Is Your Home Set for the Rainy Season?

DDproperty Editorial Team
Is Your Home Set for the Rainy Season?
The rainy season has arrived in Thailand. Characterised by moody skies and sudden downpours that bring everyone and everything to a standstill, property owners should keep their property watertight to prevent damage and subsequent costs.
Remember to leave windows closed, especially when the property is vacant, as rainfall can appear quickly and without warning. Equally, windows and doors should be watertight as any sized gap can leak water in. Small gaps can be rectified with rubber sealant or draft proofing bought from home improvement stores whilst larger gaps might require the assistance of an expert contractor.
Leaky windows and doors are also inefficient. They allow air out making air conditioning work harder, increasing electricity usage and making a room noisier to the outside environment.
For condominium owners, the responsibility of the external structure is jointly held and overseen by a management company. This is one advantage for vertical living due to minimum individual maintenance but is subject to increased costs covered by the common area fee.
Individual owners should not, however, become complacent and it is recommended to check with their management company that the external structure is safe and sound especially if regular updates are not provided.
Those living in a standalone house bear all maintenance responsibilities. Regular checks are a preventive measure and will ensure preparedness when the rain does come. Inspect the roof yearly or employ an external contractor to carry this out and address any issues before they exacerbate causing more damage and costs.
gutters and drains to check they are not clogged
Particular attention is needed for gutters and drains to check they are not clogged with leaves or other debris to allow the easy flow of water. Adequate drainage is vital since rain often comes in short and fast spurts that can quickly flood an area.
Lastly, buy sufficient insurance to cover against flooding and also have an umbrella stand outside your front door to leave wet umbrellas that could damage paintwork and wooden floors if left against walls and on floors.
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