesthetic design. The bathroom elements include foggy glass door, marble threshold and gypsum ceiling.

Just one step from the bathroom is the ample bedroom consisting of two 3.5ft beds. Joining them together is a way to get a larger bed without spending a baht.

Opposite the beds is wardrobe designed for three clothing sets-or for three people.

The flooring material is made of rubber, which made cleaning and replacing so easy. The room also hides inconspicuous lightings in different corners.

Bedside the bedroom is a glass-clad living area where one side is designed with a cushioned seat and a day-bed, and the other a working desk and a wall for television.

The unit is also well positioned to offer an unobstructed view. The unit is really suitable for a couple living.

The balcony does not give too many spaces. Though, it’s still ample to hang your clothes here. Space is eaten by the day-bed of the living area.

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The Triple Y Residence is located in one of the most sought-after locations around the intersection of Rama 4 and Phayathai Roads. This address gives convenient access to the major office zones such as Silom and Sathorn, as well as being close to reputable school such as Chulalongkorn University, Triam Udom Suksa School, and Chulalongkorn Demonstration School (Sathit), etc.

The area is also awaiting the arrival of 3 mixed-use developments including One Bangkok and The Park Central Dusit-landmarks that will spark a boom in Samyan.

Moreover, Golden Land has also invested over 300 million baht in building a connecting passage from MRT Samyan direct to the project, for convenience and safety of the residents.


Getting There

Coming to the Triple Y Residence is so convenient. The project is just 120 metres from MRT Samyan, not to mention the future extended section that will cover more destinations with up to new 12 stations in the next 4-5 years.

Owning a personal vehicle can benefit from this address too, because Rama 4 Road is accessible to different neighbourhoods of Bangkok, namely Hualamphong, Yaowarat, all the way to Phra Khanong. Reaching Silom and Sathorn would take merely 5-10 minutes, too.

To reach peripheral areas you can take the two nearby expressways: Sri Rat Expressway (1.6 km away) and Chalerm Mahanakhon Expressway (3 km away).

Lifestyle Amenities near the Triple Y Residence.

chamchuri square shopping mall in silom bangkok.

Chamchuri Square

A mixed-use project comprising shopping centre, office and residence, located in a vital business hub of Bangkok, near the intersection between Rama 4 and Phayathai Roads. Chamchuri Square is just 350 metres from the Triple Y Residence; the mixed-use venue also gives access to part of Chulalongkorn University’s area.

Highlight Destinations around the Triple Y Residence

  • Chulalongkorn University 400 M.
  • Chulalongkorn Demonstration School (Sathit) 400 M.
  • Chulalongkorn University Stadium 750 M.
  • Chamchuri Square 350 M.
  • Pathumwan Police Station 900 M.
  • Samyan Market 900 M.
  • Hualamphong Temple 260 M.
  • Siam Center 1.8 KM.

Read insightful information about different locations to make up your decision at Area Insider

Topics about the Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary 

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Yield Analysis

The prospect of investing in the Triple Y Residence is very attractive. The project is close to several schools and lifestyle amenities. The transportation is also convenient, whether by public or personal vehicles.

Despite not being as prosperous as Inner Sukhumvit or Thonglor, the project still holds a sought-after location which undoubtedly will be in the interests of parents whose kids study in the nearby schools, as well as adults who work in this neighbourhood. For this reason, the project is built to answer both residency and investment by renting out units.

The characteristics of the Triple Y Residence resonate with the data that shows the average price of a 1 Bedroom unit in this area is 5.9 million baht and for a 2 Bedroom unit 10.3 million baht. These are the price ranges of condominiums in inner-city which offer many conveniences to residents.

For investors, 1-Bedroom Studio units generally give higher yields than 2 Bedroom units; and for such location that’s close to a university, rental demand for new condominiums will be high.

Normally, the rental price of a 1-Bedroom Studio unit in this area ranges between 20,000-30,000 baht per month. But for a project situated further away, around 700-800 metres from the MRT, the rental price for the same unit will be higher, because the further away from the MRT means you’re living closer to the inner-city or CBD like Charoenkrung, Sathorn and Silom.

Topics about The Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary 

Benchmarking with other projects 

Project Name

Total Unit

Usable Area (SQM)

Average Price (Baht/SQM)

Starting Price (Million Baht)

Triple Y Residence


34 – 68



Ideo Q Chula-Samyan

Residential units 1,598 / Retail units 7

21- 66



Ashton Chula-Silom


24.5 – 66




Ideo Q Chula-Samyan


  • Developer: Ananda Development
  • Address: Rama 4 Road, Bang Rak, Bang Rak, Bangkok
  • Project Area: 5-3-59.80 Rai
  • Project Type: High-rise condominium with 40 storeys, 1,598 residential units and 7 retail units
  • Project Area: 5-3-59.80 Rai
  • Starting Price: 3.052 MB
  • Construction Progress: Complete in 2016

Ashton Chula-Silom


  • Developer: Ananda Development
  • Address: Rama 4 Road, Sri Phaya, Bang Rak, Bangkok
  • Project Area: 4-3-66.90 Rai
  • Project Type: High-rise condominium with 56 storeys and 1,180 units (1,180 residential units and 2 retail units)
  • Starting Price: 59 MB
  • Construction Progress: Move-in ready

DDproperty team has selected Ideo Q Chula-Samyan and Ashton Chula-Silom as benchmarking projects due to its close-by locations.

The two benchmarking projects were launched just a few years earlier with higher starting prices, greater numbers of units which result in denser living space, and smaller usable areas compared to the Triple Y Residence.

Another factor that distinguishes the Triple Y Residence from the rest is it’s a part of the Samyan Mitrtown mixed-use development which offers myriad food options and daily needs. It’s a privileged condominium inside a large department store.

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Whom Is the Triple Y Residence Suitable For?

The Triple Y Residence is the very first mixed-use development on Rama 4 Road, belonging to the Samyan Mitrtown, which is aimed at fulfilling the lifestyle of new generation consumers, covering all the needs of working citizens and families alike.

Though, regarding the fully-furnished elements inside such as the two single beds and a well-positioned study desk, the project is expected to also be in the interests of students and teachers.
For investors, the project, which is a 30-year leasehold, is also a reasonable choice as the price is 20-30% lower compared to freehold projects. The price for reselling (lease contract) in the future is as well not expected to drop by much.

Regarding the Triple Y Residence’s prime location, proximity to the MRT, and a combination of Retail, Office and Residence in Siam Mitrtown, this is a place of great convenience which continues to be demanded by many.

Topics about The Triple Y Residence
1. Project Details 
2. Location 
3. Analysis 
4. Summary 

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